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The Lebanese Victims of Shimon Peres Will Have Justice When Hizbullah Liberates The Galilee

by Jonathan Azaziah

When people think of Shimon Peres aka Szymon Perski, almost immediately they painfully remember the Lebanese children butchered at the UN compound in Qana on April 18th, 1996. It was one of those displays of Zionist savagery that can never be scrubbed from one’s mind, no matter how thorough the cleaning. Bodies charred to space-like blackness. Frozen and statuesque. Stills of fathers and mothers screaming at the bits and pieces of flesh that were once their beautiful, vibrant babies. And while those young martyrs were indeed avenged when the Lebanese Islamic Resistance brought the barbaric 22-year Zionist occupation of Lebanon to an end on that glorious 25th day of May in 2000, there is an even greater avenging still on the table that Hizbullah’s moujahideen are awaiting to take whenever the call comes down. Continue reading The Lebanese Victims of Shimon Peres Will Have Justice When Hizbullah Liberates The Galilee

Eid Al-Adha Mubarak To The Forces, Nations And Peoples Of Resistance

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Eid al-Adha Mubarak to all, as well as your families, friends and beloveds, with a special Eid al-Adha Mubarak to the forces, nations and peoples of Resistance whose triumphs not only give us inspiration to do more and do better, but hope to fight on through what is undoubtedly the darkest time in humanity’s history, in which Earth’s Most Evil are globe holders and globe molders, and because of their transhistorical hubris proliferating due to their unprecedented wealth, power and influence, our globe smolders. But we have extinguishers, masha’ALLAH, and they, through their resistance, have given this filth the cold shoulder! It is they who we honor today as we celebrate Prophet Ibrahim’s (A.S.) selflessness and Prophet Isma’il (A.S.) transcending bravery’s peaks via his embracing of the prospect of martyrdom in the name of Islam; it is this spiritual heroism, embedded in the DNA of Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) and its followers, that we are witnessing today regionwide despite the otherworldly caliber of International Zionism’s oppression. Continue reading Eid Al-Adha Mubarak To The Forces, Nations And Peoples Of Resistance

Coming In November 2016: Madd Cold and Iron Galaxy – “Eternally Husseini”

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Ladies and gentlemen. Brothers and sisters. I am proud to announce that my next album, “Eternally Husseini”, a Shiacentric, Hip-Hop magnum opus of Islamic Resistance against World Zionism and celebration of our peoples’ glorious struggles, is deep in the works and set for release sometime in November. When I first joined social media a few months ago, I had no idea I would connect with so many beautiful, dexterous, courageous people ’round the globe. Chief among these links is my dear, dear brother Xayne Hammad aka Iron Galaxy, who will be producing the entire album and who is among the most gifted, off-the-wall and absolutely bananas beat-makers I’ve ever heard in my 17 years on the microphone. Nothing sampled. Just him and all his brilliance. The music that sun has made for this record has brought some of the best bars out of me that I’ve ever penned. Xayne has never blessed another MC with even a single track because to be frank, most MCs, especially the so-called “revolutionary” ones, are garbage, cowards, sellouts or a combination of the three. But still, to have him knocking out 15 joints on this thing, is an extraordinary honor for me. Continue reading Coming In November 2016: Madd Cold and Iron Galaxy – “Eternally Husseini”

Dr. Assad, A True Man Of The People, Breaks Fast With SAA In Eastern Ghouta

by Jonathan Azaziah

This is why I love Dr. Bashar al-Assad. The Syrian President is pictured here breaking the fast in Eastern Ghouta with the brave soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army. Syria’s head of the state, on one of the most volatile battlefields in the country, eating with his men, during Islam’s Holiest Month, and not a drop of fear in his aura! Beautiful! To hell with the Zionist media’s filthy, fallacious depiction of him as an “autocrat disconnected from his ‘subjects'”; to hell with the “radical leftist” portrayal of him as a “dictator hated by the people” with a “cult of personality” and a “sycophantic inner circle” surrounding him ; to hell with it all. In blatant contradiction of such unhinged, US-State-Dept-originated Zioganda, the Lion of Damascus is a true man of the people who loves and supports the Syrian citizenry and its armed forces as much as they love and support him. Could a national military wage an unconventional war against Empire-backed Takfiri terrorism for over half a decade if the nation’s leader was a maniacal despot who raped and pillaged his own people for his own selfish aims, among them pure bloodthirsty kicks and giggles? Would nearly 90% of Syrians vote for a man in an internationally-administered democratic election if he was an insulated megalomaniac who didn’t have their interests, i.e. the eradication of the aforementioned Empire-backed terrorism, the preservation of their nation’s ancient pluralism and the defense of its sovereignty, at heart? Of course not. Continue reading Dr. Assad, A True Man Of The People, Breaks Fast With SAA In Eastern Ghouta

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah: Comet Of Mouqawamah

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Sun don’t shine like you shine, nor does the moon
Nor do the stars, you’re just so awesome and smooth
Every time we see you, our raw love for ya just soars up like hordes of balloons
It must be that smile, so incandescent!
More innocent than a child, it’s in your essence!
So gorgeous and cool
You’re attacked from all sides by all sorts of buffoons
But none of ‘em can touch you with their sedition and darkness
You’re Resistance incarnate
And they’re all just boors, thugs and goons
Your Party is ALLAH’s
And these agents of the Satan are shoddy with their barbs
Challenging you will get enemies smashed into sawdust granules
A warrior second to none, we’re in awe watching your verbal sword crush the tools
Ya Nasrallah! More outta this world than phenomenal Andromeda
Ya Abou Hadi! Comet of Mouqawamah!
It’s beyond the realm of an honor to hear your words roar, rush and zoom
Our Sayyed! Inspiration galore, your fire and Nour just consume
Sacrifice our lives for you, we’ll happily take every gore, cut and wound
‘Cause you mean everything to us, the living, breathing embodiment of Pure, Just and True

