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Ansarullah Meets Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah In Lebanon, Salutes Him Back Home On Yemen’s Battlefield

by Jonathan Azaziah

Talk about a sight for sore eyes and spiritual comfort food! Ansarullah was in Lebanon yesterday to meet Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah! A delegation led by the Yemeni Islamic Resistance’s spokesman Muhammad Abdul Salaam met with the leader of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance to discuss the latest news from Yemen’s battlefield as well as the efforts being put forth to stop Saudi Arabia’s criminal aggression and siege. Spokesman Abdul Salaam told the Liberator of Lebanon that he was conveying the glad tidings of his entire nation to Hizbullah and the victorious Lebanese people, telling Nasrallah that Yemenis salute him a thousand times over for his righteous, unwavering stance on their behalf. He also conveyed his congratulations to Sayyed Abou Hadi on the twin anniversaries of the Divine Victory and the final defeat of the Takfiri terrorist scourge inside Lebanon. It wasn’t just a showing of the close brotherly bond between Hizbullah and Ansarullah and the resistant peoples of Yemen and Lebanon, but a reaffirmation of Yemen’s entry into the Resistance Axis and a solidification of its strength on a regional level too. Nasrallah told Abdul Salaam that Yemenis, like Lebanese under fire in ’06, have shown the whole world their might, and when the war is over, they too will have achieved a triumph facilitated by ALLAH (SWT). Continue reading Ansarullah Meets Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah In Lebanon, Salutes Him Back Home On Yemen’s Battlefield

Happy Divine Victory Day To The Hizbullah Commanders Who Defeated ‘Israel’ Then Gave Their Lives In Defense Of Syria and Iraq

by Jonathan Azaziah

Happy Divine Victory Day to my beautiful, brave, brilliant, blistering and blazing Lebanese brethren, the most triumphant people in the entire Islamicate! And more sincere wishes on this blessed occasion to all of the Moustazafeen (oppressed ones) worldwide. Because truly, Hizbullah’s thrashing of the usurping Zionist entity over 34 days in the 2006 July War was a victory for all peoples of all types and all stripes. There were battles that were legendary (Wadi al-Hujeir and Bint Jbeil). There were martyred heroes who were larger than life–so large in fact that their spirits still and will forever tower over the world’s mightiest trees and buildings combined and multiplied (Khaled “Prince of the Battlefield” Bazzi [R.A.] and Ali “Bilal” Saleh [R.A.] to name a couple). And there was a leader whose razor blade wit, booming truthful promises and unforgettable smile shook the enemy in biblical fashion and changed the course of history (Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah).

On the 12th anniversary of this monumental moment, in which Hizbullah saved the world from the neocons’ dystopian “New Middle East” project I find it imperative to remember and celebrate the Men of God who made the Divine Victory possible… Only to find themselves martyred in a new phase of battle just 7 years later against the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime’s Takfiri Goy Golem in Syria and Iraq. And not merely a new phase of battle but a new phase of victory with it. Verily, their triumph in protection of their homeland in the summer of 2006 enabled and strengthened them in ways that they weren’t even aware of themselves until the time came that Malak al-Mawt (A.S.) called them to join the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.), Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) and all the Shouhada (R.A.) To call them legends would be understating it so vastly that it borders on insulting. So we’ll just let their Nour-filled faces, angel-like auras and stories of dauntlessness do the talking instead. Continue reading Happy Divine Victory Day To The Hizbullah Commanders Who Defeated ‘Israel’ Then Gave Their Lives In Defense Of Syria and Iraq

Hizbullah Fiercely Condemns US-‘Israeli’ Assassination Attempt On Maduro, Salutes The Bolivarian Revolution

by Jonathan Azaziah

The alliance between the Resistance Axis and the Bolivarian Revolution remains robust! Hizbullah has fiercely and unabashedly condemned the US-‘Israeli’ assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, saying it comes amidst Zio-Imperialist conspiracies against all states across the globe which stand with the Palestinian cause and Washington’s desire to futilely uphold its hegemony. The Lebanese Islamic Mouqawamah also slammed the American ZOG’s intervention in the affairs of Caracas and its seemingly never-ending desire to topple Bolivarianism by military, political and economic means. Continue reading Hizbullah Fiercely Condemns US-‘Israeli’ Assassination Attempt On Maduro, Salutes The Bolivarian Revolution

