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Land In Prison Or Join The Resistance: A Life Of Hardship For The Youth Of Occupied Kashmir

(Editor’s note: Once again we are joined by our brother Saif Ali Budgami for a hard-hitting piece on the struggles of the youth in occupied Kashmir–struggles that not only fail to make the airwaves of the mainstream/corporate media controlled by Global Zionism, but also a large chunk of the alternative press which has failed Kashmiris at best and partaken in silencing them at worst. Our fam Saif’s essential point is that so long as the Hindutvadi regime in New Delhi denies the Kashmiri people their freedom and their independence, the resistance will simply grow stronger and continue. Beyond agreeing with him wholeheartedly, we stand in full Striking Star Solidarity. Azadi for the Vale and Azadi only. Minor corrections made for accuracy. ~ Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah)

by Saif Ali Budgami

The life of young people in Kashmir from childhood to adulthood nowadays centers around prison. The young people on this journey are meeting with probation officers, instead of teachers; they are going to court dates instead of class; they are emerging from their 20s not with degrees in business and science, but with criminal records.

In Kashmir, peaceful protestors are considered as ‘communal’ or ‘anti-national’ and are picked up by paramilitary forces on the streets, beaten and maimed. Moreover, these same paramilitary forces break into houses, shatter windowpanes, harass men and molest women without accountability from the state; it’s never taken into consideration that security means to protect civilians, not to beat or harass them.

State violence is not new. In 2008-09-10 more than 120 young people were killed after the controversial Amarnath land row, and more than 110 were killed after Burhan Wani’s martyrdom in July 2016, when marchers were fired upon by the Indian occupation army, leading to the deaths and injuries of many. Since then, this cycle of violence has been unstoppable.

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When Kashmir Was Sold By The Oppressors For A Paltry Gain

(Editor’s note: As we did two weeks ago with our brother Mohammad Umms Rafiq’s piece about Yemen through the eyes of a Kashmiri, we once again are sharing a piece from our fam in occupied Kashmir–an insightful look into a history rarely discussed but one that is as important as ANYTHING you will read on a matter that should be near and dear to all in the Ummah… As Kashmir is as precious to us any other oppressed land and then some. Almost a decade ago, Mouqawamah Music’s sister site Mask of Zion published an essay dealing with the Rothschild-financed British regime’s sale of Kashmir to the Dogra oppressors in 1846 (among other issues, including the Indian-‘Israeli’ relationship). Akhi Saif Ali Budgami goes even further and delves even deeper into this dark, UK-instigated oppression. We’re delighted and honored that he shared this with us and even more delighted and honored to publish it. Minor edits were made for accuracy. Death to the colonialist British regime. Death to Hindutvadi Indian terrorism. Long live the steadfast Kashmiri people. ~ Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah)

by Saif Ali Budgami

How Did Kashmir Become Jammu & Kashmir?

How should I start? How can I say? Whom should I say? Is anybody listening? Yes! You need to listen at least once in a lifetime. People call it by many names. Tourists call it “Paradise On Earth”; environmentalists call it “The Switzerland of India”; historians named it “Peer Vaer (The Valley of Saints)”; and many more. Though all these names suit and depict the Valley structurally and intellectually, most of its residents love to call it and depict it practically. Yes! We call it “Mazloom Kashmir (Oppressed Kashmir)”!

From 1846 to 1947, the Dogra dynasty ruled Kashmir. During this period, two main treaties took place (Treaty of Lahore and Treaty of Amritsar). These are really necessary to understand the background of the Kashmiri cause. It was 16th, March 1846, a day of complete relaxation for the British and a luxurious day for the Dogra rulers. But it is still among the darkest days and an ugly scar on the face of human race. When the British defeated Sikhs and annexed Punjab, the British sold the whole of Kashmir to Maharaja Gulab Singh of Jammu for only 75 lakhs ‘NanakShahi’ under a treaty called “The Treaty of Amritsar”. Through the Treaty of Amritsar, between the British Empire, which had stolen the Kashmiri Valley, Ladakh and Gilgit Baltistan from the earlier Sikh rule, and Gulab Singh, a Dogra from Jammu who subsequently initiated the Dogra dynasty which ruled Jammu and Kashmir as a princely state of British India for the next century until 1947.

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While India’s Modi Tweets About Imam Hussein (A.S.), His Occupation Army Brutalizes Ashoura Processions In Kashmir

by Jonathan Azaziah

Something straight out of the Twilight Zone happened last week. Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi tweeted the following at 5:23 am on September 14th, “Imam Husain (SA) sacrificed himself instead of accepting injustice. He was unwavering in his desire for peace and justice. His teachings are as relevant today as they were centuries ago.” Now… As you read that once and then read it again… Do remember that this is the same Modi who oversaw the butchery of thousands of Muslims in Gujarat; the same Modi who expanded ties with the usurping Zionist entity to unprecedented levels; the same Modi who also increased relations with the House of Saud, which is slaughtering Muslims directly in Yemen and by proxy across our region; and the same Modi who has given the green light to the wanton violence dished out against Muslims over the last several years by the Hindutvadi radicals of the BJP, VHP and RSS.

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Muharram From Occupied Kashmir: The Way Of Imam Hussein (A.S.) Is The Way To Azadi

by Jonathan Azaziah

We mourn this month for Imam Hussein and the Karbala 72, the peace, blessings and mercy of ALLAH (SWT) be upon them for eternity, recalling tragic heroes like Abdullah ibn Omayr Abou Wahab al-Kalbi, the Christian-turned-Muslim who was dismembered and beheaded after single-handedly killing dozens of Yazid’s (L.A.) mercenaries; Habib ibn Madhahir al-Assadi, the elderly warrior who led the Imam’s (A.S.) left flank and stayed by his side until martyrdom; Zuhayr ibn Qayn al-Bajali, a man who at first didn’t even want to speak to Aba Abdallah (A.S.), then wound up one of his fiercest defenders and the leader of his left flank as he divorced his own wife to fight with him on the Iraqi plains before being speared to death by Shimr’s (L.A.) savages; and many, many others. Continue reading Muharram From Occupied Kashmir: The Way Of Imam Hussein (A.S.) Is The Way To Azadi