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Black-Hating ‘Israeli’ Rabbi Practices Circumcision On African Refugee Babies And Calls It “Holy Work”

by Jonathan Azaziah

‘Israelis’ really are the filthiest, most deplorable creatures on the face of this planet, aren’t they? War criminal, terrorist and baby-killer Menachem Begin infamously referred to Palestinians as “beasts walking on two legs” but as the case is with most of the vileness the Jewish supremacist cancer and its stalwarts accuse Arabs, Muslims and Gentiles of, he is projecting. It is in fact the ‘Israelis’ who are the “beasts walking on two legs” and the following revelation is the umpteenth confirmation of it. Rabbi Eliyahu Asulin, a mohel–i.e. Jewish circumcision practitioner–“from” the criminal settlement called Hadera (one of the earliest Zionist colonies), is sending his students around the ’48 lands to PRACTICE circumcision on the children of Ethiopian and Sudanese refugees. According to Asulin himself, he and his motley crew of genital-mutilating monsters have performed thousands of these cuts and he considers it “holy work”. And Asulin has been caught on camera calling African asylum-seekers “cannon fodder” as well as referring to Sudanese specifically as “the worst. They’re as black as natives.” Scariest of all? Asulin isn’t the only rabbinical ravager doing this. There are countless others. Continue reading Black-Hating ‘Israeli’ Rabbi Practices Circumcision On African Refugee Babies And Calls It “Holy Work”

Syrian Women’s Basketball League Photos Are A Blow To The Global Anti-Syria Propaganda Campaign

by Jonathan Azaziah

The photos released today of the Syrian Women’s Basketball League shouldn’t merely be commented on because of beautiful women — and no doubt that Bilad al-Sham, from Aleppo’s northern tip to gorgeously resistant Bint Jbeil and everywhere in between, is home to the most radiant women on Earth 🙂 <3 –engaging in a game that isn’t allowed in areas of Syria occupied by the backwards, barbaric, bloodthirsty Takfiris, i.e. exposing the dichotomy between secular Syrian rule and the murderous intolerance of British-spawned, Judaically-derived Wahhabism. Nor should the pictures be spread solely due to the ethno-sectarian makeup of the players–Sunni, Shi’a, Druze, Alawi, as well as Armenian and Assyrian Christians–which vibrantly shows the Syrian Arab Republic’s incandescent pluralism. Both points are equally valid and critical to make note of but these women–and the actual game that they passionately play–represent something far bigger: A massive blow to the ongoing global propaganda campaign against Syria, its people, its president and its army. Because as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has said repeatedly, the media war against Damascus is even bigger than the military war, so images like this constitute something equivalent to game-changing battlefield advancement in Aleppo, Hama or the Syrian capital on the war-front of information. Continue reading Syrian Women’s Basketball League Photos Are A Blow To The Global Anti-Syria Propaganda Campaign

US, ‘Israel’ Become Takfiris’ Air Force And Commit Heinous Atrocities Against The Syrian Arab Army

by Jonathan Azaziah

If your blood is not curdling and boiling to temperatures only surpassed by Earth’s core over Syria right now, you must not be human. The usurping Zionist entity has bombed the occupied Golan Heights again, martyring one Syrian Arab Army soldier, while the US ZOG has iniquitously massacred over 100 SAA soldiers and wounded dozens more in Deir Ezzor. On both fronts, the aggressors attempted to pave the way for their Takfiri proxies to strategically advance. This is the very first time we see the US and ‘Israel’ working together in an OVERT military manner against an Arab nation. Of course the collusion has always been there. In Iraq during the ’90-’91 Gulf War, there was a small, quiet contingent of filthy Zionist forces which participated in the carnage, including none other than ‘Israeli’ terrorist “royal” Rahm Emanuel. And then in Iraq during ’03 invasion, the ‘Israeli’ involvement against Iraq was vast, with thousands of Mossad agents terrorizing the Iraqi people with car bombs as IOF, Aman and Mossad advisors, at the behest of neocons Wolfowitz, Feith, Perle and Shulsky, trained US occupation forces in torture techniques used on Palestinians and Lebanese. Continue reading US, ‘Israel’ Become Takfiris’ Air Force And Commit Heinous Atrocities Against The Syrian Arab Army

