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China Using ‘Soft Power’ To Push Sino-Taiwan Reunification

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Since it is the Jewish-Zionist neocon network that is leading the way to prevent Chinese-Taiwanese reunification and keep Beijing and Taipei in ongoing conflict, namely the loathsome Michael Goldfarb and his Orion Strategies LLC which uses “news” website The Washington Free Beacon as a front for subversive Zionist Lobby activity, we should double down in our support for China’s efforts. For more than six decades, China and Taiwan have been disconnected, and other than the meddling of the neocons, there aren’t any major obstacles to be hurdled over in the process of reunifying. Moreover, if China succeeds in bringing Taiwan back into the fold of the mainland, the potential triumph could serve as a model for other nations divided by the malevolent practices of colonialism and neo-colonialism. The DPRK and South Korea come to mind off the bat, as do Sudan and South Sudan, the latter being a satellite for the illegitimate “Israeli” regime which facilitated the breakup to begin with, and, as farfetched as it may sound considering Pristina’s strategic position as a major front for NATO covert operations, even Kosovo and Serbia. Wherever there is division, you find the dirty hands of World Zionism fomenting it, and wherever there is unity, you find the agents of World Zionism trying to undo it. So godspeed to the People’s Republic of China! May unity prevail and the Zionists’ fitnah-inducing cruelty be impaled! ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading China Using ‘Soft Power’ To Push Sino-Taiwan Reunification

Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess ‘murdered by British agents’ to stop him spilling wartime secrets

by Cahal Milmo, The Independent

Scotland Yard was given the names of British agents who allegedly murdered the Nazi Rudolf Hess in the infamous Spandau Prison but was advised by prosecutors not to pursue its investigations, according to a newly-released police report.

Written two years after Hess’s death in 1987, the classified document outlines a highly-sensitive inquiry into the claims of a British surgeon who had once treated Adolf Hitler’s deputy that, rather than taking his own life, the elderly Nazi was killed on British orders to preserve wartime secrets. Continue reading Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess ‘murdered by British agents’ to stop him spilling wartime secrets

NATO should oust US to secure stability in Europe – Duma chief

State Duma speaker Sergey Naryshkin suggested that NATO members should expel the United States from the bloc, asserting such a move should return the security situation in Europe to normal levels.

I have one fantastical proposal – I would suggest that European partners oust the USA from NATO,” Naryshkin said on Tuesday, as he spoke at an international conference dedicated to looking at possible ways of overcoming the current crisis in Europe.

I am sure that after this step, the level of stability and security in Europe would quite soon return to its proper state,” the Russian politician added, as quoted by the ITAR-TASS news agency. Continue reading NATO should oust US to secure stability in Europe – Duma chief

Menace of hypocrisy: Neocon propagandist frets over Russia’s ‘weaponization of information’

by Maidhc Ó Cathail, Russia Today

There was a strong whiff of hypocrisy in the Washington air on November 13 when the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) hosted a discussion of a report entitled ‘The Menace of Unreality: How the Kremlin Weaponizes Information, Culture, and Money’. Continue reading Menace of hypocrisy: Neocon propagandist frets over Russia’s ‘weaponization of information’

Legacies of the Greater East Asia War That Support Postwar Japan

by Ezaki Michio, Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact

Asia invaded by the Allied Nations after World War II

Did peace come true in Asia in August, 1945, after Japan’s losing in the Greater East Asia War? A junior high school history textbook in use in Japan reads:

“World War II … was over in August, 1945 by Japan’s surrender. Peoples of Korea and Taiwan formerly colonized by Japan, in addition to China and other Southeast Asian nations occupied by the Japanese Army were greatly jubilant, celebrating liberty.” (History for Junior High School Students, published by Teikoku Shoin in January, 2007)

“Japan decided to surrender, accepting the Potsdam Declaration …, World War II was over. Southeast Asian nations occupied by Japan and former Japanese colonies like Korea and Taiwan were liberated and headed for independence.”(New Social Study; History, published by Tokyo Shoseki in February, 2006)

These descriptions, however, do not refer to the vital historical facts. Continue reading Legacies of the Greater East Asia War That Support Postwar Japan

Is an Algerian ‘spring’ around the corner?

by Adam al-Sabiri, Al-Akhbar English

The political situation in Algeria has taken a dangerous turn, portending difficult days for the regime. In conjunction with a visit by a European Union delegation to the country, opposition parties have called for early presidential elections that would put an end to incumbent President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s term.

Algiers – European Union (EU) diplomats held talks with a number of political organizations, including the opposition-aligned Committee for Freedoms and Democratic Transition. This has infuriated pro-government forces, which have accused the opposition of ‘treason,’ exacerbating tensions between the two sides. Continue reading Is an Algerian ‘spring’ around the corner?

