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Green Helmets and Violent Anti-Black Racists: Meet The Latest “Revolutionaries” Destabilizing Venezuela

by Jonathan Azaziah

Just as it seemed it not could get any worse for Venezuela short of an outright NATO invasion, the Zio-Imperialists destabilizing this great and resistant nation made sure that things got… Well… WORSE THAN WORSE. Enter the group of mercenaries called the Green Helmets. Yes, if your mind immediately went to Syria and you began visualizing the Al-Qaeda-linked, US-UK-Soros-funded White Helmets, who act like “civil defense” workers when the cameras are on but chop off heads when the flashing lights go bye-bye, then you absolutely wouldn’t be incorrect. Because the Green Helmets, while claiming to be “apolitical”–just like the White Helmets who spew the same smokescreen but who back NATO no-fly zones and who colluded with terrorist gangs in subjugating Aleppo and cutting off water to Damascus–are laying the groundwork for even greater US-EU intervention in Venezuelan affairs through the dissemination of humanitarian propaganda. Continue reading Green Helmets and Violent Anti-Black Racists: Meet The Latest “Revolutionaries” Destabilizing Venezuela

Trump Regime Escalates Heavily Against Venezuela As Hugo Chavez’s Statue In Zulia State Is Violently Torn Down

by Jonathan Azaziah

It was a weekend of eerie and ominous familiarity for the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. In the oil-rich, mineral-flush state of Zulia right on the Venezuelan-Colombian border, a statue of El Comandante Hugo Chavez, in which he was dressed in his sash and doing his traditional salute, was torn down by violent agitators of the US-‘Israeli’-backed Venezuelan opposition and then bashed into the sidewalk as they cursed his blessed memory. It was vile. Just downright vile. It was a near-carbon copy of what occurred in April 2003 at the very beginning of the Anglo-Zionist invasion of Iraq when a statue of Saddam Hussein was toppled in Baghdad’s Firdaus Square. The Zionist media initially reported that it was Iraqi civilians who did the job and hyped it up nonstop, day in and day out, as a major propaganda boost for the criminal war. Years later however it was revealed that while Iraqis were present, they were mere window dressing for the real perpetrators of the event: the US Marine Corps, carrying out an operation planned by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). Indeed, it was Imperialist psychological warfare par excellence. The malevolence in Zulia is the sequel to the Baghdad affair… Especially considering how deep the CIA and Mossad are in Venezuela as well as how much the Empire viscerally despises the founder of the Bolivarian Revolution. Continue reading Trump Regime Escalates Heavily Against Venezuela As Hugo Chavez’s Statue In Zulia State Is Violently Torn Down

Where Is The Outrage? Trump-Tillerson Covert War On Chavismo Brings Venezuela To The Brink

by Jonathan Azaziah

Venezuela is at its worst point since El Comandante Hugo Chavez was temporarily toppled by a US-Zionist coup on April 11th, 2002. The nation that has been governed by the Bolivarian Revolution for nearly two decades is indeed on the brink. And the “antiwar movement” as well as much of the alternative media are relatively mum. Led by Zionist Jew Henrique Capriles Radonski, long-time agent of the NED and ‘Israel’, the atrocious “Venezuelan” opposition has been carrying out violent protests for several weeks in an overt attempt to implement “regime change” in Caracas and overthrow the revolutionary Nicolas Maduro through what they call “ungovernability”. At least 29 people have been killed since this latest coup plot has started: 9 civilians killed by oppositionists, 5 armed agitators killed by Venezuelan security forces and 15 others killed by unknown sniper fire–exactly the same tactics we saw in the ’53 Mossad-CIA-MI6 coup that toppled Iran’s Mossadegh, the ’73 Kissinger-plotted CIA coup that ousted Chile’s Allende, the aforementioned ’02 NED-CIA coup against Chavez and the Empire-manufactured “Arab Spring” of the last 6 years. The worst incident was an opposition attack on a maternity hospital that put the lives of more than 50 Venezuelan newborn babies at risk. Continue reading Where Is The Outrage? Trump-Tillerson Covert War On Chavismo Brings Venezuela To The Brink

El Comandante Hugo Chavez Has Been Gone 4 Years Now But He Still Thunders Triumphantly In Our Hearts

by Jonathan Azaziah

Hard to believe that it’s been 4 years to the day already. Ever seen animations of hypothetical scenarios in which giant meteors collide with Earth and leave unprecedented ruin in their wake? Metaphorically speaking, that’s what took place on March 5th, 2013 when Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, the father of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution and among the most important, successful and paradigm-shattering revolutionaries of the last century, departed from this plane of existence. His passing, or, more appropriately and accurately, MARTYRDOM, left a gaping hole in the fabric of the worldwide struggle against Zio-Imperialism and an even bigger tear in the heart of humanity. As official stories go, it’s said that El Comandante died of cancer. On the surface of course, that is the case. ***HOW*** the founder and ever-enduring source of Chavismo contracted the disease though is a different matter entirely. Even before his death, Chavez repeatedly accused the US ZOG of poisoning him and other Latin American leaders with cancer. Continue reading El Comandante Hugo Chavez Has Been Gone 4 Years Now But He Still Thunders Triumphantly In Our Hearts

