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Ramadan Reflections: Why Is The Islamic “Establishment” Silent On Occupied Kashmir’s Plight?

by Jonathan Azaziah

Consider this a Ramadan reflection. There are currently some 750,000+ Indian occupation forces in Kashmir and these “soldiers” routinely dish out wanton violence against the Kashmiri people. A shutdown is being observed in the Vale as we speak after New Delhi’s goons savagely murdered at least 11 Kashmiri youth, most unarmed and some armed, including Kashmiri Resistance leader Sabzar Ahmed Butt, yesterday to mark the first day of Islam’s Holiest Month–a sign of just how vile and hateful these Hindutvadi occupiers are. But how many persons in “The Ummah” are speaking about occupied Kashmir and its plight? How many “moujahideen” are flocking to the Valley for “Jihad”? If “The Ummah” were an olive grove, the equivalent here would be about an olive pit of it gives a damn about Kashmir. And this is what is so baffling. There is an ACTUAL polytheist regime governing India and this goes along with ACTUAL murderous oppression being dished out against ACTUAL Muslims but again, where have the “Islamic” establishment and its head-chopping “heroes” been on the matter? IN LALALAND, THAT’S WHERE. And the reasons why are simple. Continue reading Ramadan Reflections: Why Is The Islamic “Establishment” Silent On Occupied Kashmir’s Plight?

At 69 Brutal, Bloody Years Old Today, India’s Occupation Of Kashmir Must End And End Now

by Jonathan Azaziah

Today is a solemn day and a day of reflection. And simultaneously albeit conversely, today is also a day of rage. Because today is Black Day, that time of year when the people of occupied Kashmir and those with Mouqawamah Consciousness in the Kashmiri Diaspora mark the starting point of the occupation of their ancestral lands by the murderous Indian regime. In 2016, the oppression of the Kashmiri people now enters its 69th year. The agony of this crime against humanity–the least talked about crime against humanity on the face of the planet at that–is not only festering like the pus of an open wound in the hearts of Sunnis, Shi’a and Sufis, but Sikhs, Christians and Pandits (Kashmiri Hindus) too. Continue reading At 69 Brutal, Bloody Years Old Today, India’s Occupation Of Kashmir Must End And End Now

Masterpiece: Anuragi’s “Aazadi” Could Be The Anthem For The Entire Southeast Asia Subcontinent

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Every so often, there is a song that comes along that transcends the boundaries of genre, culture, nationality, language and creed. It just vibrates on that frequency of justice and resonates with all people from all backgrounds who have experienced oppression in one form of another. Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On?” comes to mind, as does Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five’s “The Message”, Peter Tosh’s ” No Nuclear War”, Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power”, Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us” and “Earth Song”, Tupac Shakur’s “Changes”, and, in this era of Zionist hegemony, my own “Death To ‘Israel'”. It’s time to add Anuragi’s “Aazadi” to the list, preferably towards the very top. This exceptionally gorgeous piece of music, from the spine-tingling sound filled with mean guitar riffs and an infectious melody to the incandescently inspiring lyrics, is nothing less than a masterpiece. Continue reading Masterpiece: Anuragi’s “Aazadi” Could Be The Anthem For The Entire Southeast Asia Subcontinent

Ugliest Crime Yet Of Indian Army’s Crackdown On Kashmiris: 90 Women Raped In 39 Days

by Jonathan Azaziah

F*** Narendra Modi. F*** the Indian regime. And f*** the Indian occupation army. Since the latest crackdown against the Kashmiri people started on July 9th, AT LEAST 90 women have been raped by New Delhi’s thuggish military. You read that right. AT LEAST 90 women In 39 days. This abominable inhumanity comes in addition to the 80 Kashmiris martyred, the hundreds tortured, the thousands wounded and the thousands more illegally detained under the PSA (Public Safety Act), Section 144 and other Zionist-Orwellian laws. It’s also part and parcel of a policy that the Hindutvadi occupiers have been implementing against the women of Kashmir since 1989. And during these past 27 years, a staggering 10,283 Kashmiri women have been raped by these animals. This is just what’s on file. It’s painful to think how many acts of sexual violence committed by Indian soldiers have actually gone unreported in the Vale. Continue reading Ugliest Crime Yet Of Indian Army’s Crackdown On Kashmiris: 90 Women Raped In 39 Days

