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Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Is The Perfect Embodiment Of Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) Essence

by Jonathan Azaziah

This smile? This smile is worth more than every element and currency on Earth amalgamated. In fact, this smile is of such a transcendent value that when it is flashed, all of the gold, silver, platinum and gemstones in the whole of the planet are melted into heaps of molten scrap and rendered to the nothingness, for they simply cannot compare. This fist? This fist contains more might than all of the weapons of all of the tyrants in all of our region; more might than the cancerous tumor that putrefied Al-Quds and claims to have Earth’s 4th most powerful army; more might than the 1,000-base empire that claims the world needs its “exceptionalism” despite the fact that the only “exceptional” thing it has brought the world is exceptional amounts of suffering and ruin. This fist and this smile are everything. And Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, is, indeed, everything. For he is the perfect embodiment of Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) essence. Continue reading Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Is The Perfect Embodiment Of Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) Essence

Baghdad Carnage Today: Daesh’s Ramadan Massacre Of Iraqi Muslims Continues

by Jonathan Azaziah

ISIS’s Ramadan Massacre of Muslim civilians (particularly those of the Shi’a school of thought) continues with more slaughtered in Iraq today. Double car bombs ripped through the town of Taji and the predominantly Shi’a eastern Baghdad neighborhood of Jadida. Casualty count is at least 31 martyrs and over 70 others wounded. Even the most wondrous of wit, the worthiest of wordsmiths, the most anomalous of authors and the most methodical of maestros sometimes hit a block in their ability to express and describe, and I feel like I have just entered that sphere; I have run out of creative, poetic, eloquent ways to say how much I hate Daesh and its American-‘Israeli’-Saudi backers with all of my heart and my soul and every fiber of my being. So I’m just going to say it the way it needs to be said… From my guts: I HATE THESE GOD-FORSAKEN TAKFIRI MOTHERFUCKERS AND I PRAY THEY WILL BE EXTERMINATED OFF THE FACE OF THE PLANET. Continue reading Baghdad Carnage Today: Daesh’s Ramadan Massacre Of Iraqi Muslims Continues

Karbala Bombing: Not Even On Ramadan Does ISIS Let The Iraqi People Rest

by Jonathan Azaziah

DEATH TO DAESH. Not even on Ramadan does the Takfiri trash leave the Iraqi people alone. At least 5 innocents were murdered and more than 11 others were wounded earlier on this afternoon when a cowardly ISIS terrorist snuck into the holy city of Karbala and detonated a car bomb. The attack occurred a mere five kilometers from the shrines of Imam Hussein (A.S.) and Abou Fadhl al-Abbas (A.S.), not to mention right next to the house of Karbala Governor Aqeel al-Tourayhi. It is pathetically obvious that this hideous assault on civilians as they fast for Islam’s Holiest Month is the extent of MossadDaesh’s “response” to the ongoing liberation of Fallujah. The Takfiris are too inept, too weak and simply too gutless to stand and face our mighty moujahideen, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization, like men on the battlefield so they resort to what their ‘Israeli’, American ZOG and Saudi masters trained them to do: Inflict terrorism and spread fitnah. Let this be a reminder to all “geopolitical analysts” commenting on affairs in my homeland that the Wahhabi-Zionist fanatics of the “Islamic” State are about as “Islamic” as ‘Israeli’ Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, who says it’s a “mitzvah” to slaughter Palestinians. He most certainly thinks it’s a “mitzvah” for the Zionists’ Takfiri proxies to slaughter Iraqis too. Continue reading Karbala Bombing: Not Even On Ramadan Does ISIS Let The Iraqi People Rest

