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Third Piece Of “Eternally Husseini” Promo Artwork Is Out: Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

The march to “Eternally Husseini” continues! Only 54 days away now!

In the wake of Iraqi Islamic Resistance group Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba (HHN) forming the Golan Liberation Brigade, a very dear Iraqi-Syrian brother of mine said to me just the other day that never before has he been as proud to be Iraqi as he is right now. And I couldn’t agree more. That our dauntless moujahideen–who are already in the midst of fighting the merciless Takfiri enemy not only on our own soil but also across the western Iraqi border on multiple fronts in the Syrian Arab Republic–would make the strategic decision to put their best and brightest on the front lines of another arena in direct confrontation with the ‘Israeli’ enemy is a testament to their heroism, their Anti-Zionist vision, their love of martyrdom, their deep-rooted commitment to the path of Imam Hussein (A.S.) and their passion for the Palestinian cause. Leading HHN’s brave fighters of course is the one and only Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi. Rendered gorgeously and perfectly here by Mohammad Hamza aka Dr. Ever-Brill (founder of Intifada Street and my beloved brother), Harakat al-Nujaba’s fiery and exceptional chief is a moujahid paralleled by very, VERY few in the Ummah today. A son of Iraq’s fiercely Husseini and poverty-stricken Shi’a south, he began his revolutionary career as a student of Al-Shahid Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr. He was a rising star at the Hawza of Najaf al-Ashrad and completed his studies with the highest honors. Despite all his accolades however, he has always remained a humble servant beholden to the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W.) and Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) Continue reading Third Piece Of “Eternally Husseini” Promo Artwork Is Out: Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi

Trump Picks Up Where Bush, Obama And ISIS Left Off And Slaughters 250+ Iraqi Civilians In Mosul

by Jonathan Azaziah

Iraq bleeds and Donald J. Trump is he who inflicted the wound. Fresh off committing massacres and destroying infrastructure in Yemen and Syria, the Trump regime decided last week to engage in a little throwback “shock and awe” against the Iraqi people with a savage atrocity in the Jadida neighborhood of Mosul. In a series of barbaric air strikes, more than 250 civilians were slaughtered, including over 130 in a single building. Most of those murdered were women and children. What did Supercilious Orange’s generals say about the crime against humanity in the official CENTCOM report? They didn’t. Instead, they spun some pile of hasbara about “11 fighting positions” being bombed. Despicable. Continue reading Trump Picks Up Where Bush, Obama And ISIS Left Off And Slaughters 250+ Iraqi Civilians In Mosul

Iraq’s Harakat Al-Nujaba Forms Golan Liberation Brigade, ‘Israel’ Freaks Out With Air Raids And Takfiri Suicide Bombings

by Jonathan Azaziah

Something huge is afoot in the Zionist-occupied Golan Heights and the usurping ‘Israeli’ entity is in full-blown panic mode over it. On February 25th, Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba (HHN) Secretary-General Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi announced that the presence of Iraqi moujahideen on Syrian soil was not merely to defend holy Islamic shrines and battle Takfirism but to upend what he called the “‘Israeli’-designed roadmap for our region” which aimed to preserve Judaic hegemony and was being carried out with assistance from the American, Turkish and GCC ZOGs. And if it came down to it, the revolutionary Iraqi cleric continued, Harakat al-Nujaba was fully prepared to participate in a war to liberate the occupied Golan Heights alongside its brothers in the Syrian Arab Army if Damascus made the official request. Not even two weeks later, HHN’s spokesman Sayyed Hashim al-Moussawi announced that the movement had officially formed the Golan Liberation Brigade, units comprised of some of Iraq’s best-equipped, most well-trained and most battle-hardened fighters who had participated in victories over the Americans, the Brits and MossadDaesh. He reiterated Sheikh al-Kaabi’s declaration that the moment the Syrian Arab Republic gives the word, the Golan Liberation Brigade will spring into action and begin operations to take back from ‘Israel’ what is rightfully Syria’s. Continue reading Iraq’s Harakat Al-Nujaba Forms Golan Liberation Brigade, ‘Israel’ Freaks Out With Air Raids And Takfiri Suicide Bombings

