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Contrary To US Denials, Yes, The American ZOG Is Responsible For Yemeni Civilian Deaths

by Jonathan Azaziah

Don’t know whether to gut-laugh or vomit over this one. The United States says it isn’t responsible for civilian deaths in Yemen. Reminders are usually immensely rooted in tedium but in this instance, they are most certainly an imperative.

This is the same American regime that backed Ali Abdullah Saleh’s tyrannical regime for three decades, including his six brutal wars on Ansarullah and the people of northern Yemen. This is the same Washington ZOG that has been drone bombing Yemenis to death–originally conceived by top Jewish supremacist operator Joseph Lieberman–for the last six years. This is the same filthy Zionist-Imperialist brigade centered in that White House of Death whose ambassador, Zionist hellspawn Gerald M. Feierstein, ran Yemen like a dictator and advocated partitioning Yemen under the Oded Yinon guidelines before ushering in the Saudi-Emirati-backed rule of puppet Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. And yes, this is the same Empire of Mass Murder that has given unlimited support to the House of Saud in its current aggression against Yemen. Continue reading Contrary To US Denials, Yes, The American ZOG Is Responsible For Yemeni Civilian Deaths

Death To The Zionist-Serving, Saudi-Owned Sisi Regime In Cairo

by Jonathan Azaziah


I rhymed about this tyrant for my 2014 debut “Enemy Of The Entity” in a joint called “F*** The Pharaoh”. I took a shot at him on my July 2015 record “Son of Kufa Vol. 1: Rise Of The Anomaly” in my single “Counter-Hegemony”. Ripped the despot once more for the new album, “Felicity Of The Oppressed”, in a gem called “Pharaoh Must Go”. Done numerous Mouqawamah Music Mask of Zion Report programs on him for The Ugly Truth. None of it is enough though. This despotic devil cannot be condemned, insulted, torn apart and verbally assaulted enough. Continue reading Death To The Zionist-Serving, Saudi-Owned Sisi Regime In Cairo

#CultureOfResistance Is Visceral In Yemen

by Jonathan Azaziah

“I wanna be just like you when I grow up.”

‪#‎CultureOfResistance‬ is so visceral in the people of ‪#‎Yemen‬ that it is embedded in the very fabric of their being, from children like this little warrior here all the way up to the lions of Ansarullah crushing the Saudi regime daily on the battlefield. One of the greatest manifestations of this Mouqawamah Consciousness is the love for Hizbullah and Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, expressed passionately in the antiquated land once known as Saba with supreme frequency in homes, on streets and everywhere in between. And there ain’t a damn thing Al-Saud and its Amreeki-Sahyouni backers can do to diminish it.

Ansarullah’s Spectacular Humiliation Of Al-Saud Continues

by Jonathan Azaziah

Hahahaha! The absolutely spectacular humiliation of the demented, bloodthirsty, Zionist Saudi regime in ‪#‎Yemen‬ continues. I love it! Ansarullah’s Missile Unit launched a Toshka ballistic projectile at Al-Saud’s Mass military camp in Jawf Province, obliterating at least 70 GCC mercenaries, wounding well over 100 more and engulfing the whole damn gathering of Wahhabi invaders in fire. When the Yemeni Resistance’s rockets rain, enemy forces gon’ end up in lots of pain! Don’t like it Saudi scum?! Then get the hell outta Yemen and stay the hell outta Yemen!

Promise To The Blind (Moustafa’s Song), F.O.T.O. Single #3, Is Out!

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

I am ecstatic to share with y’all “Promise To The Blind (Moustafa’s Song)”, the third single off my ‪#‎Yemen‬ album Felicity Of The Oppressed. This joint is dedicated to the undaunted, unbroken blind Yemenis, specifically 6-year old Moustafa Abed al-Bari, of Al-Nour Center For The Care and Rehabilitation Of The Blind in Sanaa, which was bombed by the demonic House of Saud in the first week of January earlier this year. I couldn’t have done this without my incredible engineer and dear homie Payday Monsanto, who mixed and mastered the gem gorgeously, my brother-in-arms Naveed Khanverse, whose powerful and heartfelt second verse is among the best bars he’s ever penned, and most especially, the beautiful, brilliant and ever-Mouqawamistic Sarah Abdallah, who gave me every piece of information on Moustafa and the people of Al-Nour she could track down in the Arabic press–which was particularly difficult as not many places reported about this atrocity–that I would ultimately utilize for my own lyrical storm on the track. Madd love to all y’all, we did something really special here. So without anymore delay, and as I’ve grown accustomed to saying, LET IT KNOCK:

