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MossadDaesh Slaughters Dozens of Shi’a Muslims In Southern Iraq… Jummah Mubarak To Our Martyrs…

by Jonathan Azaziah

Jummah Mubarak to the blessed martyrs of today’s MossadDaesh attack on the Iraqi Shi’a Muslims of Moussayib near Karbala. At least 31 of our people have been slaughtered and more than 35 more have been wounded after ISIS unleashed a female suicide bomber in a crowded souk. Death toll is expected to rise. I have just three words for you Takfiri terrorist pieces of filth: HAYHAT MINNA ZILLA. You strike our women and children in markets as they fast, we will strike you in your bases and crush you. You blow yourselves up at an ice cream shop as our families are breaking their fasts, we will chase you down into the holes you crawled up out of and make sure you never emerge again. You harm the innocent and most defenseless among us, we will, whether your American-‘Israeli’-Saudi masters want it or not, eventually meet you on the battlefield and return you to the demons who spawned you. HAYHAT MINNA ZILLA. Continue reading MossadDaesh Slaughters Dozens of Shi’a Muslims In Southern Iraq… Jummah Mubarak To Our Martyrs…

Alhamdulillah For The Resistance Of Nigeria’s Shi’a, Yemen, Palestine’s Hunger Strikers, Venezuela And Syria’s Aleppo

by Jonathan Azaziah

Jummah Mubarak, Jummah Karim to all y’all wonderful people. Today, we make noise for all the Nigerian Shi’a marching for Sheikh Zakzaky’s immediate release in multiple Nigerian cities. We sound off for the MILLIONS of Yemenis on the streets of Sanaa slamming Al-Saud and letting the Wahhabi tyranny as well as its masters know that Yemen is a NATION ON ITS FEET, thus making the act of kneeling an impossibility. We let it rip for the 1,700+ Palestinian prisoners who are now on day 26 of their epic mass hunger strike. The tenacity of these Cast Iron Stomach Warriors in the face of Zion’s violent raids and psychological warfare humbles even the most selfish and arrogant among us. We bow our heads in du’a for the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela which is in the throes of a vicious “regime change” conspiracy and we tip our hats to the Chavistas refusing to break before the Empire as they defend El Comandante Chavez’s legacy with their very lives. And lastly but most certainly not least, we raise our glasses of the finest Iraqi pomegranate juice to the 30 soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army and their breathtakingly beautiful brides who got married today in liberated Aleppo City, the largest wedding celebration in Syria’s economic capital in over 6 years. The Syrian will to live, rooted in more than 1,000 centuries of civilization, prevails over the barbarity of Zio-Imperialism and its Takfiri scourge once again. Moral of the story on this blessed Friday? The peoples of Mouqawamah… OUR PEOPLES… be they Arab or Latino, Muslim or Christian, shall not relent in their struggles, giving us hope, oh so precious hope, that a better world, one without Jewish-Zionist hegemony, is not merely possible but inevitable. And for that, we simply say… Alhamdulillah.

What A Beautiful Day! Syrian Arab Army Downs A Zionist Warplane And Ansarullah Sends Scores of Invaders To Hell!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Jummah Mubarak! Glory to the Syrian Arab Army for shooting an ‘Israeli’ terrorist warplane right the hell down in the wee hours of the morning! Let all the Takfiri-sympathizing dimwits, “leftist” liars and Zionist propagandists who have said for years that Syria doesn’t shoot back CHOKE on their fallacious words. LONG LIVE SYRIA! And as if that wasn’t gorgeous enough, the Mighty Moujahideen of Ansarullah just sent around four dozen Saudi-led invaders and AQAP terrorists to Jahannam with a ballistic missile strike on an enemy gathering in Ma’rib. LONG LIVE YEMEN!

Gonna go grab some mana’eesh, a lil’ bit of tea with raw honey and a book of Nizar Qabbani poetry… ‘Cause it’s a beautiful day!