Syria’s Downing Of ‘Israeli’ Warplane, Drone, Is Yet Another Confirmation Of Its Anti-Zionist Identity

by Jonathan Azaziah

Alf mabrouk to the Syrian Arab Army in Quneitra for clipping the wings of an ‘Israeli’ terrorist jet as well as an ‘Israeli’ terrorist drone! Die of rage Zionist swine, nobody believes your lies! This follows a distinct Syrian Anti-Zionist pattern going back decades. Syria’s national army has been fighting off a Wahhabi-Takfiri insurgency that is politically, financially, militarily, logistically and even medically backed by the usurping Jewish supremacist tumor for the last five years; this terrorist onslaught is the culmination of thirty years of strategic ‘Israeli’ planning that started with Operation Oranim and Oded Yinon’s “Strategy For ‘Israel’ In The 1980s”, before culminating with “Clean Break” in ’96 and the policy papers of PNAC during the reign of the Zio-puppet Bush Junior. Today, Syria, led by President Dr. Bashar al-Assad, resists Operation Oranim 2.0, and thus, every terrorist sent to hell, EVERY SINGLE ONE, is a blow against the illegitimate, artificial Zionist entity. It is Syria that has provided the “most valuable weapons” to both the Lebanese and Palestinian Mouqawamah, and this battlefield reality comes straight from the righteous tongue of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. Syrian special forces also played a monumental role in smuggling weapons to the Palestinian Resistance in besieged Gaza alongside Hizbullah and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. There of course is the ’73 October War of Liberation, in which the Syrian Arab Republic, under the wise leadership of Hafez al-Assad (R.A.), regained part of its illegally occupied Golan Heights (Al-Jaulan) and would’ve retaken every inch if it wasn’t for collaborator Anwar Sadat’s notorious betrayal and the subsequent intervention by Jewish-Zionist war criminal Henry Kissinger.

And in what is one of the least-known truths of history vis-à-vis the Arab struggle against cancerous ‘Israel’, it was the steadfast, dauntless, selfless Syrian Arab Army that gave at least 1,500 martyrs in defense of Beirut when the Zionist occupation army invaded Lebanon for the second time in 1982. Syrian soldiers held the line and prevented ‘Israeli’ usurpers from conquering the Lebanese capital, a key ‘Israeli’ military objective at the time which none other than Ariel Sharon hoped would pave the way not only for a total Zionist takeover of Lebanon, but also a follow-up “regime change” operation to overthrow the Senior Lion of Damascus. There is NO Arab army like the Syrian Arab Army. Not one. Syria’s defenders have achieved victory both directly and by extension via their support for Hizbullah and the Falasteeni Resistance and given rivers of blood for their own land, for Lebanon, for Palestine and for our entire region in the battle against ‘Israel’, the only Arab national military ever to hold such a distinction. Truly, the Syrian Arab Army is Anti-Zionism made flesh. So FUCK YOU to each and every pundit, “analyst”, commentator, “journalist” and “Palestine Solidarity Movement” activist who still continue to bark about the “Assad regime” having “never fired a single bullet at ‘Israel'” in light of all this history. FUCK YOU twice, you damn liars, and your wack-ass excuse of an existence too.

Salute To Alaeddine Ghassoun, Syrian Boxer Who Rejects Normalizing With ‘Israel’

by Jonathan Azaziah

A thousand Striking Star Salutes to Syrian light heavyweight boxer Alaeddine Ghassoun. This young lion, in a display of why Syria is SO beautiful and such an inspiration to all resisting peoples across the globe, today refused to participate in the World Boxing Championship qualifiers in Azerbaijan because his opponent was an ‘Israeli’. Contrast Alaeddine’s gorgeous display of dignity and categorical Anti-Zionism with the “Palestine Solidarity Movement” activists who have not only openly betrayed Syria in favor of the head-chopping “Syrian revolutionaries”, but who regularly meet with ‘Israeli’ settlers and Western Zionists as a means of cementing “peace” and “dialogue”; it’s like night and day. Not even playin’, Mr. Ghassoun puts them all to shame; his two glorious fists are worth more than all these traitors combined. Continue reading Salute To Alaeddine Ghassoun, Syrian Boxer Who Rejects Normalizing With ‘Israel’

Resistance Forces’ Preemptive Strike in Southern Syria Frustrates Israeli-Jordanian-Takfiri Plots

by Mohamed Salami, Al-Manar

“The Preemptive strike” is the term which most political and military analysts used to describe the campaign which the Syrian Army and its allies in Hizbullah and the IRGC have launched against the terrorist groups in the southern part of the country.

