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‘Israel’ Takes Down Russian Aircraft In Huge Attack On Syria To Derail Peace In Idlib, But Putin Doesn’t Blink

by Jonathan Azaziah

The ‘Israelis’ really done did it now, didn’t they? Flirting with WW3 like never before. After spending billions of dollars over the last several weeks across the Zionist media, telling the world that Baby-Seal-Clubbing, Puppy-Eating Assad was about to gas totally-vegan-completely-democratic-pro-LGBTQIA Al-Qaeda terrorists in Idlib–with chemical arms he doesn’t have, mind you–they were completely caught off-guard with a massive bombshell. Vladimir Putin had negotiated a demilitarization agreement with Neo-Ottoman “sultan” Erdogan, thus, at least in theory, averting a potential bloodbath in the last Takfiri-occupied city in Syria. The prospect of the war on the hardened Syrian battlefields finally being over proved too much for the voracious colonizers in “Tel Aviv”. They simply couldn’t bear seeing all of their miserable efforts, arming, training, financing and giving medical treatment to these Wahhabi mercenaries for nearly 8 years now being OFFICIALLY kaput.

Panicking, they mobilized, and in a throwback to the 1956 Tripartite Aggression against Egypt, they enlisted the help of an old ally: the French ZOG. France launched missiles from the Mediterranean to throw off Syria-Russian radar trajectories while the ‘Israelis’ went forward with a huge aerial assault, bombing Lattakia, Tartous, Hama and Homs all at once. As of now, at least two Syrian soldiers have been martyred and about a dozen others have been wounded. The most copious number of casualties however came from the Russian side. An Ilyushin IL-20 electronic surveillance plane was downed in the carnage and 15 Russian servicemen were murdered. ‘Israel’ decided to play a game of Yahoudling Roulette and used stealth tech to shadow the Russian vessel so when Syrian air defenses responded, they’d hit the Ilyushin IL-20 , not the ‘Israeli’ occupation air force’s murder-plane. And that’s exactly what happened. Continue reading ‘Israel’ Takes Down Russian Aircraft In Huge Attack On Syria To Derail Peace In Idlib, But Putin Doesn’t Blink