Did You Know Imam Khamenei and Sayyed Abbas Moussawi (R.A.) Visited Occupied Kashmir And Cosigned Its Struggle?

by Jonathan Azaziah

Did you know that Imam Khamenei and martyred Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Abbas Moussawi (R.A.) both visited occupied Kashmir in the 1980s? The second chief of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance traveled to the Bleeding Paradise to offer his solidarity and support to Kashmiri fighters and protesters brutalized by the Hindutvadi occupation army. He prayed in Sunni mosques, Shi’a mosques and Sufi mosques and told all of the moujahideen and shabab that Hizbullah was with them. Pictures of the fiery Resistance pioneer are routinely seen at Kashmiri Azadi demonstrations to this day and much of the armed resistance draws its inspiration from Lebanon’s liberators. It is also a matter of intense speculation – partly because of the murderous Indian regime’s propaganda and partly due to the almost-mythical, righteous stature of the Party in which both enemies and admirers think it is everywhere and nowhere at once – as to whether or not he provided arms and know-how to the Vale’s revolutionary activists. Perhaps we’ll never know. Continue reading Did You Know Imam Khamenei and Sayyed Abbas Moussawi (R.A.) Visited Occupied Kashmir And Cosigned Its Struggle?

RIP To The Prince of The Battlefield: Hizbullah Commander Khaled Bazzi Was Martyred By ‘Israel’ On This Day 12 Years Ago

by Jonathan Azaziah

Politically and Islamically, comparisons to royalty aren’t really ideal but Hizbullah Commander Al-Hajj Qassem Khaled Bazzi (R.A.) truly was the Prince of the Battlefield. Martyred on this day 12 years ago in an ‘Israeli’ drone strike in his hometown of Bint Jbeil at the height of one of the key battles of the July War, he was a fearsome warrior who exemplified all of the qualities we’ve come to know and love about the Lebanese Islamic Resistance and then some. Steadfast, committed, patriotic and Husseini with a brilliant military mind, Bazzi spearheaded the operation that saw two ‘Israeli’ occupiers captured and eight others sent to the hellfire just before the aggression began in Summer 2006. The bodies of two of those Zio-terrorists, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, were ultimately utilized by Hizbullah as bargaining chips to free Hizbullah Commander Samir Quntar (R.A.), monumental Hizbullah intelligence operative Nissim Nisr and hundreds of other Lebanese and Arab abductees in the epic prisoner exchange with ‘Israel’ in 2008. Speaking simply and directly, it was the hands of Bazzi who ripped off the shackles of the Dean of the Liberated Detainees From ‘Israeli’ Prisons (Quntar)–two years after his martyrdom like the Bint Jbeil native accomplished the feat from beyond this realm. Subhan’ALLAH. Continue reading RIP To The Prince of The Battlefield: Hizbullah Commander Khaled Bazzi Was Martyred By ‘Israel’ On This Day 12 Years Ago

NextGen Mouqawamah: On Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, His Grandson And the Resistance Culture Of Love

by Jonathan Azaziah

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. This one is worth more like a billion. The Culture of Resistance embodied in a single shot: Our guide and our pride Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah with his grandson Amir Muhammad Ali Nasrallah.

