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On Sheikh Zakzaky’s 66th Birthday, He Remains Unjustly Imprisoned For The 17th Month In A Row

by Jonathan Azaziah

Never before have the words “Happy Birthday!” ever been filled with so much despondency and immeasurable sadness. For the 15th of Sha’ban is not only Imam al-Mahdi’s (A.S.) birthday but that of Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky of Nigeria. The revolutionary Shi’a cleric, who has been a defender of Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran and Bahrain in the face of Zionism and Takfirism, is 66 today and is spending what should be a most wonderful and electric occasion in the monstrous Nigerian regime’s dungeons for the 17th month in a row. Bogus charges. No evidence. A decision from Nigeria’s Federal High Court that the Sheikh and his wife Sayyeda Zeenat be released immediately, but an intransigent tyrant in the pay of Saudi Arabia, ‘Israel’ and the US ZOG so subservient that he defies his own nation’s legal bodies and laws in favor of the Zio-Imperialist project. An “Ummah” that is as silent on Zakzaky’s plight at this very moment as it was when the Zaria Massacre was unleashed by the murderous Zionist-trained Nigerian army on December 12th, 2015. We now stand at 517 days that the Sheikh, Africa’s foremost Mouqawamist personality, has been unjustly locked away. How much longer is this nightmare going to continue you ask? As long as Muslims and those who consider themselves seekers of truth and fighters of injustice keep their eyes and mouths closed. I’d call it egregious but these are the very same “Islamic activists” and “human rights” groups who haven’t come across a single lie against Syria and Yemen that they didn’t gleefully peddle on Empire Judaica’s behalf, so such outrage won’t be feigned here. Continue reading On Sheikh Zakzaky’s 66th Birthday, He Remains Unjustly Imprisoned For The 17th Month In A Row

Empire Judaica And All Its Minions Want You To Believe That The SAA Did The Khan Sheikhoun Attack

by Jonathan Azaziah

As of this moment, the following entities, regimes and individuals are attempting to convince the world that Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad “gassed his own people” in the Idleb town of Khan Sheikhoun: Al-Qaeda, the Al-Qaeda-linked White Helmets, Saudi Arabia’s Al-Arabiya, Al-Saud itself, Qatar’s Al-Jazeera, Al-Thani itself, Bahrain, Kuwait, the UAE, ‘Israeli’ terrorist zillionaire Aviv Nevo’s CNN, Chabadnik Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, illegal Jewish settlement patron Robert Iger’s ABC, Zionist devil Brian Roberts’ NBC, the US, France, Britain, Turkey, Australia, the usurping Zionist entity, the one-man, GCC-bankrolled “Syrian” Observatory, 9/11 cover-up artist Amy Goodman and her fake activist channel Democracy (Imperialism) Now!, perennial disinformation agent and kibbutznik Noam Chomsky, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Adam Schiff, Soros-funded Amnesty International, Soros-funded HRW and a gaggle of neocons, just to name the most prominent “humanitarian” beacons at the forefront of this fiasco.

If you don’t see anything wrong with this picture, and I do mean ANYTHING AT ALL, then there is something SERIOUSLY malfunctioning inside that pile of water and fat that you call a brain. Get a lobotomy or shut the flyin’ fuck up. Either option would be a STELLAR service to the Syrian Arab Republic… And humanity.

Like Iraqi “WMDs” and Libyan “Mass Rapes”, Khan Sheikhoun Chemical Attack Is Pure Hasbara

by Jonathan Azaziah

If you think the Syrian Arab Army unleashed sarin gas on civilians in the terrorist-occupied town of Khan Sheikhoun, then let me tell you something, you’re in for a real treat! ‘Cause I have “Qadhafi loyalist forces” doped up on Viagra committing mass rape in Libya, WMDs in Iraq, and two jetliners hijacked by boxcutter-wielding “Islamic extremists” knocking down three skyscrapers in New York City to sell you at an absolutely FANTASTIC price!