Imam Khamenei’s Southeast Asia Representative Blasts India For Crackdown On Kashmiris

by Jonathan Azaziah

This is why I adore the Islamic Republic of Iran with all of my being. While “The Ummah” has taken a powder on occupied Kashmir, and Dönmeh Saudi Arabia, the two-faced, self-proclaimed “Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques” cozies up with Modi The Murderer, Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Naqi Shahrokhi, Imam Khamenei’s representative for Southeast Asia, has unequivocally condemned the Indian regime’s massacre in the Vale. The leading Iranian cleric lashed out at New Delhi’s “inhumane and cruel measures” against the Kashmiri people, calling it a “black historical catastrophe”. Moreover, he implored Muslims to break their silence on the Indian occupation army’s “slaughter” of Kashmiri innocents and demanded that they “rush” to assist the people of the Valley in any and every way that they can. And taking it one step further, Sayyed Shahrokhi warned the Hindutvadis that their “savage conduct” would have a severe impact not only on relations with Iran, but countries throughout the region. What makes this so significant is that the Islamic Republic and India have a historical bond going back centuries with bilateral ties in just about every sector. But because revolutionary Iran is guided by its Husseini-Khomeiniist beliefs above and beyond its pragmatic geopolitical interests, unlike every other strategic player on the Grand Chessboard, it feels that it must ring the alarm when it sees injustice unfolding; it simply must, as it is inherent to its very Islamic Liberationist identity. Whether Ayatollah Shahrokhi’s eloquent and firm message will have enough of an effect on the murderous Indian regime that it will end the malevolent crackdown on Kashmiri youth remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: Iran is our Magnetic North and we follow its light because we can always count on it to raise its voice for the Moustazafeen when everyone else, “The Ummah” most especially, has forgotten that speaking a word of truth to an unjust ruler–or in this case, a monstrous occupier–is indeed the best Jihad. ‪#‎LongLiveIran‬ ‪#‎LongLiveKashmir‬ ‪#‎FreeKashmir‬ ‪#‎AzadiRightNow‬

Iranians Stand With Kashmiris In The Face Of Latest Massacre And So Do I

by Jonathan Azaziah

Mighty Iran’s beautiful, revolutionary people stand with occupied Kashmir and so does your friendly neighborhood Iraqi Iconoclast. The ongoing massacre in the Vale, merely the latest round of slaughter in a long string of Indian regime crimes against Kashmiris going back to 1947, is not about Burhan Wani, Hizb al-Moujahideen, Pakistan or some nebulous “Islamist militancy” which represents no more of a threat to the security of Hindustan than a group of gnats represent to an elephant. All these things are mere propaganda instruments for the Modi regime to use when applicable as a means of justifying mass murder of mostly youths between 16-22 whose sole weapon of choice is a stone. This is about Indian state terrorism, nearly seven decades of criminal occupation and an increasingly belligerent regime in the form of Modi’s BJP that is looking for any pretext it can find to build Hindu settlements on Kashmiri Muslim land. Currently the martyr count since July 9th stands at over 45 with hundreds more wounded. Among the casualties are Sunnis, Shi’a and Sufis. The Hindu supremacist oppressors do not discriminate at all, they shoot, maim and torture regardless of what one’s school of thought happens to be. Continue reading Iranians Stand With Kashmiris In The Face Of Latest Massacre And So Do I

#WeAreKashmir Should Be Our Response To Al-Saud’s New Ties With Modi

by Jonathan Azaziah

This should be our response to the Saudi tyrants and any other “Arab” or “Muslim” state that deepens ties and does business with the Hindutvadi Indian regime: ‪#‎WeAreKashmir‬. It is incomparably despicable that Modi, the murderer of Muslims, sets foot on Islamic lands and holds court with the tyrannical, baby-maiming Saudi-Takfiri “royals”, and there isn’t a word spoken in condemnation of it, let alone a rally of even minuscule size. Seriously yo, where is the damn outrage?! Continue reading #WeAreKashmir Should Be Our Response To Al-Saud’s New Ties With Modi

Of Course Al-Saud Would Increase Ties With Hindutvadi India!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Of course the House of Saud, ‘Israel’s’ chief enforcer in the Persian Gulf, would increase ties with the Indian regime, ‘Israel’s’ chief enforcer in the Southeast Asia Subcontinent. And of course Narendra Modi, the Muslim-hating, Hindutvadi demon responsible for atrocious oppression in occupied Kashmir and the mass murder of thousands in Gujarat, would welcome closer relations with the head-chopping, woman-despising, genocidal, “royal” occupiers of the Hijaz, all in the name of “the largest democracy in the world”. The butcher of Yemenis and the butcher of Kashmiris and Gujaratis… A more perfect combination than shish taouk and toum on Arabic bread, isn’t it? Continue reading Of Course Al-Saud Would Increase Ties With Hindutvadi India!

Top 10 “Shabbos Goyim” Serving Jewish-Zionist Interests, 2014

by Dovid Efune, The Algemeiner

Five years have now passed since I first published my annual list of non-Jews who are worthy of recognition for their positive impact on Jewish lives and the Jewish state.

Looking back, it is fascinating to see how the list has evolved, with some personalities fading from prominence and others emerging to take their place. Some have remained constant throughout the years. Continue reading Top 10 “Shabbos Goyim” Serving Jewish-Zionist Interests, 2014