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John McCain, Serial Warmonger, Nation-Destroyer And Zionist Slave, Has Finally Departed For The Hellfire

by Jonathan Azaziah

Hell’s bells are ringing today because one of its own, the serial warmonger, nation-destroyer, terrorism-enthusiast and Zionist slave John McCain, has finally returned home. Yes, the longtime Arizona Senator and murderous minion of the Empire has died and gone to Jahannam. Don’t pay any attention to the mainstream media’s coverage of his death… unless you have a vested interest in clawing out your own eyes and sticking spikes in your own ears over the hypocrisy and fake-tear-filled lies being spewed… No exaggeration, it’s really been that vomit-inducing. This man isn’t a hero. He’s not a man of decency. He isn’t of the people. He isn’t not an advocate of the downtrodden. He’s not a fighter for justice. Nor democracy. Nor human rights. He is in fact the antithesis to all of those concepts and anything else of benevolence that happens to be related to them. What is John McCain truly? He’s a blood-drenched, psychopathic, racist and criminal maniac who has had a hand in the slaughter, maiming, torture and displacement of millions of souls from the US itself to Latin America, Africa to the Balkans, the Arab world to Asia. That’s not an opinion. It’s a cold, hard, indisputable fact and everything said otherwise is nothing but a mask thrown on the hideous, fanged face of a monster. Continue reading John McCain, Serial Warmonger, Nation-Destroyer And Zionist Slave, Has Finally Departed For The Hellfire

Racism Drove The Backlash Against Gary Webb

by Greg Grandin, The Nation

After the death a few weeks ago of the legendary editor of the Washington Post, Ben Bradlee, most obituaries celebrated his willingness to go after Richard Nixon. Charles Pierce at Esquire writes that Bradlee “rode the Watergate story when nobody else wanted it. It’s hard now even to imagine how very far out on the limb Bradlee went on that story.” But Pierce is largely alone in also noting that the Post under Bradlee “ultimately took a dive on Iran-Contra.” Bradlee himself described what he called a  “return to deference” on the part of the press corps that took place under Ronald Reagan, saying that his colleagues were responding to a perceived public fatigue with journalists “trying to make a Watergate out of everything.” “We did ease off,” he said. Continue reading Racism Drove The Backlash Against Gary Webb