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Mossad Murders Coptic Christians In Egypt On The Eve Of Ramadan To Foment Muslim-Christian Division

by Jonathan Azaziah

Right in time for Ramadan, Shlomo strikes again! Victims today: At least 35 Coptic Christian men, women and children slaughtered on their way to Saint Samuel the Confessor Monastery in the Upper Egypt city of Minya. Their killers? Masked gunmen who, apparently, were “SO MUSLIM”, that they left behind “Islamist” leaflets on the bodies of their Christian victims after robbing and subsequently mutilating them–ya know, DIRECT CONTRADICTIONS of Islam’s moral code and war laws. Are you aware of any religion in which such animalistic savagery is not only permissible but obligatory? Judaism. The stories of “Moses” and “Joshua” in particular are all about raping, murdering and desecrating the “enemy”, i.e. “the Goyim”, then stealing their land because of some “chosenite” “rite”. They’re basically pamphlets for genocide, hence why every settler-colonial regime in modern history, from South Africa to Australia, America to Canada and of course, the global settler-colonial enterprise, ‘Israel’, has utilized the Judaic Old Testament for expansionist aims. Notice that ISIS behaves ***exactly*** like these demons? Continue reading Mossad Murders Coptic Christians In Egypt On The Eve Of Ramadan To Foment Muslim-Christian Division

Plenty Of Tears For Manchester But No Tears At All For Jawad al-Dagher And The Awamiyah Martyrs Killed By Saudi Arabia

by Jonathan Azaziah

Ahem. I don’t mean to piss on everyone’s pity party but… I really just can’t help but ask: All y’all sharing photos of the kids killed in Mossad’s false flag on Manchester also shared this pic of 2-year old Jawad al-Dagher when he died, or rather, excuse me, was savagely murdered, right? Oh. Y’all don’t know who 2-year old Jawad al-Dagher is, do you? WELL, ALLOW ME TO ENLIGHTEN YOU THEN. He’s a Hijazi Shi’a infant who was shot to death by the barbaric Saudi regime when it invaded the Eastern Province village of Al-Awamiyah in Qatif and opened fire on anything and everything that moved. Jawad’s mother was critically injured in the assault and several other young men–all unarmed–were gunned down too. Since the day of Jawad’s martyrdom on May 12th–Jummah, no less–there has been a nonstop, blood-drenched and psychotic campaign against the impoverished and suffering Hijazi Shi’a population. Al-Saud’s “security” forces have been behaving exactly like the ‘Israeli’ occupation army, bulldozing homes, destroying mosques and even unleashing heavy weapons and helicopter gunships on civilians. Awamiyah is under total siege and is dealing with a severe water shortage. Food is scarce too. This has been going on, from sun up to sun down, for 12 days straight now, and is part of a Saudi policy implemented with regularity just to keep the “Rafidah” in check. Apart from a few headlines and brief reports in wire services, the Zionist media coverage has been all but mum because the Zionist media, as a full-on partner of the ever-deepening Yahoudling-Wahhabi alliance, covers up every major atrocity that Saudi Arabia commits. Continue reading Plenty Of Tears For Manchester But No Tears At All For Jawad al-Dagher And The Awamiyah Martyrs Killed By Saudi Arabia

Zionist Media Gushes Over Manchester But Typically Ignores Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, Libya and Palestine

by Jonathan Azaziah

Since Manchester is the topic of conversation at the moment, let’s do a quick “who died today” tour around the nations resisting Zio-Imperialism, shall we? Just as a matter of perspective: In Syria, at least a dozen civilians were murdered and about four dozen others were wounded in mortar attacks and suicide bombings in Damascus, Daraa, Homs and Deir Ezzor. In Yemen, Saudi Arabia bombed the homes of numerous families in Jawf, Ma’rib and Saada, slaughtering and injuring scores of men, women and children, and more innocents died from cholera, which is proliferating not because it is an “outbreak” but a deliberate act of bio-warfare against the Yemeni people by the despotic Wahhabi regime. In Novorossiya, the US-EU-backed, Zionist-run, IOF-trained, CIA-installed Ukrainian junta’s militias continued their exterminationist war on the Russian and Russian-speaking population. In Libya, ISIS and ISIS-like gangs went on a Takfiri terrorist tear through Sabha and Sirte like they do daily, torturing and beheading anyone that dared resist the new NATO-Wahhabi order in the land once known as Green. And in the occupied West Bank, Jewish terrorists murdered 15-year-old Palestinian boy Raed Ahmad Radayda and shot 17-year-old Palestinian girl Tuqua Hammad in the stomach then prevented ambulances from reaching her. The British ZOG directly supports every single drop of this carnage. And the Zionist media, which is gushing over the dead British teenie-boppers in Manchester, is reporting approximately JACK-SQUAT about any of it. It’s far beyond selective humanity. This is direct complicity. The mainstream mass press is waging war on our people and our homelands through the negation of our existence just as much as the Western regimes doing all the killing directly and by proxy.

Case in point: If it ain’t We Are Syria, We Are Yemen, We Are Novorossiya, We Are Libya and We Are Palestine, ***AS WELL AS*** We Are Manchester, you can take that colonial-supremacist fuckery and choke on it.

Make No Mistake, The Manchester Terrorist Attack Is A Mossad False Flag

by Jonathan Azaziah

Shlomo is at it again, huh? Six-pointed-star marks the spot in Manchester!

As the White and European group of lemmings will reactively and idiotically blame Islam, the Brown and Muslim group of lemmings will pathetically and vomit-inducingly beg their oppressors and colonizers to stop being so mean and racist and use classic liberal meme-methodologies like “Muslims are people too”, or “Islam is peace and love”, or my personal favorite, “Muslim lives matter”. Like Western ZOGs and the imperial-enthuiast supporters of Western ZOGs give anything even remotely resembling a damn or a hoot about Muslims when they continue rampaging through our homelands and will undoubtedly use this particular event as yet another pretext to up the ante of that rampage. And as they go back-and-forth in this pointless game of Musical Chairs for “Goyim”, the aforementioned Shlomo lurks in the shadows, counting his shekels and cackling like the blood-drinking ghoul that he is because the “clash of civilizations” rolls onward like a Palestinian baby’s head in besieged Gaza decapitated by an ‘Israeli’ flechette bomb. Continue reading Make No Mistake, The Manchester Terrorist Attack Is A Mossad False Flag