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RIP Tom Hurndall, A Champion Of Palestine Who Died Because Of ‘Israel’ 13 Years Ago Today

by Jonathan Azaziah

Rest in peace, power and purity to Thomas “Tom” Hurndall, a genuine friend of the Palestinian cause and beloved champion of the Moustazafeen, who joined the ancestors on this day 13 years ago. On April 11th, 2003, in the midst of the Second Intifada in the Gaza Strip’s Rafah area, Tom was taking Palestinian children in his arms to protect them from ‘Israeli’ occupation forces’ artillery and bombardments. He escorted many to safety. But in doing so, he also put himself in the line of fire and a murderous, usurping Jewish sniper shot him in the head. Tom remained in a vegetative state for over 9 months before passing away on January 13, 2004. We could speak on the cowardice of the ‘Israeli’ enemy and its inability to stand face-to-face and eye-to-eye with the indigenous and their international allies who reject its Jewish supremacist claims and regional hegemony; we could speak of its anti-Gentile hatred and its insatiable bloodlust as well. But it would better serve the memory of Mr. Hurndall and the Palestinians he gave his life defending to instead speak of his selfless commitment to Palestine’s liberation; his bravery in the face of his monstrous disease known as ‘Israel’; and the sacrifice he made for a land that wasn’t his but a people who he considered his brothers in humanity. The humble hero Thomas Hurndall was the essence of what the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) was supposed to be and for a while, truly was. Continue reading RIP Tom Hurndall, A Champion Of Palestine Who Died Because Of ‘Israel’ 13 Years Ago Today

Kashmir: 13-Year Old Ifrah Jan Was Shot In The Face By ‘Israeli’-Trained, ‘Israeli’-Armed Indian Forces

by Jonathan Azaziah

This 13-year old girl is Ifrah Jan. No, she isn’t Yemeni or Syrian. She is Kashmiri. And for no reason other than the fact she protested against the criminal occupation of her land, she was shot in the face with lead-based pellets by the brutal Indian army. Since July when First-Intifada-style protests returned to the Vale in daily form, there have been more than 12,000, not tens or hundreds, but more than 12,000 Kashmiris, mainly youths under 18–young men and women, with the youngest being a 1-year old baby–wounded by the Hindutvadi occupiers. Of those 12,000 some odd civilians, at least 1,631 of them have been blasted at point-blank range with these weapons. And OF THOSE, over 1,100 Kashmiris have some kind of devastating damage to their eyes. Continue reading Kashmir: 13-Year Old Ifrah Jan Was Shot In The Face By ‘Israeli’-Trained, ‘Israeli’-Armed Indian Forces

The Quintessential Ashoura Anthem Is Here: “Blood Of The Lion”, Second Single Off “Eternally Husseini”

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Salutations brothers and sisters! On this most revolutionary day, this most magnificent occasion, this 1,336th Ashoura when blood triumphed over the sword–to borrow the expression of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah–and Imam Hussein (A.S.) as well as his partisans achieved martyrdom at the hands of the vile Yazid (L.A.) on the hallowed ground of Karbala, I present to y’all my soul on wax; my beating, bleeding heart in lyrical form; an ode to Abou Abdallah (A.S.) to end all odes: “Blood Of The Lion”, the second single off my upcoming album “Eternally Husseini”, produced entirely by my extra-exceptionally gifted dear brother Iron Galaxy and filled with the illustrious artwork of Intifada Street founder Mohammad Hamza. This song–which is more like a Hip-Hop Nasheed than a traditional grouping of bars and hooks–doesn’t merely encapsulate the pain of the 10th of Muharram and apply that agony to the difficulties we are warding off today as an Ummah generally and as Shi’at al-Hussein specifically, it bangs like Hizbullah rocketry crashing down on occupied Haifa and making the settlers run for their miserable lives! Continue reading The Quintessential Ashoura Anthem Is Here: “Blood Of The Lion”, Second Single Off “Eternally Husseini”

Naksa Day 2016: We Shall Not Be Sad Or Broken But Hopeful

by Jonathan Azaziah

On Naksa Day 2016, 49 years after the Zionist abomination stole the rest of Al-Quds, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip (which has since been liberated though is still besieged), the Egyptian Sinai (which the ‘Israelis’ still control though they dismantled the ‘Yamit’ settlement) and the Syrian Golan Heights (which Syria regained a part of in the ’73 October War), I am going to refrain from thinking about the hundreds of thousands of refugees brought about by this Zionist aggression, the tens of thousands of innocents murdered, the hundreds of destroyed Palestinian and Syrian villages, the new hideous Jewish colonies that have been constructed and every other monstrosity inextricably linked to the criminal ‘Israeli’ entity’s putrefying presence. Though it is indeed the “day of the setback”, I am going to try with every fiber of my being not to dwell on the sadness, the tragedies, the shattered hearts and the broken dreams, for if we stay in that dark space, we shall be swallowed. Continue reading Naksa Day 2016: We Shall Not Be Sad Or Broken But Hopeful

Resistance and Liberation Day Reflections: What If There Was No Hizbullah?

