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Turkey Coup Conspiracy Deepens: More US Connections and Saudi/Emirati Role Exposed

by Jonathan Azaziah

Wherever the American regime and the genocidal Zionist entity are engaging in skullduggery anywhere in the world, the Saudi Kingdom of Darkness and its UAE partner are usually right around the corner. And now thanks to Mujtahidd, the infamous Saudi “royal” Twitter activist with a secret identity who has exposed many gruesome private tidbits about his monarchical kin, we know this is true for Turkey too. According to the Najdi whistleblower, Saudi Deputy “Crown Prince” Muhammad bin Salman was provided with advanced knowledge of the coup against Erdogan by Muhammad bin Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, the “Crown Prince” of Abu Dhabi. This would explain PERFECTLY why Al-Arabiya and Asharq al-Awsat–which has actually been going after Erdogan for weeks now–among other Saudi mouthpiece channels and papers, as well as Sky News Arabic, the mouthpiece of the Emirati autocrats, were jovially celebrating the Turkish Armed Forces’ attempted putsch. This would also explain PERFECTLY why Egyptian tyrant Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, the butcher of Yemenis and besieger of Palestinians, didn’t merely rail against “Sultan” Recep but blocked a UN resolution to condemn the coup. Such a move by Sisi, an absolute minion of Al-Saud and Al-Nahyan’s petrodollars, could not (and would not) have been made without full coordination between the Egyptian, Saudi and Emirati foreign ministries. In layman’s terms, the Wahhabi despots in Riyadh and the UAE are blitzing Erdogan with full force on the media and political/diplomatic fronts, including through their paid clients like Sisi. Continue reading Turkey Coup Conspiracy Deepens: More US Connections and Saudi/Emirati Role Exposed