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ZOG Figurehead 45 Trump’s Golan Heights Tweet: Imperialist Thinking, Imperialist Folly

by Jonathan Azaziah

The world is abuzz over ZOG Figurehead 45 Donald Trump’s “historic” tweet which signifies the United Snakes “giving” the occupied Golan Heights to ‘Israel’ and recognizing the Zio-Tumor’s “sovereignty” over Syria’s resource-rich southern territory. Everybody ain’t bzzz-bzzzz-buzzin’ in ecstatic happiness though. Neocon warlord and former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul idiotically said that Trump’s tweet has the Russians feeling “quietly thrilled”. McFaul’s “chosenite” fellow traveler, Max “Bathing In Iraqi Blood” Boot, wrote a scathing piece in CIA-Mossad dumping ground WaPo called “Trump Just Made A Huge Mistake In The Middle East”. The neocon Parasite lambastes Trump for a “typically thoughtless and impetuous act” that will open “a Pandora’s box where states are allowed to change international borders by force.” Rich coming from a war criminal who has sought to do just that–change international borders by force–to every last one of the usurping Zionist entity’s adversaries.

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Prepare To Hurt, ‘Israel’: The Impending Liberation Of Syria’s Daraa Will Lead To A Freed Golan Heights

by Jonathan Azaziah

O’ Daraa, your time is coming! Just look at the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), Hizbullah and company go! At this very moment, with Takfiri terrorists in the towns of Simlin, Kafer Shams, Kafer Nasej and Aqraba’a all surrendering to Syria’s defenders yesterday, as well as Yadoudah, Tafas and Inkhil joining the reconciliation process today, the city of Daraa is now 75% liberated. Russian Military Police have been deployed in Tafas to oversee the rebuilding process and what remains of the western Daraa countryside will see military operations launched soon if the FSA, Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS-linked Jaysh Khaled bin Walid do not lay down their arms. Operation Basalt, launched in the third week of June, has seen hundreds upon hundreds of towns and villages liberated in Daraa. Continue reading Prepare To Hurt, ‘Israel’: The Impending Liberation Of Syria’s Daraa Will Lead To A Freed Golan Heights

Sheikh Zakzaky, Defender of The Syrian Arab Republic, Has Now Been Unjustly Imprisoned For 13 Months

by Jonathan Azaziah

It has now been 13 months since Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky, Africa’s most important revolutionary and Islam’s most prolific preacher, was thrown into a hellish prison cell on baseless charges by the Amreeki-Saudi-‘Israeli’-backed Nigerian regime. And for these past 397 days, we have watched the Zionist media, “human rights” organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, “Islamic” activists, “Palestine Solidarity Movement” workers and “Anti-Imperialists” of all different stripes go all but silent on the Sheikh’s plight and the fate of thousands of Nigerian Shi’a from the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) who were slaughtered, wounded and disappeared in the Zaria Massacre. There were handfuls of reports, tweets and posts from the aforementioned hypocrites in the immediate days following the apocalyptic scenes at the Husseiniyeh Baqiyatullah–the home, prayer-space and sanctuary of Zakzaky–on December 12th, 2015, sure. From that point however, they’ve all taken a powder. Continue reading Sheikh Zakzaky, Defender of The Syrian Arab Republic, Has Now Been Unjustly Imprisoned For 13 Months

Merry Christmas & Happy Mawlid Al-Nabawi: Sayyed Nasrallah Hails Aleppo Victory, Shreds Aleppo #FakeNews

by Jonathan Azaziah

Thank God Almighty for Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. Since Aleppo’s liberation, the information sphere in our region has broken down into fragments because the despots who own the vast majority of it–Saudi Arabia and Qatar–are totally flipping out over the colossal defeat that has been inflicted on their Wahhabi heads. Lunatic editorials in The Middle East Eye hysterically warn of an Iranian takeover of our entire region. Al-Jazeera English and Arabic are churning out so much atrocity hasbara and outright support for Nusra and Daesh head-choppers that one can’t even keep up. Al-Arabiya has gone so mental that it’s just barely stopping short of blaming Assad, Putin and Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei for killing JFK along with staging 9/11. And the so-called “activists” who remain blindly and idiotically loyal to the nonexistent “Syrian revolution” are marching through Western capitals and barking about a “holocaust”. Amid this chaos, as always, Hizbullah’s Secretary-General stands alone as the face, the voice, the essence and the light of truth. Continue reading Merry Christmas & Happy Mawlid Al-Nabawi: Sayyed Nasrallah Hails Aleppo Victory, Shreds Aleppo #FakeNews