ISIS Slaughters Dozens Of Iraqi Shi’a In A Busy Baghdad Market To Close Out 2016

by Jonathan Azaziah

Even on New Year’s Eve, Iraq has to tear at my heart strings… Because of course the Takfiri terrorist menace of ISIS had to carry out just one more massacre before 2016 came to a close. As Iraqis flocked to the busy Al-Sinak market in central Baghdad, gathering up food and gifts for year-end celebrations, two Daesh suicide bombers made their way into the huge crowds and then detonated their explosives-laden vests. At least 28 men, women and children, all Shi’a, were martyred and over 54 others were wounded in the blasts. Death toll, as usual, is expected to rise as city police and medics pull more bodies out of the rubble. There are so many, so, SO many, to direct our anger at: The killers themselves, for being so foolish to be tricked by the hateful, murderous, cultish doctrine of Wahhabism; the financiers of the killers in Riyadh, Doha and Kuwait City, for keeping the petro-cash flowing into terrorist coffers whilst claiming they stand against the very terror they fund; the masters of the killers in Washington, London and “Tel Aviv”, for keeping the P2OG and Gladio/B programs alive and well to keep Iraq in chaos; and the corrupt persons who should be preventing the killers from ever perpetrating such crimes, i.e. the Iraqi government, for failing time and time again to provide the people of the Iraqi capital with real security. Continue reading ISIS Slaughters Dozens Of Iraqi Shi’a In A Busy Baghdad Market To Close Out 2016

RIP Iraqi Moujahid Hussnayn al-Sa’adi: Nubl And Al-Zahra Will Never Forget Your Heroic Sacrifice

by Jonathan Azaziah

This is the story of martyred Iraqi moujahid Hussnayn al-Sa’adi of Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba, may he rest in power and in dignity and be appreciated by the Angels (A.S.) until the end of time. He was martyred in Syria on February 2nd, 2015 and it is a story that has never been told before up until now. The reason for writing it at this very moment in time is rather simplistic: We are in the midst of the first 10 days of the Muharram, that painful time when we relive the suffering of Imam Hussein (A.S.) and the Karbala 72, as well as reflect on how the sacrifices made on Youm al-Ashoura 680 A.D. (61 A.H.) affect us all today when thrown against the backdrop of the current geopolitical landscape. So what better time to recount the life of a Shahid as Husseini as Hussnayn al-Saadi than this one?! Born in Kufa and raised in Karbala, Hussnayn would begin his life as a moujahid at the tender age of 18 when the American-Zionist aggression was launched against Iraq. He joined the ranks of the Mahdi Army before heading towards Asa’ib Ahlul Haq and was known for his fiery demeanor, love of Palestine and passion for the Holy Qur’an, attributes which he put to good use on the battlefield, hyping up his fellow fighters in the confrontation against the invaders. Hussnayn would partake in liberating Basra from US-British occupation as well as several key battles in and around Baghdad. Continue reading RIP Iraqi Moujahid Hussnayn al-Sa’adi: Nubl And Al-Zahra Will Never Forget Your Heroic Sacrifice

Lebanese Shi’a In Dahiyeh Chant “We Are All Yemen!” In Response To Al-Saud’s Sanaa Funeral Massacre

by Jonathan Azaziah

Long live the resistant Lebanese Shi’a of Dahiyeh (Beirut’s Southern Suburbs)! In the middle of an Ashoura procession, news about Saudi Arabia’s massacre of 700+ Yemeni civilians at a Sanaa funeral came in over the wires and immediately thereafter, the ever-defiant people starting belting out “Koulina al-Yemen!”, which literally translates to “WE ARE ALL YEMEN!” Talk about being overwhelmed with the spirit of Imam Hussein (A.S.) and his late descendant Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi (R.A.)! There has been support for the Yemeni struggle against the Saudi regime from the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Iraqi Popular Mobilization, specifically from Harakat al-Nujaba chief Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi and Imam Ali (A.S.) Brigade Commander Abou Azrael. There has been backing from the Syrian Arab Republic, Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky of Nigeria and Palestine’s Islamic Jihad as well as the PFLP. But no people in the world have defended Yemen and raised their voices with eardrum-busting loudness for Ansarullah and the Yemeni people quite like the Lebanese and their heroic Mouqawamah. None. Continue reading Lebanese Shi’a In Dahiyeh Chant “We Are All Yemen!” In Response To Al-Saud’s Sanaa Funeral Massacre

The Unsung Heroes Of Iraq’s Harakat al-Nujaba Continue To Show They’ll Stand With Syria ‘Till The End

by Jonathan Azaziah

While we are currently in a “ceasefire” stage right now in Syria, a “ceasefire” mind you that isn’t worth the paper it’s written on and has already been violated something like five or six dozen times by the Wahhabi scourge since it went into effect this past Monday, the recent victory in Aleppo’s Al-Ramouseh District was a critical one. It was the Al-Ramouseh triumph in fact that pressured the American regime into finally accepting a “ceasefire”, as its Takfiri terrorist proxies had been soundly defeated and put on the brink of annihilation–and now the American regime is actively undermining the very “ceasefire” it agreed to, which shows you just how mental the goons running the Washington ZOG are. Nevertheless, noting how strategically important the liberation of Al-Ramouseh was (and is), it’s unfortunate that the heroic role of Iraqi Resistance organism Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba (HHN) has essentially been muted even among our own camp. Continue reading The Unsung Heroes Of Iraq’s Harakat al-Nujaba Continue To Show They’ll Stand With Syria ‘Till The End