Merry Christmas & Happy Mawlid Al-Nabawi: Sayyed Nasrallah Hails Aleppo Victory, Shreds Aleppo #FakeNews

by Jonathan Azaziah

Thank God Almighty for Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. Since Aleppo’s liberation, the information sphere in our region has broken down into fragments because the despots who own the vast majority of it–Saudi Arabia and Qatar–are totally flipping out over the colossal defeat that has been inflicted on their Wahhabi heads. Lunatic editorials in The Middle East Eye hysterically warn of an Iranian takeover of our entire region. Al-Jazeera English and Arabic are churning out so much atrocity hasbara and outright support for Nusra and Daesh head-choppers that one can’t even keep up. Al-Arabiya has gone so mental that it’s just barely stopping short of blaming Assad, Putin and Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei for killing JFK along with staging 9/11. And the so-called “activists” who remain blindly and idiotically loyal to the nonexistent “Syrian revolution” are marching through Western capitals and barking about a “holocaust”. Amid this chaos, as always, Hizbullah’s Secretary-General stands alone as the face, the voice, the essence and the light of truth. Continue reading Merry Christmas & Happy Mawlid Al-Nabawi: Sayyed Nasrallah Hails Aleppo Victory, Shreds Aleppo #FakeNews

Iraqi Shi’a Legend Abou Azrael Prays With A Sunni Fighter Near Mosul, Demolishing Zionist Media’s Sectarian Narrative

by Jonathan Azaziah

Nothing says “Jummah Mubarak!” like Islamic unity. Pictured here are Omar al-Tikriti, a Sunni fighter of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units, and Abou Azrael (Ayyoub Faleh al-Rubaie), commander of the Imam Ali (A.S.) Brigade and Iraq’s most prolific Shi’a moujahid who has single-handedly neutralized nearly 1,000 ISIS terrorists. (Yes, the big-bearded Takfiri slayer keeps his weapon on his sajjadah ’cause badassery is just what he does :D!) The two Muhammadi soldiers are praying together before returning to the battle against MossadDaesh on the outskirts of Mosul. Joint Sunni-Shi’a prayer sessions are routine in Iraq’s conflict zones. Not only due to the genuine love and brotherhood between the moujahideen of each respective Islamic school of thought, but also because there is no greater weapon against ISIS than the categorical rejection of division. If there was so much violent sectarianism in Iraq, how could these two be anywhere near the same vicinity as one another, let alone praying together? If there was a “Sunni-Shi’a war” unfolding on Mesopotamia’s streets and sands, how could this even be possible? If the Sunnis hated the Shi’a, wouldn’t Omar go for Abou Azrael’s jugular? And if the Shi’a were “marginalizing” and “persecuting” and “communally cleansing” Sunnis, Abou Azrael would’ve put his boot on his comrade’s neck, not kneel down side-by-side with him in worship, right? Right. So stop believing the filth of International Zionism’s press. Continue reading Iraqi Shi’a Legend Abou Azrael Prays With A Sunni Fighter Near Mosul, Demolishing Zionist Media’s Sectarian Narrative

Al-Aqsa In Danger: ‘Israelis’ Yet Again Threaten To Replace Third Holiest Islamic Site With Third Temple

by Jonathan Azaziah

Jummah Mubarak brethen. Do keep Al-Aqsa in your du’a today because the usurping Zionist entity is yet again threatening Islam’s third holiest site in the name of its demonic “Third Temple”. As long as the ‘Israeli’ cancer exists, Al-Aqsa, Qoubbat al-Sakhrah and all Palestinian as well as regional sanctities are in grave danger. And with the chaos across the Arab-Islamic world raging thanks to the Mossad-sponsored likes of Daesh and other Takfiri gangs, this danger has never been greater because eyes aren’t focused on Palestine where they should be but on Zio-manufactured internal strife instead. With Jews worldwide marking the destruction of the Second Temple just a few days ago on the occasion of Tisha B’av–the 9th day of Av which is the 11th month after the Jewish New Year, and the “holiday” that Organized Jewry made manifest when they blew up the Twin Towers on September 11th and inaugurated their 100-year war on Islam–‘Israeli’ television broadcasted numerous reports about Jewish occupation organizations and institutions salivating over the prospect of destroying Al-Aqsa and building the “Third Temple” in its place; they were only awaiting an order from the “Tel Aviv” regime itself to move forward with this conspiracy. Continue reading Al-Aqsa In Danger: ‘Israelis’ Yet Again Threaten To Replace Third Holiest Islamic Site With Third Temple

