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Saeedah, An 18-Year Old Yemeni Siege Victim, Is Starving To Death Because Of Al-Saud

by Jonathan Azaziah

Say salaam to 18-year old Yemeni siege victim Saeedah. She’s from the coastal city of Hudaydah–part of the province of the same name–and is, clearly, suffering from a horrifying case of acute malnourishment. I normally don’t share photos like this because I find them to be denigrating to our beloved brethren, but since Yemenis are imploring us to do so to wake up the world about Saudi Arabia’s barbarity, I am following their lead because we should all be at their beckoned call. The reason why Saeedah is afflicted with this unspeakable condition is not because of Ansarullah as some infuriatingly dimwitted and even more infuriatingly sectarian “analysts” and “activists” have falsely noted. She’s starving to death… LITERALLY FADING AWAY TO LESS THAN SKIN AND BONES… Because the sanguinary, maleficent, rotten-to-the-core Saudi regime has bombed Hudaydah’s port and is blockading all foodstuffs, medicines and other humanitarian goods from entering the region. In addition to that, Al-Saud has bombed Hudaydah’s fisheries, one of the primary sources of food for the Yemeni residents, and set up a perimeter around the city with American, British and ‘Israeli’ assistance to keep the siege in a permanent state. Saeedah is going to die imminently and Dönmeh Saudi Arabia along with every last one of its Western backers will be awash in her blood. Continue reading Saeedah, An 18-Year Old Yemeni Siege Victim, Is Starving To Death Because Of Al-Saud

Promise To The Blind (Moustafa’s Song), F.O.T.O. Single #3, Is Out!

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

I am ecstatic to share with y’all “Promise To The Blind (Moustafa’s Song)”, the third single off my ‪#‎Yemen‬ album Felicity Of The Oppressed. This joint is dedicated to the undaunted, unbroken blind Yemenis, specifically 6-year old Moustafa Abed al-Bari, of Al-Nour Center For The Care and Rehabilitation Of The Blind in Sanaa, which was bombed by the demonic House of Saud in the first week of January earlier this year. I couldn’t have done this without my incredible engineer and dear homie Payday Monsanto, who mixed and mastered the gem gorgeously, my brother-in-arms Naveed Khanverse, whose powerful and heartfelt second verse is among the best bars he’s ever penned, and most especially, the beautiful, brilliant and ever-Mouqawamistic Sarah Abdallah, who gave me every piece of information on Moustafa and the people of Al-Nour she could track down in the Arabic press–which was particularly difficult as not many places reported about this atrocity–that I would ultimately utilize for my own lyrical storm on the track. Madd love to all y’all, we did something really special here. So without anymore delay, and as I’ve grown accustomed to saying, LET IT KNOCK: