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Ziobook Censorship Rampage: Rabbi Zuckerberg Blocks Insight Media’s Entire URL For Its Anti-Zionism

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Ziobook has always been a cesspool and a swillhole and that undeniable truth has been reaffirmed yet again today. Earlier on, Insight Media, the revolutionary project of Ali Salaam that features Mouqawamistic, Anti-Parasitic, Godwary and Islamcentric music, articles, clothing and more, had its entire URL blocked and an insane amount of content inexplicably deleted by Rabbi Zuckerscum. Try and post ANYTHING from Insight… Or even share an article with Insight content embedded within… And you will receive this message from Ziobook: “You can’t post this because it has a blocked link. The content you’re trying to share includes a link that our security systems detected to be unsafe: insight – media . co . Please remove this link to continue. If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know.” We can go ahead and “let” the Digital Sanhedrin “know” until we turn blue, it won’t matter. This deliberate Talmudic censorship has been enacted because Insight is offering a radical and game-changing platform that challenges how Bandcamp, Soundcloud and even – most incredibly – the Jewish-dominated music industry itself does business. It’s promoting true school Hip-Hop with an unforgiving message of Islamic Resistance. Not only has brother Ali 86ed the Shylock-style contracts and given the bulk of all album sales to the artists themselves, he’s throwing his full weight behind all who join the Insight family in case of any attacks from the Yahoudling Lobby. Essentially, he’s set up an online FORTRESS where like-minded MCs can build without having to worry about being shut down over offending Jews, Organized Homosexuality, Wahhabi-Takfiri crybabies or anyone else. In other words, the polar opposite of what Ziobook, a tentacle of the Rothschild Octopus, is doing. Continue reading Ziobook Censorship Rampage: Rabbi Zuckerberg Blocks Insight Media’s Entire URL For Its Anti-Zionism

Rabbi Zuckerberg’s Facebook Removes J. Azaziah’s Commentary On Sayyed Nasrallah’s Latest Speech

by Jonathan Azaziah

Haven’t even been back for a full two weeks and already Ziobook has removed a post. And of course it’s none other than my commentary about Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s most recent speech. Reminder that the “Community Standards” should really be renamed the “Sanhedrin Standards” because there is no “community” on Ziobook, only what Rabbi Zuckerscum decrees is allowed and what Rabbi Zuckerscum decrees isn’t allowed. Hizbullah = uncool. Nutty Netty and ‘Israelis’ calling for the wanton slaughter of non-Jews (Palestinians, Lebanese and Iranians especially) in the name of preserving the illegitimate Zionist entity = totally cool. Got it, Goyim? One also has to ask why Ziobook is so triggered by the mere sight of Sayyed Abou Hadi and anyone offering rightful praises upon him unless Ziobook ***isn’t*** a mere social media platform but rather an integral cog in World Zionism’s global intelligence machine which has its bases in London, Washington, “Tel Aviv” and “Herzliya”. Can’t wait for Hizbullah’s Secretary-General to speak next so I can write about his blessed and precious words once more, much to the chagrin of Shlomo and his legion of Small Hats across the world and on this digital shtetl in particular. Ah, yes. With that noted Zuckerscum, what three better words to close this miniature rant than the following: LABAYKAH. YA. NASRALLAH.

Facebook Deletes Jonathan Azaziah’s Profile For Anti-Zionist and Pro-Resistance Writings

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

For everybody asking, yes, Ziobook permanently disabled my account. The Orwellian thought crime charges were “support for violent organizations”–presumably Hizbullah, Ansarullah and the Iraqi Islamic Resistance–as well as “violations of community standards”–presumably my writings on the conspiracy against the Syrian Arab Republic and my ruthless criticisms of ‘Israel’/Zionism/Jewish supremacy/Takfiri-Wahhabism/Liberalism/etc. What Zuckerscum and his merry band of hasbaranik troll-rats should know though is that our struggle for the liberation of humanity from the clutches of Empire Judaica extends far beyond the confines of this platform and coward-moves like blocks and deletions aren’t going to silence us. Not now. Not ever. Iraqis in particular are comprised of much harder stuff than that. We’ve chewed up more than a century of Rothschild-financed Imperialism and spit it back out like it was badly cooked masgouf and kept on trucking. Navigating the digital battlefield is a cakewalk. Spread the word. I’m back muhfuckaz.