This is such a blatant Mossad false flag operation that offering up any sort of geopolitical analysis would be insulting. In fact, it’s even more obvious than Mossad’s last false flag attack involving chemical weapons in Ghouta back in August ’13. Now throw in the usurping Zionist entity’s war criminal prime minister and president both frothing at the mouth about their “shock” and “horror” as well as the Soros-US-UK-funded, Al-Qaeda-linked White Helmets’ presence on the scene–handling victims of an alleged SARIN GAS ATTACK with bare hands, no less–and what we have here is a certified circus. I would say all that’s missing are some dancing bears and bearded ladies but the more that I think about it, Empire Judaica’s Takfiri proxies actually already have that covered. Man oh man, what a bunch of bullshit. May God Almighty protect the Syrian Arab Republic, its people, its army and its president from the Synagogue of Satan which wages war by way of deception.

Don’t Be Surprised That Zionist, Pedophile Hollywood Gave An Oscar To The Terrorist White Helmets

by Jonathan Azaziah

Considering that Hollywood is owned and run by Zionist Jews, it shouldn’t come as a surprise or an outrage that the proxies of the Zionist Jews in the criminal war on Syria–i.e. the White Helmets aka Al-Qaeda aka Jabhat al-Nusra–won the Oscar for “Best Documentary”. Zio-Hollywood has long played a role in the destabilization of the Syrian Arab Republic, including as recently as the distortion of events in now-liberated Aleppo, and the White Helmets’ “victory” is merely an extension of this filthy institution’s ongoing complicity in the conspiracy against the Resistance Axis.

Moreover, if we’re really getting down to brass tacks here… Is it really SO shocking that these US-UK-Soros-backed terrorists won an Oscar when just 15 years ago the notorious Jewish pedophile Roman Polanski took home the Academy Award for “Best Director”? The degeneracy in the air is so thick that you could cut it with a plastic butter knife. Come on people!

Zionists, Pedophiles and Terrorists are the unholy trinity of American Liberal “Culture”. And Hollywood is the very nexus point where they all meet and plot to erode humanity’s moral compass further and further ’till nothing but their warped Weltanschauung remains.

The Damascus Water Crisis Is Now A Heat Crisis Too And The Zionist-NATO-GCC Alliance Is Responsible

by Jonathan Azaziah

The Syrians of Damascus are in the throes of an all-out humanitarian catastrophe. And the blame lies solely at the gnarled, spiked feet of NATO (led by the US and Turkey) the GCC (led by Saudi Arabia and Qatar) and the usurping ‘Israeli’ entity. Just prior to Aleppo’s complete liberation, Earth’s Most Evil activated Daesh in Eastern Homs and carried out a full-fledged assault on the ancient city of Palmyra. The terrorists retook the Pearl of the Desert and fierce fighting in and around the area continues up until this moment. But the monstrous, murderous individuals who run Empire Zionica weren’t content with this crime against humanity so they decided to outdo themselves and implement something far worse and far more destructive. Takfiri terrorist groups, with Jabhat al-Nusra spearheading the initiative, dumped diesel and other contaminants into Wadi Barada’s Ain al-Fija reservoir on December 23rd and the 5 million residents of Damascus have been without water ever since. Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad and his team, while providing water rations to as many people as they can, are pursuing a two-pronged strategy via diplomacy and military operations to try and dislodge the mercenaries from Wadi Barada and restore the flow of potable H2O. Reports have surfaced about a possible “peace” agreement and many terrorists have surrendered, but since it is the Washington ZOG pulling the strings and not the head-chopping death squads merely doing their masters’ bidding, the disaster is far from over. Continue reading The Damascus Water Crisis Is Now A Heat Crisis Too And The Zionist-NATO-GCC Alliance Is Responsible