The Monsters hatefully and fallaciously label the Mouqawamah Culture as one centered around death. But nothing could be more to the contrary. Mouqawamah Culture at its very root is about the celebration and safeguarding of life. And even deeper than that… Love. Indeed, love of one’s homeland, love of one’s people, love of one’s history, love of one’s ancestors, love of one’s Prophet (S.A.W.W.) as well as his Pure Household (A.S.), and love of one’s family. We are all fighting and resisting – and none more courageously and successfully than the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah led by Sayyed Abou Hadi – to secure a future that is free of Zio-Imperialism; a future in which our children can smile, laugh, play, learn, worship ALLAH (SWT), train their bodies, minds and spirits, fall in love, get married, have kids of their own, open businesses, be artists, write, sing, dance and have adventures in tranquility. So that’s really what this photo is: LOVE. Continue reading NextGen Mouqawamah: On Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, His Grandson And the Resistance Culture Of Love

Let The Tears Flow, Zion: Insight Media Introduces Mouqawamist Memetic Warfare With Madd Cold’s Bars

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

#LongLiveHizbullah #LongLiveLebanon #LabaykahYaNasrallah #DeathToIsrael #DivineVictory #LabaykahYaMughniyeh #HipHopHizbullah

(From my song “Hizbullah Will Prevail” off my 2015 album “Son of Kufa Vol. 1: Rise Of The Anomaly”)

I don’t think we’ll ever know the answer to the question. Shame on “The Ummah” and the overwhelming majority of humanity for failing Yemen in the face of the most tyrannical and inhuman oppression. Curses on the hypocrites. And death to Saudi Arabia and all of its allies.

(From my song “Screams Of The Slain” off my 2016 album dedicated to Yemen, “Felicity Of The Oppressed”)

Stand with Iran. Stand with Russia. Defend them both against the lies of the Zionist war machine. And build bridges of Islamic-Christian unity anywhere and everywhere you can in the face of Dajjal.

(From my song “Solidarity [Global South Anthem]” off my 2015 album “Son of Kufa Volume 1: Rise of The Anomaly”. Lyric video for the track had nearly a million views before YouTube removed my account and banned me at the behest of B’nai B’rith. Peace to Ali Salaam and Insight Media for turning my bars into Mouqawamist, Anti-Parasitic memetic warfare!)

First Piece Of “Eternally Husseini” Promo Art Is Out: Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

“Eternally Husseini” drops in 64 days!

There is no revolutionary as formidable, inspiring and important as Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. He stands as both a giant-like individual and an unstoppable spiritual force who is feared by his enemies and loved by his partisans. As the Ummah’s loudest and most eloquent voice for Yemen, the Ummah’s most steadfast champion of the Palestinian cause, the Ummah’s brightest beam of Anti-Zionism, the Ummah’s most fearless opposition to the House of Saud, and the liberator of Lebanon, he exemplifies everything Muslims and activists of all stripes should strive towards becoming. As I rhymed on my track “For the Sayyeds”, off my 2016 album for Yemen, “Exposed Saud as a pathetic embarrassment, shredded their arrogance/Sayyed you’re a legend and in Heaven no doubt the angels already built you sevens of the most splendid, incredible garrisons/”. It is for this reason, as we seek to leave our own legendary mark in the struggle against Zio-Imperialism, that Sayyed Hassan is featured so heavily in all aspects of “Eternally Husseini”. If there was any one person who represents Imam Hussein (A.S.) to the fullest in this epoch, it is Nasrallah, and if there was anyone who carries the Husseini spirit in his every word and deed, again, it is Nasrallah. When I write my bars, I carry him with me. When I lace up in the booth, I carry him with me. When I rip on stage, I carry him, one of a mere handful of Islamic warrior-saints in the last 1,000 years, with me. And I know that Mohammad Hamza, the brilliant artist (and my brother-in-arms) behind this gorgeous print and all the other “Eternally Husseini” artwork, does the same when he sits down with a blank canvas and gets to knocking out a masterpiece. “Labaykah Ya Nasrallah!” isn’t just a chant, it’s a way of life. And we will forever be at Sayyed Abou Hadi’s service until the casket drops. Beyond that too. He embodies the true meaning of “Eternally Husseini” and because of that, we emulate him in all that we do. #EternallyHusseiniComingSoon #HipHopHizbullah #MaddCold #HusseiniDayMay25th #LabaykahYaNasrallah

