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31 Months of Despair, 31 Months of Injustice: The Struggle Of Sheikh Zakzaky Rages Onward

by Jonathan Azaziah

As I’ve grown accustomed to saying and will continue to say, Jummah Mubarak to all and especially to the Islamic Movement of Nigeria and its patient-beyond-patient, resilient-beyond-resilient leader Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky, who has now been locked in a dungeon by the Zionist-Saudi-US-backed collaborationist pig Muhammadu Buhari for 31 months. That’s right. 31 months… for zero reason whatsoever other than the fact that the Sheikh is a Mouqawamist thinker who encourages his partisans and allies to spiritually, intellectually and culturally challenge Global Zionism. Continue reading 31 Months of Despair, 31 Months of Injustice: The Struggle Of Sheikh Zakzaky Rages Onward

Happy Birthday To Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba (A.S.), The Will Of The Ummah!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Happy, happy birthday to Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba (A.S.), the Will of the Ummah, the second Imam of we Shi’a and one of the two Chiefs of the Youth of Paradise beloved by all Muslims. Too often we neglect the contributions of Imam Hassan (A.S.) to Shi’a thought and Islamic Liberation Theology more generally. Even though he had every right, both Qur’anically and politically, to fight the despotic usurper Muawiyah for his treachery, his oppression, his disconnection from our Deen and unspeakable crimes against the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (S.A.W.W.) sanctified Household (A.S.), he decided to put forth a Peace Treaty instead and spare Muslims anymore bloodshed and destabilization. He exercised Strategic Patience or better still, what Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei calls Heroic Flexibility, i.e. making decisions in the face of all odds to resist tyranny but nevertheless still seeking resolutions without reaching for one’s (proverbial) sword. Indeed, in the most difficult of circumstances, it is Heroic Flexibility/Strategic Patience that requires an even deeper Mouqawamah Consciousness and an even more ironclad steadfastness. Truly, there is nobody in the history of Islam after the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) himself that has more resolve, courage and patience than Imam Hassan (A.S.) Lest we forget that Imam Hussein (A.S.) followed his brother’s lead in the latter’s attempts to facilitate salaam. And lest we also forget that Imam Hassan (A.S.) still died the dignified and dauntless death of a hero like his father before him and his brother after him, achieving martyrdom after being poisoned by the accursed tyrant Muawiyah. Continue reading Happy Birthday To Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba (A.S.), The Will Of The Ummah!

Iran’s Jahady Online Interviews Jonathan Azaziah About Shari’a, Jihad and Islamophobia

by Jonathan Azaziah

Not too long ago, I was interviewed by the righteous and wonderful brothers at the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Jahady Online about Shari’a, Jihad and Islamophobia. And since we are right smack dab in the middle of Ramadan, I guess there’s no better time to share it! Of course we delve into the political and financial connections of the Zionists to the proliferation of anti-Islam fervor and we also break down the Zionist media’s distortions of some of Islam’s most sacred pillars. In this day and age, there is no greater duty that rests upon the shoulders of Muslims and their allies than defending Islam against the global tidal wave of hasbara launched against it daily by Empire Judaica. I pray that ALLAH (SWT) will find my humble efforts satisfactory and I pray that y’all find it useful. Striking Star Salute to the Iranian nation, its resilient people, its steadfast leadership and its Mouqawamist journalists! Full text of the interview is below. Continue reading Iran’s Jahady Online Interviews Jonathan Azaziah About Shari’a, Jihad and Islamophobia

“Eternally Husseini”, Madd Cold’s New Album Fully Produced By Iron Galaxy, Is Officially Out!

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Happy Resistance and Liberation Day y’all!

You’ve heard the singles. You’ve seen the promo artwork. And now… The wait is officially over. Without any further ado, I present to y’all my newest and perhaps best album to date, “Eternally Husseini”, fully produced by my dear brother and UK-based Pashtun-Shi’a super-producer Iron Galaxy. This project has been in the works for over a year and we have been through hardship after hardship to get it completed. But alhamdulillah a thousand times because VERILY WITH HARDSHIP COMES EASE and now, with our blood, sweat, tears and souls shed, it’s here. We chose to release it today, this most blessed and most glorious of occasions, Resistance and Liberation Day, when Hizbullah freed Lebanon from 22 years of Zionist occupation, because we hope, in the spirit of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance’s historic victory, that we will inaugurate a movement to liberate Hip-Hop from its Jewish/Corporate occupiers. To accomplish this, and no doubt there’s a long way to go, we also hope, and pray, that the barriers we break on this record for Yemen, Syria, Iraq, 9/11 truth, Palestine, Sheikh Zakzaky and Nigeria’s Shi’a and so much more, will inspire other MCs to shake off the shackles of political correctness and start rhyming like real revolutionaries instead of toothless colored proxies for the “left” wing of the Empire.