Hussein al-Houthi and Hajj Moustafa: The Poetic Tale Of Two Sayyed Badreddines

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Sons of Karbala, Yemeni and Lebanese
In your selfless sacrifice, you’re now together, see?! It’s destiny!
With your holy martyr blood, you laid waste to the enemies’ hegemony
And even as they concocted malevolence
So toxic, this nemesis
Noxious since Genesis, they’ve been operating heavily with devilry
You still strove!
And chilled those ill souls!
‘Till those pathetic schemes were leveled clean
Like your Katyushas had swooped in and reduced ‘em to kettle steam and severed dreams
Because your raw faith is like pure grace, you know the remedy is heavenly
Qur’anic Culture is the answer
to the Halakhic vultures and their cancer
And you both walked the path of Mouqawamah to tread and reach the mezzanine
You both waged Resistance and blazed more than a trail
You were like chainsaws and the nails
in the coffins of these savages, shattered them ‘till their entity was dead and reamed
Brought so many to this Cause of Truth, moving cleverly with enmity
towards these demons who never seem to let it breathe
in their quest to offensively and endlessly
wreak havoc on Earth and spread disease and entropy
You burning embers of Nour, you roared back relentlessly with chemistry
derived from ALLAH (SWT) to inspire Jihad for the past, future and presently so epically
Sharp as Zulfiqar, your most handsome angelic wings just yell and scream
As you soar so majestically and splendidly
And your dauntless spirits…
Live on like lyrics…
in the struggles of the oppressed, the stricken and the peasantry foreverly
Two Sayyed Badreddines, glowing so luminescently in ecstasy
Two Sayyed Badreddines, glowing so fluorescently with Heaven’s gleam
Two Sayyed Badreddines, martyrdoms mirror each other!
Like reflections so clear of each other!
Like your spirits be brothers! The comparison rings true so resplendently and specially
Sons of Karbala, Yemeni and Lebanese
In your selfless sacrifice, you’re now together, see?! It’s destiny!

Defiant Dahiyeh! Southern Beirut Suburbs Rock For Shahid Moustafa Badreddine!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Masha’ALLAH, Dahiyeh this morning was gorgeous! Long live Hizbullah! Long live Hajj Moustafa “Sayyed Zulfiqar” Badreddine! When a people transcend the fear of death, they also transcend the enemy’s ability to inflict harm upon them. Because what can an adversary, especially one as vicious, underhanded and lily-livered as the Zionist entity, actually do in terms of hurt to a people who adore the Next Life more than this one; who love martyrdom more than they love air? Like the millions of Husseini pilgrims from Iraq and abroad who made the journey to Kazimiyeh and Karbala, in a total rebuke of MossadDaesh, because nothing was going to keep them from Imam Moussa al-Kazim (A.S.), Imam Hussein (A.S.), Imam Zayn al-Abideen (A.S.) and Abou Fadhl al-Abbas (A.S.), today, the righteous, Godwary moujahideen of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance, their friends and their loved ones marched through the streets of the southern Beirut suburbs with the coffin of martryed Hizbullah Commander Hajj Moustafa Badreddine, putting the ‘Israeli’ enemy on notice that such a crime wouldn’t even put a single dent in Hizbullah’s armor. ‘Israel’ couldn’t defeat the Mouqawamah grill-to-grill during 22 years of criminal, barbaric occupation, nor could its “most moral army” defeat the Mouqawamah eye-to-eye during the 2006 July War, but it thinks it can cripple this Mighty Mouqawamah with covert assassinations and Takfiri destabilization? No. No, not at all. Stop with the Halakhic-Talmudic delusions. Hizbullah is always going to beat down and beat back the Zionist usurpers until they are driven from Palestine for good, the ultimate goal which Hajj Moustafa fought to achieve until his martyrdom. And on that note, please smile ya Sayyed Zulfiqar. Look down upon your beautiful community and their even more beautiful Culture of Resistance and smile, because with souls as defiant as this, the tremendousness of the vengeance for your assassination will only be eclipsed by the tremendousness of your wonderful life. Smile.