Resistance and Liberation Day Reflections: What If There Was No Hizbullah?

by Jonathan Azaziah

What if there was no Hizbullah? Resistance and Liberation Day isn’t merely a time of celebration in commemoration of the history-echoing victories achieved by Hizbullah. It is also a time for deep reflection, as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah noted in his breathtakingly wonderful speech today. Indeed it is a time when we should be reflecting on where we are in our struggle, the severity and the status of the regional and international equations, and how to progress forward towards our ultimate goal of rendering ‘Israel’ obsolete. And I can’t think of a more profound point of pondering than the following question above: What if there was no Hizbullah? We don’t have to start as far back as 1982 when the Lebanese Islamic Resistance first emerged out of its humble beginnings of namelessness, nor do we need to refer to the ‘93 and ‘96 ‘Israeli’ aggressions, nor the liberation itself on May 25th, 2000, as the majority, not the vast majority or even most persons, unfortunately, but the majority of Lebanese agree that Hizbullah’s triumph over the cancerous Zionist entity and the end of the monstrous occupation were good things. So let us start with the 2006 July War and allow me to ask again: What if there was no Hizbullah? Continue reading Resistance and Liberation Day Reflections: What If There Was No Hizbullah?

Mouqawamah Legend Moustafa Badreddine Has Been Assassinated By ‘Israel’

by Jonathan Azaziah

A Mouqawamah legend has been assassinated. Moustafa “Sayyed Zulfiqar” Badreddine, a truly special Hizbullah commander who kept Mossad, Aman and Shin Bet intelligence chiefs awake at night in cold sweats with his elusiveness and tactical brilliance, was killed in a cowardly, Zionist-backed Takfiri shelling attack near Damascus Airport. As sad, infuriating and gut-wrenching as this development is however, we aren’t going to allow the monstrous, maniacal, satanic Jewish supremacist entity to bring forth our tears and turn our wills, spirits and hearts to mush. Instead, we are going to celebrate the resistant, epic life of Sayyed Zulfiqar, a man who gave life to the word hero and helped build up Hizbullah into the juggernaut it is today alongside his brother-in-law, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance architect, Hajj Imad Mughniyeh. Have no fear! Just like Hizbullah didn’t kneel after Ghaleb Awali was martyred in July 2004; just as Hizbullah didn’t flinch when the greatest of the greats, Mughniyeh himself, was martyred in February 2008; just like Hizbullah didn’t bow after Hassan Lakkis, “the Digital Mughniyeh” who was responsible for adding modern technology and cyber warfare to the Mouqawamah’s arsenal, was martyred in December 2013; just as Hizbullah didn’t break down after Commander and founding Hizbullah moujahid Muhammad “Abou Issa” Issa, along with Mughniyeh’s son “Jawad” Jihad, and fellow moujahideen “Sayyed Abbas” Hijazi, “Daniel” Ghazi Ali Dawi, “Kazem” Abu al-Hasan and “Ihab” Ali Hassan Ibrahim were killed in the Zionist enemy’s Quneitra operation in January 2015; and just as Hizbullah didn’t crash and burn after Samir al-Quntar, Mouqawamah commander of the occupied Golan Heights and the Dean of the Liberated Detainees from ‘Israeli’ Prisons, was martyred in Jaramana just six months ago, the death of Moustafa Badreddine will not make the Lebanese Islamic Resistance fold, crumble or yield even a single inch to the cancerous tumor called ‘Israel’. Very much to the contrary, Hizbullah is only going to grow stronger, gain more experience, add more weapons to its armory, develop new offensive and defensive capabilities and continue aiding the anti-Zionist oppressed people wherever they are, be it in Syria, Iraq or precious Yemen. You can rest in power and rest in salaam for real Sayyed Zulfiqar, because there are countless, martyrdom-loving warriors on the front lines bearing your mark, ready to avenge you and keeping the spirit of ‘Death To Israel’, the principle which you embodied the most, burning bright until one day soon when it finally comes to pass. ALLAH yerhamak.