And please allow me once again to deliver Striking Star Salutes to all of the wonderful brothers who contributed. Without y’all, this joint wouldn’t have been the same and I would even say that it wouldn’t have ***been*** at all. So to the eloquent and smooth Navid Nasr, the sagacious and brilliant Nashid Abdul-Khaaliq, the genius and magnificent Trevor Labonte, the soulful and spectacular Rafiqi Green, the remarkable and righteous Yusuf Abdul-Mateen Trombly, the astounding and anomalous Khanverse KV, and last but never, EVER least, the unmatched and unparalleled Mohammad Hamza of Intifada Street, whose breathtakingly beautiful artwork took this album to a whole ‘nother level… THANK YOU. Thank you all so damn much from the very bottom of my heart. That’s that for the talk! Time to let “Eternally Husseini” knock so Iron Galaxy and I can take y’all on a journey unlike anything you’ve ever heard before!

Album can be purchased for a paltry $12.99 right here.

All Muslims And Moustazafeen Must Stand With The Anti-Zionist State Of The DPRK Against US-‘Israeli’ Aggression

by Jonathan Azaziah

Long live the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)! In the wake of the recent bellicosity against the Korean people by the Trump regime, all Muslims and Moustazafeen (oppressed people) generally should be standing with this frontline resistance state against any and all forms of aggression thrown at it by the American-‘Israeli’ Imperium. While the Zionist media will tell you that Kim Jong-un is a “mad dictator” who runs “slave labor camps” and that the DPRK itself is a “hermit kingdom” which “threatens global security”, such ignorant and baseless remarks are nothing but mere bursts of hasbara designed to obfuscate the roots of the “crisis” with the DPRK both past and present. The DPRK is nowhere near a dictatorship but a revolutionary socialist democracy which is led by the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) that has a membership of millions and which strives to implement its resistance project, the Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland (DFRF). Kim Jong-un is simply the leader of it. And while the WPK is certainly dominant, several parties work alongside it to govern the DPRK. Continue reading All Muslims And Moustazafeen Must Stand With The Anti-Zionist State Of The DPRK Against US-‘Israeli’ Aggression

Second Piece Of “Eternally Husseini” Promo Artwork Is Out: Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Only 59 days ’till “Eternally Husseini” explodes into your headphones like one of Ansarullah’s ballistic missiles!

Marking two years of Dönmeh Al-Saud’s aggression against Yemen, let’s raise our fists one time to honor the man who has guided the Yemeni people against the Zio-Imperialist scheme to divide their nation; the hero who has commandeered a powerful resistance movement which has already etched its place in the pantheon of counter-hegemonic strugglers for all-time: Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi. Fiery and eloquent, brilliant and wise, the leader of Ansarullah is as fearless as any moujahid currently on the battlefield defending Yemen against the Saudi-led invaders. He is a Soldier-Saint with a truly LIVING LEGEND status. Trained in the Muhammadi-Husseini-Zaydi sciences at the onset of his teenage years by his brother, the giant of giants Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi (R.A.), Sayyed Abdul Malik always had a passion for Islam, Anti-Imperialism and Palestine, which rests dearest and deepest in his heart. And when his blessed brother was martyred at the hands of the US-‘Israeli’-Saudi-backed Saleh regime in the first war launched by the Sanaa tyranny against the people of northern Yemen in ’04, he stepped in to lead the Houthis into their next phase. Like Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah taking over for Sayyed Abbas Moussawi (R.A.) and transforming Hizbullah into the powerhouse it is today, Sayyed Abdul al-Houthi made Ansarullah into a game-changing, region-shifting resistance organism from a ragtag group of fearsome guerilla fighters. But it was during Operation Scorched Earth that his transcendent essence was solidified. Al-Saud was mercilessly bombing Saada and hit the Al-Houthi family home. Al-Arabiya triumphantly proclaimed that Sayyed Abdul Malik was killed in the attack. But alas! Just days later, he popped up in an interview, wounded with his arm in a sling and some burns but little else, and he fiercely declared, “I am not dead o’ tyrants! I am alive and I am well! I carry the scars of your cowardly air raids with pride! Hear me! We will fight you ’till all of Arabia no longer knows your oppression!” The man was struck by the sickle of the angel of death and he walked away unscathed. The Lion of Dahyan indeed! Continue reading Second Piece Of “Eternally Husseini” Promo Artwork Is Out: Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi