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Never Call Qaboos “Neutral” Again: Oman Joins Al-Saud’s Genocidal War On Yemen

by Jonathan Azaziah

Time to put the Omani regime on the “DEATH TO…” list as well. Very quietly and very sneakily, right at the end of 2016, the corrupt tyrant in Muscat joined the Saudi regime’s genocidal war on the Yemeni people. Those that praised “Sultan” Qaboos for his “neutrality” on Yemen were either engaging in naïveté or sheer ignorance of history. Qaboos, a despicable Anglophile, an agent of corruption and according to more than one source, a decadent, degenerate homosexual, has always been an enemy of the Moustazafeen. It was Qaboos who worked with MI6 to overthrow his father Said Bin Taimur in 1970 in the midst of a righteous rebellion led by PFLOAG, the Popular Front For The Liberation Of The Arabian Gulf. He subsequently handed over the reins of Omani foreign policy to his masters in the British colonialist regime. London, fully in control of Muscat, sent in thousands of forces, and its new puppet Qaboos, called in military support from his friend Muhammad Reza Pahlavi, the despot who ruled over Tehran for nearly three decades with an iron fist and full Western-‘Israeli’ support. With the assistance from Union Jack and then-collaborationist Tehran, Qaboos crushed the revolutionary insurgency in 1976 and upheld his illegitimate rule. Continue reading Never Call Qaboos “Neutral” Again: Oman Joins Al-Saud’s Genocidal War On Yemen

After The Revocation Of Ayatollah Qassem’s Citizenship, Bahrainis Must Finally Take Up Arms

by Jonathan Azaziah

The Bahraini tyrants’ revocation of Ayatollah Issa al-Qassem’s citizenship needs to be seen in a greater historical context. Contrary to the deplorably sectarian statement released by the Khalifa regime’s Interior Ministry of Repression and Savagery, Bahrain’s highest-ranking spiritual authority was in fact born in the village of Diraz, just outside of Manama, and is thus as indigenous to Bahrain as the Dragon Blood Tree is indigenous to Yemen’s Socotra. The Khalifa despots on the other hand, like their toxic Wahhabi counterparts in Riyadh, are from Najd and have been ruling illegitimately over the Shi’a majority of the tiny Arab island for more than two centuries. Thus, they aren’t Bahraini and never have been. Continue reading After The Revocation Of Ayatollah Qassem’s Citizenship, Bahrainis Must Finally Take Up Arms

Globalized Yemen, F.O.T.O Single #4, Is Out!

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Alhamdulillah. “Globalized Yemen”, the fourth and final single off my ‪#‎Yemen‬ album Felicity Of The Oppressed, is now available. Hard to describe how proud I am of this song and how much it means to me, as it was produced by my late homie Jamal Dubois (Metal Gear Solid), one of the last beats he made prior to passing almost nine years ago. Could never bring myself to write a full piece to it, scribbling only various things over the years, because it was too painful but after hearing it in the midst of the Saudi aggression against Yemen, the words just gushed out like a lava stream from a volcano. It’s a flat-out epic instrumental and it brought the lyrical best out of me. This joint exemplifies everything that Ansarullah and the Yemeni people are and just how important their struggle is in a worldwide context. The Houthis and their comrades are like the Algerians who fought French colonialism, the DPRK, the Palestinian Resistance, Hizbullah, the Vietnamese Resistance, the Iraqi Mouqawamah, the Iranian revolutionaries led by Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini (R.A.) and more. They all get shouted out here… Even got some 9/11 truth on the joint! Barely anybody is speaking about Yemen, its suffering and its victories, but that doesn’t matter… ‘Cause Haqq is Haqq and it is beyond critical for the triumphs of the Yemeni people to be globalized. So… Y’all know the deal. Throw it in your whips or your ‘phones and let it BLAST like a Striking Star missile!