Being preemptive, the Syrian military campaign is launched to foil all the terrorist plots devised by the takfiri groups which are directly supported by the Zionist entity, the West and a number of Arab countries. Continue reading Resistance Forces’ Preemptive Strike in Southern Syria Frustrates Israeli-Jordanian-Takfiri Plots

Takfiri terrorists ask illegitimate Israeli regime to bomb southern Syria

Foreign-backed militants fighting against the Syrian government have called on the Israeli regime to target the positions of the Syrian army and Hezbollah resistance movement in the Golan Heights, a report says.

The appeal comes as the Syrian forces, backed by Hezbollah fighters, have made gains against the militants in the southern parts of Syria and inflicted heavy losses on them in the recent days. Continue reading Takfiri terrorists ask illegitimate Israeli regime to bomb southern Syria

Syria: Israeli Hands Meddling On The Southern Front

(photo above of the occupied Golan Heights by Mouqawamah Music Managing Editor Assad al-Liftawi)

by Hassan Illeik and Firas Choufi, Al-Akhbar English

The latest battles on the southern front in Syria fall within the context of the escalation with Israel in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights and southern Lebanon. Although coordination between Israel and armed opposition groups preceded the attack in Quneitra, the surge in fighters along the Daraa, Quneitra and Zabadani fronts suggests, according to some, a clear Israeli message — namely, that they are able to engage on more than one front.

Even before the latest snowstorm, most Syrian fronts were relatively calm compared to the situation in recent weeks and months, from Aleppo and Idlib in the north to Daraa and Quneitra in the south, including the Hama, Homs and Damascus countrysides. The only exceptions were ISIS’s battles with Kurdish forces in Kobane (Ain al-Arab), and with the Syrian army in Deir Ezzor. Continue reading Syria: Israeli Hands Meddling On The Southern Front

The Resistance Sets its Sights on the Golan Heights

by Wafiq Qanso, Al-Akhbar English

The Agreement on Disengagement signed by Syria and Israel in 1974 is not worth much anymore, in light of the changes on the ground in southern Syria. However, the assassination of Hezbollah resistance fighters in the Syrian city of Quneitra last Sunday, appears to publicize the resistance’s activities in the Golan Heights. Long strides have been made in preparing the ground, the support base, and a trained and ready force, in the past year. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad announced this decision, and Hezbollah’s Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah followed suit. The launch of resistance activities in the Golan Heights ends the phase of a confined war and of partial resistance, and ushers in a stage of comprehensive and strategic resistance.

Investigations are still underway to establish if the airstrike that killed six Hezbollah fighters was the result of a military mistake — i.e the martyrs moved in an area visible to Israel — or a topical intelligence operation. Irrespective of the potency of the strike against the resistance, the two most important strategic outcomes of this attack are that it has turned the Golan Heights into a resistance area and united it with South Lebanon in the resistance effort. Continue reading The Resistance Sets its Sights on the Golan Heights

Proud and Defiant Youth Partake in Mass Funeral for Slain Hizbullah Fighter

by Rana Harbi, Al-Akhbar English

Thousands of mourners — overwhelmingly youth — poured into the streets of the southern suburbs of Beirut, known as Dahiyeh, on Monday to bid farewell to their friend, classmate and fellow comrade Jihad Mughniyeh. Jihad is one of six Hezbollah fighters killed in an Israeli airstrike in Syria on Sunday, opening the door to a retaliation by the resistance party and serious repercussions for the whole region.

Mourners beat their chests in unison and sobbing women on balconies threw rose petals at the casket draped in a Hezbollah flag as it was carried by men in full military garb out of the overflowing hall and into streets thronged with a large mass of people. Continue reading Proud and Defiant Youth Partake in Mass Funeral for Slain Hizbullah Fighter