Run Takfiris! Iraq’s Harakat Al-Nujaba Is Sending Over 2,000 Reinforcements To Aleppo!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Iraq stands shoulder-to-shoulder and back-to-back with Syria! Iraqi Resistance group Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba has announced it is sending over 2,000 moujahideen to assist the Syrian Arab Army and the Lebanese Islamic Resistance in the grand battle for Aleppo, once again showing that it remains more than capable of fighting on two fronts at once, as it is still actively engaged all over Iraq. Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi’s lions, who are trained by IRGC Quds Force Commander Qassem Suleimani and advised by Hizbullah, are no strangers to Halab; they have been a pivotal fighting force in Syria’s largest city and economic hub since the second year of World Zionism’s conspiracy against the Syrian Arab Republic. Hundreds of Harakat al-Nujaba’s warriors have fallen in Syria alone, and as Sheikh al-Kaabi said recently, “Beyond being ready for martyrdom in this struggle against the Takfiri mercenaries of the Great Satan [the American regime], the Kingdom of Jahiliyyah [Al-Saud] and the Little Satan [‘Israel’], we are in fact running towards it.” Masha’ALLAH. With such a mentality at the forefront, this fearlessness and love of martyrdom, what else can the Axis of Resistance be but victorious? My thoughts, my du’a and my heart are with these majestic, mighty men along with those courageous soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army and the angelic heroes of Hizbullah as they not only put their lives on the line for Bilad al-Sham, Bilad al-Rafidayn and our entire region, but really, every living creature on Earth.

Quds Force Chief Qassem Suleimani Is In Fallujah To Help Iraqis Smash Daesh

by Jonathan Azaziah

Look who’s in Fallujah! Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force Commander Major General Qassem Suleimani! A.K.A. “The Living Martyr”! A.K.A. “The Shadow Man”! A.K.A. “The Takfiri Annihilator”! A.K.A. “I Eat ‘Israelis’ For Breakfast”! A.K.A. “He Who Gives Not A Damn ‘Bout Zio-Imperialism”! To the left you’ll see Badr Organization chief Hadi Ameri, and to the right you’ll find my main man Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi, the Secretary-General of Harakat al-Nujaba, decked out in military fatigues! Suleimani is in Al-Anbar’s most restive region to finalize and subsequently lead the offensive to dislodge ISIS. The Quds Force leader spearheaded the first Iraqi victory over MossadDaesh in Jaref al-Sakher (‘Rocky Cliff’, which Iraqis now call Jaref al-Nasr, ‘Victory Cliff’), the liberation of Diyala Province, including the battle for the strategic city of Khanaqin, the freeing of Salah ad-Din Province, including the protection of Imam Hassan al-Askari’s (A.S.) shrine and various triumphs in and around Baghdad alongside martyred Hizbullah Commander Ali “Hajj Alaa Bosnia” Fayyad. Suleimani, typical of him, has also been an absolute genius in Syria, masterminding the whirlwind offensives in the southern Aleppo countryside, Latakia and elsewhere. Not that I doubted my brethren for a second–quite to the contrary actually–but knowing that Major General Suleimani is there among the Popular Mobilization Units provides a special kind of reassurance. With him by our side and guiding us like the cosmic force he is, the Iraqi Resistance will prevail over the Anglo-Zionist Empire’s Takfiri tools FOR SURE. Write it in the notebooks ladies and gentlemen, ‘cause it’s coming!

We Are One Hand! Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Converge On Fallujah

by Jonathan Azaziah

Heart is skippin’ beats in these wee hours of the morn’ as the Iraqi Mouqawamah converges on Fallujah. According to Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi, the stoic, ever-militant leader of Harakat al-Nujaba and one of our fiercest voices of truth, 13 groups of the Popular Mobilization Units are marching towards Al-Anbar’s most dangerous region and have besieged the desert city from 4 different directions. The Sheikh has elucidated that the moujahideen of the Resistance have established a security belt around the areas surrounding Al-Garmeh and have also asked Fallujah’s residents to depart the city as a means of granting a bit of ease to the coming assault. Typically, much of the Zionist-controlled MSM’s coverage on the battle in Al-Anbar, and Fallujah specifically, has centered around the false sectarian narrative of Sunnis being disturbed about Shi’a fighters entering “their” lands to fight MossadDaesh. This utterly despicable hasbara, fallacious and malicious in every way, (deliberately) negates the history of the Iraqi National Resistance’s battle with the US-UK-‘Israeli’ occupation. Continue reading We Are One Hand! Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Converge On Fallujah