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Is “Hayhat Minna Zilla!” In The Flesh

by Jonathan Azaziah

Ain’t nuffin’ like Jummah with Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. The way he speaks about Yemen and its heroic Resistance led by Ansarullah is unlike any other; the way he speaks about the undaunted Syrian Arab Republic is unlike any other; the way he safeguards the Palestinian people and the Palestinian cause is unlike any other; the way he courageously and eloquently crushes Al-Saud and its treacherous Takfiri vassals into dust–“Illa ta7een!” as Iraqi Resistance leader Abou Azraeel likes to say :D–every thunderous time he speaks is unlike any other; the way he protects the mighty Islamic Republic of Iran is unlike any other; HE is unlike any other. It’s not just wondrous to live in the same era as this hero, this Prince of Mouqawamah, this living legend; it’s a true honor. No leader in the modern history of the Arab-Islamic world inspires the hope and feeling of imminent victory like Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. In a region annihilated by the US-Zionist-orchestrated ‘Arab Spring’, which not only left countries and regimes in ruin but too many intellectuals and activists whose true colors were exposed as well, the Hizbullah Secretary-General stands alone as the mountain unmoved by the earthquake. Nasrallah is Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) famous saying, “Hayhat minna zilla! (Us, humiliated?! Never, ever!)”, in the flesh. ALLAH ye7mi ya Rab. And if I love him this much as a mere Iraqi-American, I can’t even imagine how much he is loved by the beautiful and righteous Lebanese, those sons and daughters of Resistance who gave new meaning to the words heroics, steadfastness, triumph and liberation; those sons and daughters who were liberated by the Sayyed’s promises manifesting at the pure, unbroken hands of Hizbullah’s moujahideen. May this beautiful, bright-faced warrior outlive us all. Labaykah ya Nasrallah! Labaykah ya Abou Hadi! ‪#‎LongLiveHizbullah‬ ‪#‎LongLiveSayyedNasrallah‬ ‪#‎JummahMubarak‬

No Fear Of ISIS! Millions March To Mark Martyrdom Of Imam Kazim (A.S.)

by Jonathan Azaziah

Allahu Akbar! The soldiers and lovers of Imam Moussa al-Kazim (A.S.) ain’t afraid of you ISIS! Millions, uh-huh, MILLIONS of Iraqi and foreign pilgrims converged on Kazimiyeh today to mark the 1,217th martyrdom anniversary of Ibn Jaafar al-Sadiq (A.S.), the 7th Shi’a Imam, in a powerful message to the Mossad-CIA-created terrorists of Daesh that their car bombs, suicide attacks and heinous sectarian violence don’t mean a damn thing to the Godwary. Indeed, one pilgrim from the Iraqi province of Babil, 32-year old Muhammad Nayif, bravely declared, “This pilgrimage represents a defeat of terrorism. We have no fear of the explosions and nothing will stop us.” Zionist Jews and their Wahhabi counterparts worldwide must be melting down as they watch the entirety of the Iraqi capital, as well as other parts of the ancient land once known as Mesopotamia, get engulfed with gallant souls angelically marching for what they believe in, totally undaunted by Zio-Imperialism’s Takfiri thugs. The faith, courage and steadfastness of these gorgeous humans is simply impossible to measure. Told y’all we’d never abandon the Imam! Subhan’ALLAH, I love my brethren! #LongLiveIraq #DeathToDaesh #YaImamMoussaAlKazim


Today’s Parliamentary Elections In Syria Must KILL The US-‘Israeli’ Empire

by Jonathan Azaziah

Scenes like this have to KILL Erdogan, Davutoglu, Salman, Washington, “Tel Aviv”, the Qatari tyrant and the Takfiris too; like swords driven right through their blackened hearts. For over five years, these forces of malevolence have all tried to make sure that this man’s presidency came to an end; that the actual, working, bright democratic process of the pluralistic Syrian Arab Republic would be destroyed and subsequently replaced with a Wahhabi puppet regime subservient to ‘Israel’. Instead, Dr. Bashar al-Assad, First Lady Asma and the Syrian people continue fighting and pushing for an end to the Zionist-designed Takfiri war on their nation with all their might. Today’s parliamentary elections–in which the voter turnout was “remarkably high” according to Syrian officials, so high that polls had to be kept open until midnight in fact–are merely one facet of this Syrian steadfastness that goes hand-in-hand with the ongoing victorious military struggle led by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies throughout the nation. With leaders and people as righteous as these, colonialism will NEVER return to Bilad al-Sham and “Greater Israel” will NEVER come to flourish in Damascus. ‪#‎LongLiveSyria‬

syrian elections collage

Defying ISIS, Iraqi Children Rise From Destruction To Become Men

by Jonathan Azaziah

Pictured here is a little Iraqi boy driving his family to safety out of Takfiri-occupied Heet in Al-Anbar.

US-Zionist-Saudi-created ISIS may steal and destroy the childhoods of Iraq’s youth, but rising from the ruins are strong, defiant men who will become the defenders of our homeland and the architects of its future. Gotta be that ancient Iraqi resilience!

Yemeni Tribal Fighters Ambush Saudi Army in Najran, Kill Senior Officer

A group of Yemeni tribal fighters penetrated the border with KSA and moved into Najran dam where it ambushed a Saudi military patrol, killing a senior officer and a number of soldiers.

The tribal fighters, then, returned to their bases in the Yemeni bordering area despite the Saudi intense bombardment. Continue reading Yemeni Tribal Fighters Ambush Saudi Army in Najran, Kill Senior Officer