True Solidarity: As Syrians Celebrate The Aleppo Victory, Occupied Kashmir Celebrates With Them

by Jonathan Azaziah

Occupied Kashmir’s people are simply wonderful. As Syrians from Aleppo have been celebrating for the last several days to mark the end of the Zio-Imperialists’ Takfiri proxies criminally ruling over their city, Kashmiris have been celebrating with them, filling up the streets of Srinagar to hail this triumph. Led by the Vale’s Shi’a but joined by Sunnis and Sufis as well, an ode to Syria’s own ancient pluralism, the Kashmiri demonstrators saluted the Syrian Arab Army, praised Dr. Bashar al-Assad and chanted that the liberation of Aleppo is a “victory for humanity” and a “victory for Islam”. Heroes and heroines of the Valley showed a special love towards the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah, with men wrapping their heads in the red “Ya Hussein (A.S.)!” bandanas traditionally worn by the Mouqawamah’s Mighty Moujahideen on Ashoura and women donning the Party’s classic yellow banner. That the Kashmiris would hit the streets for Aleppo’s victory in total rejection of the barbaric Indian occupation all around them is just extraordinary. It’s hard to say what’s more beautiful: Their solidarity or their defiance. Continue reading True Solidarity: As Syrians Celebrate The Aleppo Victory, Occupied Kashmir Celebrates With Them

“See You At The Citadel”, Victory Song For Aleppo, Is Now Out!

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Staying true to my promise comrades, especially all my Syrian brothers and sisters, “See You At The Citadel”, the victory track for Aleppo, is here.

Song, dance, music and art are as integral to life in Aleppo as its region-renowned hospitals and universities. For over 8,000 years, Aleppo has been at the forefront of civilization, making it one of the oldest and most continuously populated cities in the world. And standing right in the heart of this illustrious history is the Citadel of Aleppo–the proverbial and literal treasure of the city. So when the Syrian Arab Army, Hizbullah and their allies drove out the remaining terrorists from Aleppo’s Old City and planted the Syrian Arab Republic’s flag atop the Citadel, it was an iconic moment to be remembered for all-time and a victory of ancient culture over a barbarism which is antithetical to everything in existence. It was in this triumph that I found myself swept up in and transported to the front lines of liberation, like I was right there. It was in this glory that “See You At The Citadel” came to me. I’ve written many pieces about Aleppo since the defeat of Zionist-NATO-GCC-backed Al-Qaeda began, but it wasn’t enough. I needed to put it into rhyme. And as Intifada Street’s Mohammad Hamza, who did the extraordinary artwork for this song, will tell you, once the concept for “See You At The Citadel” entered my brain, the joint flowed outta me like light from the giant Christmas Tree is currently flowing out into the streets of Aleppo’s Azaziyah district. For three minutes and thirty seconds, I pour my heart and soul out for Halab. Because Halab and its defenders have poured their hearts and souls out for the world. I take y’all to the Aleppo Citadel because the Aleppo Citadel is the starting point for all history from this day forward. This is for my dear brother Aloushy al-Homsi, who has family in the Syrian Arab Army and the NDF on the battlefield in Aleppo and Hama. This is for the Syrian Arab Republic and its steadfast people, for whom books on how to obliterate empires will be written. Before that though… Rock with me at the Citadel under Liberated Aleppo’s clear skies! Let it blaze. Let it rage. Let it knock. #AleppoVictory #LongLiveAleppo #LongLiveSyria #SeeYouAtTheCitadel

“See You At The Citadel” lyrics

by Madd Cold (Jonathan Azaziah)

