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Mossad’s Wahhabi-Takfiri Vassals Strike St. Petersburg Over Putin’s Defiance On Syria

by Jonathan Azaziah

Striking Star Solidarity and every drop of love in the world to the resilient Russian people after the ungodly terrorist attack on Saint Petersburg today. Wahhabi thugs may have been the trigger-men but make no mistake, the orders to execute this atrocity came from the Washington ZOG and the “Tel Aviv” tumor out of fury over Russia’s defiance of Netanyahu and continued support for the Syrian Arab Republic.

Let this be a reminder that the struggle of Orthodox Christian Russia and the Islamic Axis of Resistance against Zio-Takfiri terrorism is one and the same. When Russia bleeds, we bleed, and there’s not a damn thing that any unhinged liberal or bloodthirsty neocon can say or do to break this bond. And you better believe that the modern-day Rum and the counter-hegemonic bloc led by Khorasan will triumph over Dajjal, no matter how many innocent lives this cowardly enemy takes. Al-Fatiha for the martyrs and sincerest, deepest and most brotherly condolences to President Putin and all of Mother Russia.

Merry Orthodox Christmas To Mother Russia, Vladimir Putin And The Heroic Russian Armed Forces

by Jonathan Azaziah

A merry, merry, MERRY Orthodox Christmas to Mother Russia, President Vladimir Putin and the warm, generous and pure-hearted Russian people. Amid this new blitz of Russophobia unleashed on the planet by the Zionist media and Western regimes, it’s vital not to get swept up in the torrential propaganda rains and lose sight of just how much Russia has given to humanity via its steadfast counter-hegemonic position on Syria. The Russian Federation exercised its full international power at the UN, vetoing resolution after resolution that even APPEARED to pose a threat to the Syrian Arab Republic. Moscow has pumped tens of billions of dollars into the Syrian economy –rivaled in this department only by the Islamic Republic of Iran–in the form of direct funds, weapons to fight terrorism, petrol, food and other necessities as a means of counteracting the cruel, criminal US-EU sanctions. Continue reading Merry Orthodox Christmas To Mother Russia, Vladimir Putin And The Heroic Russian Armed Forces