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The Yugoslavia War, Now 20 Years Old, Was A Product Of Jewish Warmonger Madeleine Albright’s Hate and Quest For Revenge

by Jonathan Azaziah

It’s been 20 years to the day since the merciless NATO bombing of Yugoslavia began under the “humanitarian intervention” pretext that would go on to serve as the foundation of the Orwellian liberal-imperialist doctrine known as “Responsibility to Protect (R2P)”. This 78-day criminal war led to the final breakup of Yugoslavia after nearly a decade of CIA-Mossad-Gladio 4th Generation Warfare, in which arms flowed to every side looking for a piece of the pie, and paved the way for the “Bulldozer Revolution” which would oust
Slobodan Milošević. That regime change operation was bankrolled by Zionist Jew George Soros, who would later arrogantly admit this fact, and Junk Bond Billionaire Zionist Jew Peter Ackerman. It also served as the blueprint for all like-similar destabilizations that would utilize Takfiri terrorists as shock troops while Western ZOGs provide the air power–Libya and Syria should come to mind. A bloodbath of historic proportions that ripped apart an ancient society. And there is one individual at the beating heart of it; a satanic succubus with a savage bloodlust. Indeed, the architect of Yugoslavia’s torment has a name: Madeleine Albright, who pursued and produced this conflict out of sheer, raging hatred for Serbians.

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Increased Soros Destabilization through the Appearance of “Micro-nations”

by Wayne Madsen, Strategic Culture

The appearance of a micro-nation called «Liberland» on the Croatian-Serbian border may indicate that the provocation and destabilization specialists funded by billionaire global troublemaker George Soros have discovered that the concept of micro-nations may serve as the latest tool for the further «Balkanization» of an overly-segmented Balkan peninsula. The appearance of small states championing libertarianism may also be a harbinger of greater involvement internationally by the deep-pocketed billionaire libertarian brothers, Charles and David Koch, who have done so much to corporatize government in the United States.

Czech national Vit Jedlicka has proclaimed the micro-nation of Liberland on unclaimed territory on the west bank of the Danube River between Croatia and Serbia but which is adjoined to Croatia by land. The parcel of land is not the only disputed territory arising from the collapse of the former Yugoslavia. Vukovar and Sarengrad islands in the Danube are also disputed territories, claimed by Croatia but occupied by Serbia. Continue reading Increased Soros Destabilization through the Appearance of “Micro-nations”

When Gentiles Say Things Only Jews Can: Serbian president urged to apologize for “Holocaust” remarks

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This one belongs in the “what’s good for the Jew ain’t good for the goyim” file. Despite the fact that Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic was nothing less than servile and fawning towards International Jewry on “Holocaust Remembrance Day”, or, more appropriately, “Worshiping The Glaring Falsities of The Holocrock Day”, he is still being taken to task by World Zionism and its fifth columns in his nation because he pointed out that National Socialism was opposed to the over-representation of Jews in influential sectors of German society. While he stands judged by the Jewish Power Configuration for “spreading stereotypes”, the fact of the matter is, he isn’t doing anything that hasn’t already been done by a rather prolific “Israeli”-Jewish author by the name of Amos Elon, whose book “The Pity of It All: A Portrait of Jews In Germany 1743 – 1933” documents how Jews rose up from “persecution” to become the culture-shaping elite of the elite in the German state. So apparently, it is perfectly okay for a Jew — and a Zionist occupier Jew at that — to point out Jewish prominence, wealth, influence and societal stardom in pre-Hitler Germany but it isn’t fine in any regard for a Gentile to do the same. This is reminiscent of Jewish supremacist and Zionist propagandist J.J. Goldberg saying that Jews can speak about Jewish prominence, wealth, influence and societal stardom in America, as long as it is done out of the “earshot of the goyim”. This open Gentile-hatred is rampant across Jewish communities throughout the world and it is further enforced by Gentiles kowtowing to Jewish-Zionist power structures and refusing to engage in discourses that may be offensive to the sensitivities of the “chosenite” elite. The silence and subservience that prevail even in the most radical circles “for the fear of the Jews” must come to an end, as the Orwellian state of affairs the world finds itself in will only get worse as this cowardice deepens. It’s simple: How can we triumph over our oppressors if we won’t even call out our oppressors by name?? Not only should the Serbian president openly reject any apology, he should retract his other pathetic comments, for not doing so only makes Serbia look like a broken nation, one that hasn’t recovered from the Jewish-Zionist-Imperialist war that destroyed it and its other Yugoslav counterparts in the 1990s. When more and more Gentiles begin shaking off the “don’t offend the Jews” shackles and start talking overtly about historical revisionism, false flags and the hateful, supremacist, satanic and cult-ritualistic nature of Judaism , then, and only then, will the Matrix of Might built by the Zionist octopus be torn asunder. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading When Gentiles Say Things Only Jews Can: Serbian president urged to apologize for “Holocaust” remarks

Russia and Serbia need cultural de-colonization, Emir Kusturica says

DRVENGRAD, Western Serbia, January 26 /TASS/. Well-known Serbian film director, Emir Kusturica, said on Monday that Russian and Serbian film industries needed to undergo “cultural de-colonization” and get rid of Hollywood influence.

“Russia has never been anybody’s colony but Hollywood has managed to colonize it. Colonization is a dangerous thing. When a Russian film starts looking like an American picture, it’s really funny because it stops being Russia but it never becomes American,” Kusturica said in an interview with TASS given on the sidelines of the 8th International Film Festival “Kustendorf” which Kusturica has founded. Continue reading Russia and Serbia need cultural de-colonization, Emir Kusturica says