by Jonathan Azaziah

What if there was no Hizbullah? Resistance and Liberation Day isn’t merely a time of celebration in commemoration of the history-echoing victories achieved by Hizbullah. It is also a time for deep reflection, as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah noted in his breathtakingly wonderful speech today. Indeed it is a time when we should be reflecting on where we are in our struggle, the severity and the status of the regional and international equations, and how to progress forward towards our ultimate goal of rendering ‘Israel’ obsolete. And I can’t think of a more profound point of pondering than the following question above: What if there was no Hizbullah? We don’t have to start as far back as 1982 when the Lebanese Islamic Resistance first emerged out of its humble beginnings of namelessness, nor do we need to refer to the ‘93 and ‘96 ‘Israeli’ aggressions, nor the liberation itself on May 25th, 2000, as the majority, not the vast majority or even most persons, unfortunately, but the majority of Lebanese agree that Hizbullah’s triumph over the cancerous Zionist entity and the end of the monstrous occupation were good things. So let us start with the 2006 July War and allow me to ask again: What if there was no Hizbullah? Continue reading Resistance and Liberation Day Reflections: What If There Was No Hizbullah?

Only Three Words Needed On The 68th Nakba Day: Death To ‘Israel’

by Jonathan Azaziah

After 68 years of Nakba in Palestine; after 68 years of destruction, from the 531 villages, towns and cities eviscerated during the Zionist terror gangs’ Plan D to the ongoing IOF demolitions of homes and infrastructures in the West Bank and sacred Al-Quds; after 68 years of mass murder, from the 10,000 martyrs in 1947-1948 to the ritualistic slaughter of over 2,200 Palestinians including more than 500 children in Operation Mighty Cliff (Protective Edge); after 68 years of environmental ruination that didn’t make the “desert bloom” but rather made the God-blessed, green paradise that Palestine was into an industrialized nightmare, from the uprooting, burning and destroying of olive trees, to the poisoning of wells, to the drying up of bodies of water, to the contamination of soil and air from the illegal nuclear weapons program in Dimona; after 68 years of devilish destabilization through the arming and backing of ethno-sectarian proxies, from the Kurdish Barzani mafia in Iraq in the 1950s, to the Phalangists in Lebanon during the Zionist-engineered Lebanese “Civil” War, to the Takfiri terrorists wreaking havoc across our region today; after 68 years of ethnic cleansing and expansionism that have turned 7.5 million Palestinians into refugees; after 68 years of hateful Jewish supremacist aggression against the sanctities of Islam and Christianity; after 68 years of Zionism manifesting as a “state”, and after 132 some odd years of Jewish colonization in the Holy Land, there are only three words that properly encapsulate our pain, our sadness and our rage: DEATH TO ‘ISRAEL’. Continue reading Only Three Words Needed On The 68th Nakba Day: Death To ‘Israel’

Palestinian shot dead after stabbing Israeli soldier in Al-Khalil

Al-Khalil (Ma’an) — A Palestinian man was shot dead after stabbing an Israeli soldier at the Ibrahimi Mosque in the southern West Bank city of Al-Khalil.

The mosque’s director Munther Abu al-Failat told Ma’an he had been told by witnesses that the soldier was stabbed about three times before he shot back at the Palestinian. Early reports in Israeli and Palestinian media named the Palestinian as Assad al-Salayma, although local sources told Ma’an the man, believed to be in his 20s, had not yet been identified. AFP reported that Israeli soldiers had been preventing Palestinians from accessing the mosque when the incident took place. Both the Israeli soldier and the Palestinian were moved from the mosque by ambulance, although the Palestinian was confirmed dead before he arrived at the hospital. Continue reading Palestinian shot dead after stabbing Israeli soldier in Al-Khalil

Gaza security services arrest top Israeli spy

Gaza’s security forces are claiming “a significant achievement” in catching an alleged collaborator responsible for passing information to Israel for over a decade.

News site al-Majd, known to be close to the Hamas movement that controls Gaza, said on Tuesday that the suspect had been detained by security services.

“The agent, considered by Israel’s internal security services to be one of their most active, is in custody, and has confessed to a number of grave crimes,” according to a source who spoke to al-Majd. Continue reading Gaza security services arrest top Israeli spy

On Hizbullah’s Shebaa Farms Operation: This is not the War

by Jamal Ghosn, Al-Akhbar English

The dominant media narrative of the “Middle East Conflict,” with its accompanying “peace process,” has a hard time contextualizing today’s developments in the Shebaa Farms of the Golan Heights. According to that pro-Israeli narrative, the status quo in Palestine — and around it — is perfectly fine and any deviation from it must be rectified.

While the Israeli military was bombarding the besieged Gaza Strip last summer, even the most radical global protests only called for a stop to the bloodshed, and thus for a return to the pre-war status. Following the same logic, any “recognition” of the status quo is celebrated as progress towards ending the conflict. That is what happens when symbolic votes are held in European parliaments recognizing a Palestinian state. The implication of this is that the Palestinians have no qualms about the occupation they endure, and all they really want is for it to be administered by Abu Mazen instead of the Israeli generals. Continue reading On Hizbullah’s Shebaa Farms Operation: This is not the War

Jewish terrorists shoot, kill Palestinian youth south of Nablus

NABLUS (Ma’an) — Israeli forces shot and killed a young Palestinian man and injured another near Nablus late Saturday, local sources said.

Locals said Israeli troops opened fire at a group of Palestinian youths after they threw Molotov cocktails at Israeli setter vehicles driving on a bypass road near the village of Burin south of Nablus.

Ahmed Ibrahim Jaber al-Najjar, 19, was killed and another Palestinian was lightly injured. Continue reading Jewish terrorists shoot, kill Palestinian youth south of Nablus