Zionist entity revokes residency of Palestinian Resistance martyr’s widow

JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israel on Wednesday revoked the residency rights of the widow of a Palestinian who carried out a deadly attack on a Jerusalem synagogue, drawing condemnation from human rights groups.

The move came after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced he would seek broad powers to rescind the residency and welfare rights of any Palestinian citizen of Israel or resident of annexed East Jerusalem if they or their relatives participated in unrest.

“I have ordered the cancellation of Nadia Abu Jamal’s permit to stay in Israel. Anyone who is involved in terror must take into account that there are likely to be implications for their family members too,” Israeli Interior Minister Gilad Erdan said in a statement. Continue reading Zionist entity revokes residency of Palestinian Resistance martyr’s widow

For Ferguson: Protests held in 90 US cities after grand jury’s decision to exonerate Michael Brown’s killer

(EDITOR’S NOTE: There isn’t even a question that Darren Wilson getting off without criminal charges for the cold-blooded killing of Michael Brown is an outrage and a travesty of justice. However, if you’re “surprised” at what’s going down in Ferguson, then you haven’t been paying attention to the historical record of the last few centuries. The Jewish-dominated Transatlantic Slave Trade, the plantations, the Jewish-orchestrated destruction of Tulsa, Oklahoma which was known as “Black Wall Street”, the Jim Crow era, ADL-assisted COINTELPRO, the CIA-facilitated crack cocaine explosion in South Los Angeles and other predominantly Black areas across the country, the “War on Drugs”, the Prison-Industrial-Complex and enough cases of police brutality to last an eternity, it’s clear that the United States and the Jews who make up its “elite” are at war with Black people. As the Iranian Foreign Ministry pointed out several months ago after Michael Brown was murdered, the targeting of African-Americans isn’t just being conducted by the police but the corrupt judicial system as well, and this couldn’t be confirmed in a more bombastic way than the release of the shocking revelation that St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert P. McCulloch is the vice president of an organization known as The Backstoppers Inc. which is raising money for murderous pig Darren Wilson. Throw in the fact that Missouri’s police forces were trained by the usurping Zionist entity, and we have a highly combustible situation of literally global proportions. Racism isn’t just a “problem” in AmeriKKKa, it’s a transhistorical, systemic epidemic that is eating away at the entire planet. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading For Ferguson: Protests held in 90 US cities after grand jury’s decision to exonerate Michael Brown’s killer

Demented, Supremacist NJ rabbi: 1948 Palestinians ‘must be vanquished’

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Cue the “solidarity” activists who will tell us that Judaism has absolutely, positively nothing whatsoever to do with Zionism, even though the deranged fantasies uttered by this loathsome rabbi are straight out of Joshua and Deuteronomy; who will tell us the notion that the Rabbinate is hateful towards what it deems “the Ishmaelites (Arabs)” is “anti-Semitic”; who will tell us that the Global Kehilla is a construct of “Jew-haters” and such a thing has no power, no influence and no connection to modern-day events in the Holy Land because it doesn’t exist; who will tell us that the link between World Jewry and the usurping Zionist entity either is a figment of our imagination or a mere coincidence that shouldn’t be dwelt on for any significant amount of time; who will tell us that the anti-Gentile views of this cruel, genocidal “chosenite” stem from a political ideology and not his Talmud, his Kabbalah and, most importantly, his corrupted Torah; who will tell us that the potential demolition of Masjid Al-Aqsa — La Samah ALLAH (SWT), God forbid — would be a criminal action linked to settler-colonialism and not the implementation of a messianic prophecy adhered to by the vast majority of World Jewry; who will tell us yet again that Zionism originated with Theodor Herzl, a “secularist”, even though its genesis actually came from Rabbi Moses Hess, a maniacal Jewish supremacist who thought of “the Jewish people” as their own God and who was rabidly anti-Gentile to his core; and who will tell us, for the umpteenth time, that one cannot effectively fight for Palestine if one attempts to expose Jewish Power and the supremacy inherent to the Jewish culture and religion, even if one is a victim of Jewish Power and the culture and religion that govern it. Here at Mouqawamah Music, these “solidarity” activists’ pleas to protect all things Jewish from criticism fall on deaf ears. Their sacred cow has no mercy on us, as proven by the words of Rabbi Steven Pruzansky and so, so, *SO* many others before him, and therefore, in our exposure of his supremacist ideology, we shall have no mercy either. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading Demented, Supremacist NJ rabbi: 1948 Palestinians ‘must be vanquished’