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International Women’s Day Is A Jewish-Soviet Ball Of Hypocrisy That Paved The Way For Mass Secular Subversion

by Jonathan Azaziah

No, I ain’t observing, let alone celebrating no damn International Women’s Day. What the hell?! Do I look like the type of individual to internalize anything pumped out by Chaim and Chaim Inc. along with its subsidiaries, Shlomo and Shlomo LLC as well as Esther and Esther LLLP? Didn’t think so! Yes brethren, forgive me off rip for bursting your bubbles, and negative, this isn’t a knock on anyone who strategically took advantage of this less-than-auspicious occasion to expose Saudi Arabia and the Takfiriyeen, or highlight the gorgeousness and might of the women of the Resistance Axis–in fact, I tip my hat to anyone who did–but International Women’s Day isn’t what we’ve been told it is. This “holiday” came from a chauvinistic Jew, was spread by Jews and their Shabbos Goy secular extremist “comrades”, and then codified as a national observance by the Judeo-Bolshevik Soviet Union. And due to these facts, it isn’t something that Mouqawamists of true liberationist-spiritual persuasion, be it one which stems from Islam or Eastern Christianity, should be granting any credence to.

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Genetic assassination weapons in CIA’s quiver

by Wayne Madsen, The Wayne Madsen Report

Ever since Francis Crick and James Watson discovered the double helix of DNA in the 1950s, intelligence agencies immediately began to discover ways to use the discovery of DNA for weapons research. Although it has always been assumed that intelligence services conducted MEDINT, or medical intelligence gathering, to discover what ailments were afflicting world leaders, it is also true that particular genetic traits of potential targets for assassination were being analyzed to develop genetic-specific weapons. A genetic susceptibilty of a targeted individual to develop cancer, heart disease, or other fatal or debilitating diseases would assist intelligence agencies to deliver particular “designer” genetic weapons. Continue reading Genetic assassination weapons in CIA’s quiver

Zinoviev letter was dirty trick by MI6

(EDITOR’S NOTE: While Mouqawamah Music has no affinity whatsoever for the Bolsheviks, whom were overwhelming Jewish and guided by, to say the very least, “false ideological considerations” as pointed out by Russian President Vladimir V. Putin — much to the ire of International Jewry — we decided to share this piece because it demonstrates that the false flag is something of an omnipresence in geopolitical happenings, even going back nearly 100 years. The intelligence services of the usurping Zionist entity and The West, particularly those which belong to the American, British and French regimes, are notorious¬† for staging events, provoking conflicts and facilitating terrorism for the sake of achieving geo-strategic gains. The Jewish-controlled mainstream media and all of its sycophants, notably those of the “liberal” and “antiwar” variety, have long attempted to smear and discredit those who would explore the history and validity of the false flag, but insha’ALLAH khair, with yet another proof surfacing of intelligence services using the aforesaid tactic, this disgracefully wrong discourse will enter into yet another phase of erosion on its road to total liquidation. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading Zinoviev letter was dirty trick by MI6