Bloodshed In Baghdad But Love For Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) Will Triumph Over Daesh’s Hate

by Jonathan Azaziah

My heart feels like it has hundreds of daggers in it after the carnage inflicted upon Iraqis in Baghdad this morning. ISIS unleashed three car bombs, one in Shi’a Sadr City which murdered over 64 innocents, another in mostly-Shi’a Kazimiyeh which claimed over 18 lives, and the final one in mostly-Sunni Jamiya which killed at least 7 civilians, displaying for the umpteenth time that no matter what our Islamic school of thought is, the hateful Takfiri monster, which is absolutely antithetical to Islam, slaughters us all the same. Among the Sadr City martyrs are brides and grooms who planned on marrying today and the death toll in all three areas is expected to rise as the wounded count is in the hundreds, including children. Is there anything more depraved than this? Is there any malevolence in the world that supersedes Daesh apart from its invading, genocidal, world-controlling Zionist-Imperialist masters?

And the reason for today’s atrocities couldn’t be more obvious. Because ISIS, the Frankenstein of Mossad, CIA and the dirty Saudi tyrants, has no reach in southern Iraq and couldn’t prevent the millions of Iraqis as well as Lebanese, Pakistani, Afghani and Iranian pilgrims from making their way into Karbala for the birthday of Imam Hussein (A.S.), these agents of Dajjal did the only thing they know how to do, indeed what they were BRED to do by Empire Judaica: Murder, murder, murder, as a means of instilling so much fear in the Iraqi people that they will cower into a corner and accept whatever the American ZOG demands of them, be it the relinquishment of our resources, lands and sovereignty, or the acceptance of what Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini (R.A.) called “American Islam”, i.e. a non-resistant, toothless, non-substantive, soulless, NON-HUSSEINI version of our religion which will lead us into endless servitude.

Well, I hate to disappoint you Wahhabi cockroaches, but this just isn’t going to happen. Not in this life, the next, or ever. On the contrary, Iraqis, in all their Husseini glory, will continue bashing your demented, sectarian heads in across every single front in our country as well as Syria where we are fighting alongside the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah, the IRGC, the Syrian Arab Army and Palestinian Liwa Al-Quds. AND! We’re going to keep the celebration in Karbala going too! For we still have to commemorate the birthdays of Abou Fadhl al-Abbas (A.S.), the lionhearted brother of Imam Hussein (A.S.), and Imam Zayn al-Abideen (A.S.), the son of Imam Hussein (A.S.) and the fourth Shi’a Imam who refused to stop his eloquent du’a and adherence to the ways of his father despite all of Yazid’s torment and oppression. So do your worst Daesh; your bombs, bullets and bloodshed are ultimately like rain drops in the ocean when compared to the love that the Iraqi people have for Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) And as the millions on the holy streets of Karbala are proving to you and your ‘Israeli’-US-Saudi overlords, love triumphs over hate each and every day of the week.

Still No Fear Of ISIS: Millions In Karbala To Celebrate Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) Birthday

by Jonathan Azaziah

Empire can’t keep the Iraqi people down! Millions upon MILLIONS are on the streets of the holy city of Karbala right now to celebrate the birthday of Imam Hussein (A.S.), as if Daesh, Yazid’s ideological successors, represented nothing more than a mere gnat-like annoyance! The fear level is ZERO among those whose hearts, souls, minds and bodies are Husseini! Invasions and sanctions ain’t break us. The Mossad-P2OG-birthed ‘dirty war’ ain’t make us kneel. And the NATO-backed, ‘Israeli’-armed, Saudi-fueled Takfiri terrorism of ISIS ain’t gonna cut the mustard either. There is nothing that the sons of apes and pigs and their Wahhabi proxy freaks can do to keep the faithful from their duty to honor the Prince of Martyrdom, the Chief of the Voiceless, the Obliterator of Oppression, the Destroyer of Depravity, the Upholder of the Upright, Hussein (A.S.), whenever and wherever he beckons. This kind of faith, which manifests into a defiance that is unlimited in scope, is nothing less than catastrophic for the enemies of Iraq and our entire region. Because he who cannot be bullied or pressured, he who cannot be bought and sold with petrodollars like a commodity on the Zionist-controlled global stock market or forced to salute artificial rulers, he who does not surrender, he whose knees don’t buckle when confronted with adversity, he who knows not what it is to be afraid of death, he who is HUSSEINI, is he who cannot be conquered. And it this transcendental, transhistorical aura of Mouqawamah that makes Hizbullah, Ansarullah, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps victorious in all their endeavors, no matter how overwhelming the odds. And it is this transcendental, transhistorical aura of Mouqawamah which gives Iraqis the seemingly superhuman strength to JUST KEEP GOING despite all the horrors they’ve endured. Happy birthday Imam Hussein (A.S.), and ALLAH’s (SWT) choicest blessings to the Iraqis and foreign pilgrims who made the trek to Karbala. You beautiful, dauntless people, you HEROES, are the reason this miserable, Dajjalic world of darkness still has some semblance of light.