Not A Joke: Zionist Jews Protest Aleppo’s Liberation From Al-Qaeda, Call For Donations To White Helmets

by Jonathan Azaziah

G’head and bust out the “anti-Semite” smear, the damns I give are somewhere between zero and negative three quadrillion. There is just too much sugary-sweet irony oozing off this bizarre development not to rip into it with the thunder of a Yemeni monsoon. Jews the world over, from the usurping ‘Israeli’ entity to New York City (or as some prefer to call it, Jew York City) to London, are organizing rallies to protest the defeat of Al-Qaeda in Aleppo and the city’s historic liberation. Under the fraudulent “Save Aleppo” banner, these Zionist “humanitarians” are raising their supremacist voices to defend “the Syrian people” against “butchery” and “massacres”. No, this is not meant to be comedic or satirical in any way, shape or form. This is an actual thing that is actually happening. And yes, I would agree with you in totality: These Jews are completely insane. Continue reading Not A Joke: Zionist Jews Protest Aleppo’s Liberation From Al-Qaeda, Call For Donations To White Helmets

Syrian Arab Army’s Lightning Advance In East Aleppo Exposes Biggest MSM Propaganda Campaign Ever

by Jonathan Azaziah

Something miraculous is happening in eastern Aleppo. The Syrian Arab Army and its allies have already liberated more than 60% of the area and are moving–incredibly fast, to be clear–towards taking the remaining 40% before year’s end. They’ve already regained numerous ultra-strategic districts, namely Sakhour, Hanano and Tariq al-Bab–which gives them full control over the road to Aleppo International Airport and which connects the east and west axes of the city–and despite losing the key district of Sheikh Sa’eed after briefly freeing it, fierce fighting is ongoing and it should return to the hands of Resistance forces imminently. As Iran and Russia advise and oversee, reinforcements from the SAA’s mighty 4th Mechanized Division and the Republican Guard as well as Hizbullah, Syrian-Palestinian paramilitary group Liwa Al-Quds and Iraq’s Harakat al-Nujaba and Kata’ib Hizbullah are on the way to mount what can be deemed the most important offensive of the entire war: The final push into the remaining pockets of east Aleppo still under terrorist occupation, an operation that will liberate the city in its entirety. Continue reading Syrian Arab Army’s Lightning Advance In East Aleppo Exposes Biggest MSM Propaganda Campaign Ever

Manbij “Liberation” To Omran Daqneesh The Orange Seat Boy: Zionist Media War On Syria Never Stops

by Jonathan Azaziah

First the “liberation” of Manbij. Now the manufactured worldwide outrage over 5-year old Omran Daqneesh aka “The Orange Seat Boy”, aka “The Aleppo Ambulance Boy”, aka “The Miracle Boy Who Survived A Russian (or was it a ‘regime’?) Air Strike”. So many lies to debunk against the Syrian Arab Republic, so little time. Let’s get on with it though, shall we?

Manbij wasn’t “liberated” as liberation can only come at the hands of Syrians who fight in the name of preserving Syrian sovereignty and pluralism, not Imperialists and traitors who fight in the name of ethnic chauvinism and an American-‘Israeli’ destabilization agenda. All that took place in Manbij was one covert US-Zionist proxy–ISIS–happened to get replaced with an overt US-Zionist proxy–the Syrian Democratic Forces led by the treacherous PYD/YPG. Let us also not forget to note that it was the American regime and its French colonialist pals that have slaughtered hundreds of Syrian civilians in and around Manbij over the last several weeks with zero, yes, ZERO international outcry. But the murderers, invaders and terrorists are liberators now?! Enough! What this really is, on the surface level, is a move orchestrated to give the US-founded fake “anti-ISIS” coalition a public relations “victory” and make it appear as if a “fight against terrorism” is actually being carried out. And on a subterranean level, the “liberation” of Manbij took place to give collaborationist Kurdish forces a strong foothold in a key northern Syrian area so they can push forward with their ‘Israeli’-birthed Federalization/”Rojava”/Partition agenda. This is confirmed by the latest PYD/YPG aggression–launched because the Kurds felt emboldened by their “success” on the Manbij front–in Hasakah City that was thankfully repelled by the Syrian Arab Army. Continue reading Manbij “Liberation” To Omran Daqneesh The Orange Seat Boy: Zionist Media War On Syria Never Stops