“Ummah” Doesn’t Cry or Speak For Zakzaky ‘Cause Zakzaky Is Shi’a

by Jonathan Azaziah

Jummah Mubarak. Please do keep Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky, who remains unjustly imprisoned alongside his wife in a Nigerian regime dungeon, sincerely present in your prayers today, as well as all the families of the Zaria Martyrs whose hearts are still in shambles. “The Ummah” has not only forgotten them, but abandoned and betrayed them; the Saudi regime’s ever-corrupting money, fused with the heavy-handed brainwashing techniques of the US-‘Israeli’ Empire, has created the vilest of vile fitnah. Reflecting further on Zakzaky’s plight and the failure of the Muslim world as a whole to come to his aid, I am reminded of the Wahhabi-Salafi doctrine of fighting the “internal oppressor” or “immediate enemy”, prioritized by the likes of the “Muslim” Brotherhood, Hizb ut-Tahrir, CAIR, etc., before fighting the “external oppressor” or “enemy from afar”. One would think that the Islamic Movement of Nigeria’s bright-faced leader fits this description to the letter, for Zakzaky is one of the world’s premier ‘Ulama who has been monstrously persecuted by a secular tyrant for preaching Islam that is both anti-Imperialist and anti-Zionist in solidarity with the globe’s Moustazafeen. Muhammadu Buhari and Goodluck Jonathan before him are the very embodiment of “internal oppressors”. Continue reading “Ummah” Doesn’t Cry or Speak For Zakzaky ‘Cause Zakzaky Is Shi’a

Sayyed Nasrallah: Wind Of Wisdom, Tower Of Truth, Leader Of Lionheartedness

by Jonathan Azaziah

Jummah with Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is among the greatest gifts in the known (as well as the unknown) universe–as is any other day, really, when the Secretary-General of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance graces us with his presence and blesses us with a speech. Billowing clouds of smog from the treacherous and traitorous tyrants who refer to themselves as “kings” and “emirs” toxify the very air our region breathes but Sayyed Abou Hadi is the Wind of Wisdom that blows it all away into nothingness; the Tower of Truth that dwarfs them entirely. Spiritually and politically speaking, Nasrallah is our sustenance. And his speech today, which marked 40 days since the martyrdom of Hajj Moustafa “Sayyed Zulfiqar” Badreddine (R.A.), was a reminder of just how powerfully his every word hits home and why it isn’t merely essential but EXISTENTIAL to pay the utmost attention (either by listening or reading the transcript) when he speaks. Continue reading Sayyed Nasrallah: Wind Of Wisdom, Tower Of Truth, Leader Of Lionheartedness

First Jummah Of Ramadan And My Heart Is With Palestine’s Makhamreh Heroes

by Jonathan Azaziah

First Jummah of Ramadan 2016 (1437 A.H.) and my mind is squarely focused on Falasteen. All my love, my du’a, my thoughts and my solidarity are with the Palestinian heroes of Al-Khalil’s Yatta town, Muhammad Ahmad Moussa Makhamreh and Khalid Muhammad Moussa Makhamreh, for their absolutely epic Mouqawamist operation in the corroded colony known as “Tel Aviv” this past Wednesday night. The two cousins marched into the Zionist usurper stronghold in suits and ties, like complete and utter badasses, and opened fire on the enemy occupiers as these maleficent maggots obliviously enjoyed their despicable supremacist lives squatting on land that doesn’t belong to them. At least four Zionist settlers were sent to the hellfire and six more were wounded before the Makhamreh warriors bounced, leaving fear, terror, heartache (if the ‘Israelis’ even have hearts, maybe dead ones comprised of blackened, bed-bug-infested, demon parts… It’s truly debatable), screams, pain and nightmares amongst the colonizers in their wake. Continue reading First Jummah Of Ramadan And My Heart Is With Palestine’s Makhamreh Heroes

Ayatollah Sayyed Ahmad Khatami Absolutely Slayed It During Jummah Last Week

by Jonathan Azaziah

Ayatollah Sayyed Ahmad Khatami, the super-fiery Tehran Temporary Friday Prayers Leader, ripped into Al-Saud and absolutely SLAYED IT during Jummah last week:

“Saudi Arabia expands ties with the Zionist regime day by day and has openly admitted that they are engaged in proxy wars with Bahrain, Yemen and Syria on behalf of the Zionists. Wherever there are criminal Takfiri operations and wherever there are instances of genocide, traces of Saudi Arabia’s petrodollars can be found. The Saudi tyrants intend to block the Iranian Hajj pilgrims’ presence in the upcoming Hajj ritual, but they are nobodies! Mecca and Medina are two international cities which belong to all Muslims! Iran favors a dignified and secure Hajj and we will never allow our pilgrims to go to a contemptuous and insecure ritual. The disaster that happened in Mina last year will never be cleared from the faces of the Saudi despots.”

I wish the entire Arab-Islamic world would heed the Ayatollah’s powerful words and treat the Wahhabi “royals” in Riyadh like the murderous, sectarian, unhinged, collaborationist, Takfiri-fathering monsters that they are. We’d all be a hell of a lot better off.