Karbala hussein 2

Happy Birthday Imam Hussein (A.S.)! Let’s Let “Hussein’s Song” Knock!

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Happy birthday Imam Hussein (A.S.)! Before there was Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi and Sayyed Hashim al-Haidari, there was Imam Hussein (A.S.), savior of Islam, son of Imam Ali (A.S.) and Lady Fatima az-Zahra (A.S.), grandson of our noble Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.), whom all our heroes are descendants of. The Lion of Karbala was the original champion of the oppressed; the original flag-bearer of justice; the original defender of the orphans; the original trampler of tyranny; the original defier of despotism; the original personification of resistance in the physical and the spiritual form; the Sayyed of Sayyeds, the Revolutionary of Revolutionaries and the Master of Martyrs. When the nascent Ummah quivered in fear before the hedonistic, repulsive, shaytanic, drunkard dictator Yazid, Imam Hussein (A.S.) took a stand for Islam and truth, giving his life for our Deen and the pursuit of what is right. Thus, his born-day is a precious, rare-jewel-like gift bestowed on Muslims and really, all human beings. And it is with this that I present to you “Hussein’s Song”, produced by my perpetually-gifted younger brother Jared Azaziah aka Dark Night, off my 2015 record Son Of Kufa Volume 1: Rise Of The Anomaly. I wrote this joint not as a mere musical representation of my own adherence to Shi’a Islamic Liberation Theology, or that of the forces of the Mouqawamah Axis for that matter, but as an anthem for humanity, because the sacrifice made by the Imam (A.S.) in Karbala on Ashoura carries a message of undeniable universalism, hence why Arbaeen (the ceremony that marks the end of the 40 days of mourning for the Imam’s martyrdom) is the biggest religious event on Earth and is attended not only by Shi’a, but Sunnis, Sufis, Ibadis, Christians, believers of other faiths and believers of no identified faith at all. Everyone loves Imam Hussein (A.S.), regardless of their ethno-communal background! The only ones who don’t are those who carry on the legacy of the Holy Prophet’s (S.A.W.W.) enemies and oppress the innocent, the weak and the downtrodden. So for the Imam (A.S.) on his birthday, and all his literal and ideological descendants fighting against World Zionism–the Yazid of our time–on the front lines in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, occupied Palestine, Iraq, Nigeria, Bahrain and beyond: LET IT KNOCK!

Islamic-Christian Unity: Priests March For Imam Hussein On Arbaeen

With the Zionist-Takfiri war on Christians and Arab-Christian identity and history raging in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq itself, seeing Christian priests marching with Muslim pilgrims who flocked in record numbers to the holy city of Karbala for Arbaeen is nothing short of awe-inspiring.  Indeed, this beautiful act of defiance is the remedy for the the murderous Takfirism of ISIS and the very embodiment of what Imam Hussein (A.S.) stood for, fought for and sacrificed himself for. Continue reading Islamic-Christian Unity: Priests March For Imam Hussein On Arbaeen

A record high: 20 million mourners mark Arba’een in Iraq’s Karbala

by Altaf Ahmad, Press TV

Millions of black-clad mourners flooding the holy city of Karbala for Arba’een. They have flocked to the holy city of Karbala from all over the world in a deafening roar of determination in the face of ISIL-led terrorism. Continue reading A record high: 20 million mourners mark Arba’een in Iraq’s Karbala