Trump Regime Meets Wife Of NED-CIA Stooge Leopoldo Lopez, Lays Groundwork For New Color Revolution In Venezuela

by Jonathan Azaziah

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two decades, you should be well-aware that the American ZOG has been waging war on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The Bush regime tried and failed to dislodge Hugo Chavez. The Obama regime couldn’t hack it either, nor could it overthrow El Comandante’s successor, Nicolas Maduro. Which brings us to the new era of Donald J. Trump, aka President Supercilious Orange, a new era that isn’t exactly any different from the old era. The politically incorrect, comically spray-tanned billionaire, who promised the Venezuelan Gusano community in South Florida that he would take even harsher actions against Chavismo than Obama, has barely even moved into the Oval Office and has already put “regime change” in Caracas high on his foreign policy agenda. Continue reading Trump Regime Meets Wife Of NED-CIA Stooge Leopoldo Lopez, Lays Groundwork For New Color Revolution In Venezuela

Renegade Broadcasting Interviews Jonathan Azaziah About Zionist Hands In Latin America

by Jonathan Azaziah

Now that the Zionist origins of the coup in Brazil against Dilma Rousseff have been firmly established thanks to Mouqawamah Music, it is most important to share a recent radio broadcast I did with my dear, dear brother and old friend Nick Spero for his Circus Maximus program over on the Renegade Broadcasting Network. Name of the show, conducted on 5-27-16, is “The Mask of Zion”, an ode to my original website as well as the concept that I and my brethren at The Ugly Truth have helped popularize over the last several years that behind most “Imperialist” plots you will find the domineering hands of the Judaics at all levels, be it financial, political, military, intelligence, cultural or “spiritual” in the form of toxic ideologies like “Christian” Zionism, Freemasonry, satanic cults, etc. And in that spirit, my good friend and I went deep into the grime of Jewish-Zionist intrigue in Latin America, beginning with ‘Israel’ founding father Samuel Zemurray’s United Fruit Company, then bouncing over to numerous CIA-Zionist coups against National Socialist governments throughout the 50s, 60s and 70s–which Zemurray also played a major part in–spent some time on the heavy, slaughterous ‘Israeli’ role in the war criminal Montt’s genocide of hundreds of thousands of indigenous persons in Guatemala, tackled the Earth-changing revolution of El Comandante Hugo Chavez, and much, much more. Syria, Yemen, Libya, the Kalergi Plan and the urgent need for Islamic-Christian/European-Arab-Muslim unity in the face of the Parasitic Pirates were discussed as well. For those looking for a starting point on just how abyssal the Zionist role in Latin America is, then you need this in your life. Download, listen and take notes! It’s truly a crash course in how World Zionism executes its schemes against Global South nations and I assure you, you’re not going to hear anything else like it ANYWHERE.

Venezuelan President Maduro accuses Spain of plotting coup

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has accused Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of trying to overthrow his government, saying the Spanish leader is among those supporting an “international conspiracy” against Caracas.

Maduro said in his weekly television appearance on Tuesday that Rajoy and his conservative government are behind an international plot to overthrow his government. Continue reading Venezuelan President Maduro accuses Spain of plotting coup

Venezuela Foils US-Sponsored Coup Attempt – Maduro

The foiled coup attempt was sponsored by the United States and directed from Washington, according to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that authorities foiled a US-sponsored attempt to overthrow him. Continue reading Venezuela Foils US-Sponsored Coup Attempt – Maduro

Venezuela: a Coup in Real Time

by Eva Golinger, CounterPunch

There is a coup underway in Venezuela. The pieces are all falling into place like a bad CIA movie. At every turn a new traitor is revealed, a betrayal is born, full of promises to reveal the smoking gun that will justify the unjustifiable. Infiltrations are rampant, rumors spread like wildfire, and the panic mentality threatens to overcome logic. Headlines scream danger, crisis and imminent demise, while the usual suspects declare covert war on a people whose only crime is being gatekeeper to the largest pot of black gold in the world. Continue reading Venezuela: a Coup in Real Time

Maduro blasts Joe Biden for ‘bloody coup’ in Venezuela

The US is behind the attempted coup in Venezuela – that is the accusation President Nicolas Maduro has leveled amid widespread protests back home. And it’s none other than Vice-president Joe Biden who’s behind the entire operation, Maduro alleges.

This is the first time a direct accusation of this gravity was made in front of thousands of cheering spectators and the world at large, despite an earlier Friday statement, when Maduro struck out at several US federal agencies for allegedly plotting against Venezuela. Continue reading Maduro blasts Joe Biden for ‘bloody coup’ in Venezuela