Ansarullah Is The Transcendence Of Heroism

by Jonathan Azaziah

Seeing Saudi soldiers get beaten to a bloody pulp by Ansarullah on every front in ‪#‎Yemen‬ is just damn GLORIOUS. All these dead maggots of Al-Saud truly warm the heart… Like hot chocolate on a blustery wintry night, don’t they?! Continue reading Ansarullah Is The Transcendence Of Heroism

Yemen: Fury Is Boiling Over The Top After Watching This

by Jonathan Azaziah

Fury is boiling over the top after watching this. Fuck you Al-Saud. Fuck you Obama. Fuck you Cameron and Hollande. Fuck you Netanyahu and all your bacteria-like Mossadniks. Fuck you Hadi and your traitorous cronies. And fuck you “Arabs” and “Muslims” for acting like you weren’t born with vocal chords and tongues that permitted you to speak on behalf of those oppressed people whose voices have been drowned out. May all of you rot. The collapse of the world more generally and the Ummah most especially in coming to the aid of ‪#‎Yemen‬ and standing up to Saudi Arabia for its abominable crimes will go down in history as one of humanity’s greatest failures. Long live the Yemeni people for their incomparable steadfastness in spite of so much worldwide apathy, duplicity and cowardice.

In Yemen, True Love Really Does Conquer All

by Jonathan Azaziah

In ‪#‎Yemen‬, true love really does conquer all. Death and destruction, massacres and mayhem, bombs and bullets, slaughter and slithery Saudi serpents, none of it puts a dent in the fierce, unbreakable Will To Live and the beautiful, unshakable Will To Love of these incredible, valiant humans.

Al-Saud Is Buying Zionist Drones Via South Africa To Use Against Yemen

by Jonathan Azaziah

#‎DEATHTOISRAEL‬ and ‪#‎DEATHTOSAUD‬! I never get tired of saying that 😀

Al-Saud’s purchase of ‘Israeli’ drones through a South African proxy shouldn’t be seen as an isolated incident of particularly vile collaboration, nor some sort of shocking development that popped up randomly. Continue reading Al-Saud Is Buying Zionist Drones Via South Africa To Use Against Yemen

Yemen Battlefield Math And Blatant Saudi Lies

by Jonathan Azaziah

Let’s do some ‪#‎Yemen‬ battlefield math, shall we? Read carefully and follow me closely here!

The lying Saudi regime, taking cover-up tactics right from its best homie the lying Zionist entity, says about 300 of its forces have been killed since it began the aggression against the Yemeni people. But yet, in Al-Saud’s failed offensive in Hajjah’s Midi District earlier this week all by its lonesome, Ansarullah, doing it MADD BIG like always, wiped out over 450 Saud-led invaders during a 72-hour period. In the Houthis’ Missile Unit’s very first Toshka ballistic missile strike back in September 2015, over 300 Wahhabi Dark Kingdom-led troops were murked out the frame. Then we have the secretive but nevertheless tremendously reliable Twitter activist Mujtahid who revealed in December that around 2,000 Saudi cowards had been sent to Jahannam in Yemen. There is also fugitive stooge prime minister Khaled Bahah who wrote a report in February of this year that documented 1,600 Saudi scumbags were killed just in Ta’iz by itself. Additionally, there is Fars News of course, which has meticulously tracked the achievements of the Yemeni Resistance from day one, reporting just last month that Ansarullah and its allies had neutralized over 4,000 Saudi devils on the ground, including 178 commanders, not to mention hundreds (probably over 1,000) of demonic Emirati forces too. Continue reading Yemen Battlefield Math And Blatant Saudi Lies