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New ‘Israeli’ Raids On Syria Were Facilitated By Trump’s Destruction Of Syrian Air Defenses At Al-Shayrat Airbase

by Jonathan Azaziah

Trumpets, Trumpets, o’ brainwashed Trumpets, you’ve become disjointed far! Trumpets, Trumpets, o’ brainwashed Trumpets, your man serves the six-pointed star! As stated elsewhere on Mouqawamah Music, since last September, whenever warplanes and/or drones of the ‘Israeli’ cancer have invaded Syria’s airspace, the Syrian Arab Army has accurately and brilliantly shot them right outta the sky. But then… Donald J. Trump–I wonder if that J. really stands for “Judaized”–goes ahead and bombs Al-Shayrat Airbase in Homs after a Mossad-MIT chemical weapons false flag attack, targeting an air defense system integral to safeguarding Syrian sovereignty from the Jewish supremacist thieves in Palestine, and BANG! What follows just two and a half weeks after the Tangerine Terrorist’s gross violation of Syrian sovereignty?! ‘Israel’ attacks Syrian military positions twice in Quneitra across 48 hours over the weekend, and again just a few hours ago, this time at Damascus Airport. Each of these Zionist assaults were launched as the SAA and the NDF were repelling the Takfiris’ advances. Continue reading New ‘Israeli’ Raids On Syria Were Facilitated By Trump’s Destruction Of Syrian Air Defenses At Al-Shayrat Airbase

Activists say five nuclear engineers murdered in Syria

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Utterly deplorable that Al-Arabiya, the most prominent mouthpiece of the House of Saud, would “report” that these nuclear engineers were murdered in cold blood by “unidentified assailants”, when all evidence points to the usurping Zionist entity. As Professor As’ad AbuKhalil bluntly put it back in the summer of 2012, when the first such assassinations had occurred, “The assassination of scientists whose knowledge and expertise bother Israel clearly proves a link between the Israeli terrorist state and Free Syrian Army. ┬áThis does not even require analysis.” Then again, as reprehensible as it is, it’s quite typical, as Al-Arabiya has been parroting hasbara for as long as one can remember. Recently, the Saudi royalist propaganda channel echoed “Israeli” language when discussing Jewish aggressions against Al-Aqsa and if we go back to the genocidal nightmare of Operation Cast Lead, Al-Arabiya’s coverage was so horrific and biased towards the illegitimate “Israeli” regime that Arabs began calling it Al-Ibriyya, “The Hebrew”. In military terms, this latest Mossad-Takfiri assassination has clearly been carried out in response to the rapid gains of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies across the country. International Zionism is frustrated over its failure in Bilad al-Sham and is therefore lashing out in the only way it knows how: through pure terrorism. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading Activists say five nuclear engineers murdered in Syria