Five years of war and violent terror/But now we mark an end to the Zionist era/Church bells boom and the adhan too inside the Great Mosque/All that pain and, all that weight, it’s time to shake off/They wanted Bashar al-Assad gone and the scheme was heavy/But here in Aleppo, here in Aleppo Empire Judaica’s dreams were buried/Erdogan won’t see his Ottomans resurrected/Syria cannot and will not die, you can consider that Heaven’s message/Thought you’d break it, thought you’d take it into oblivion, leaving it torn and wasted but Syria, Syria, rose like a Rose from the endless wreckage/Jasmine in the air, imagine that it’s here, liberation, jubilation on the beautiful, musical, soothing faces of all these innocents who feast their eyes on the Syrian Army/They don’t look at them weary, leery or dodgy/Zionist media called them “thugs” and called them a “regime”/But listen now, all of it was sleaze/These men are protectors, defenders, they’re guardians and they’re pure and they’re pristine/Civilians did not run from them, they ran towards them, then they threw sweets at their cheeks to bless/Aleppo is reunified, ain’t no more damn East or West/Oded Yinon’s partition plot has been defeated and beat to death/Parents and gramses and grampses gaze upon their babies who are now full-grown soldiers of Jaysh al-Souri/Husbands reconnect with their wives, friends embrace and the separation breaks down, it is the greatest beauty/Their tears flow and I feel so emotional, humbled just to witness it, their sacrifices quake and move me/Look at these heroes, look at these legends/Fought nonstop for half a decade, to ensure that the crooks would be deaded/The horizon is gorgeous, go right on and look where we’re heading/Zionist entity disintegrates, squatters so shook that the seven/galaxies from 1,003 light years away, from the Milky Way, are trembling from ‘Israeli’ fear/Lame “Emir” in Qatar is having conniptions, Saudi “princes” are suicidally tripping, the end of this filth as well is crazy near/And it’s all ‘cause of Syria, Jews cried out, “Capital next!”/But these arrogant ones got stabbed in the chest/by Syrian steadfastness, which did not budge even under rabid duress/Resistance Axis intervened to fight the conspiracy off and blasted the neck/We’re one hand, our people took down the savages, yes!/Terrorists from 100 countries around the globe/Backed to the hilt by NATO, but Syria resisted, that is powerful/And lest we forget, there’d be no win if it wasn’t for the astutest brothers/Angelic Hizbullah, of Lebanon, the Iraqi Resistance, Mighty Iran and Putin’s Russia/Enemies said Syria was alone, yo, these stupid fuckers/Death to the Five Eyes Alliance/and Global Zionism, that Hive-Minded Virus/Aleppo is free! Admit it, you failed to sideline defiance/Flag of the Syrian Arab Republic flies sublime, and it shines high in vibrance/Lemme put my fist in the sky, then make the victory sign/Lemme put my fist in the sky, then make the victory sign/Takfiriyeen, you’re feeble and you’re pitiful/your “revolution” was liquidated, Aleppo is free, people, it’s a miracle!/Long live Halab, See You At The Citadel/Long Live Aleppo, Long Live Aleppo/Long Live Aleppo, you prevailed over The Devils/Long Live Halab, Long Live Halab/Long Live Halab, Martyrs of Mouqawamah, soar in Jannah/See You At The Citadel…

Counter-Hegemony Stands Tall In Aleppo: Giant Putin, Assad and Nasrallah Portraits Adorn Tonight’s Victory Celebrations

by Jonathan Azaziah

This. Hell yes. This right here… THIS is what I’m talking about. Tonight in liberated Aleppo, hundreds of thousands of Syrians from every ethno-religious background were in the streets to celebrate freedom ringing in their ancient city for the first time in nearly half a decade. No Ahrar al-Sham, no Jabhat al-Nusra, no Daesh, no Jaysh al-“Islam”, no FSA, no Noureddine Al-Zinki, no Takfiri filth whatsoever! Song and dance, smiling and laughter, Christmas decorations and Islamic calligraphy for the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (S.A.W.W.) birthday, Syrian Arab Republic flags and Hizbullah banners, Russian flags and Iranian flags, and LIFE, wonderful, harmonious, big, bright LIFE in Halab have all returned. And to literally top off the gorgeous and joyous occasion in the Azaziyah area of the city, right across from a massive Christmas Tree, are three enormous portraits of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad and Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the men most responsible for this triumph. As courageous RT journo Lizzie Phelan reported, these giant-size pictures were not paid for by the Syrian government, nor Moscow, nor the Lebanese Islamic Resistance. They were put up by a local shop keeper to pay homage to the leaders who gave him his life, his business, his city and his home back. Amazing. Continue reading Counter-Hegemony Stands Tall In Aleppo: Giant Putin, Assad and Nasrallah Portraits Adorn Tonight’s Victory Celebrations