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Crimea River Full Of Gefilte Fish: Ukraine’s Presidential Election Is A Farce Designed To Shore Up World Jewry’s Interests

by Jonathan Azaziah

The fight for the presidency in Ukraine is some wild kinda circus, let me tell you. A nation with an ancient Orthodox Christian history and who is vying for the control of it? Two Zionist Jews. Could there be anything more absurd? Could there be anything more insulting to the millions on top of millions of Ukrainians murdered by Jewish Bolshevik terrorists? Could there be a bigger abomination of the historical record? Actually… Yes… Yes, there could. How about a Christ-hating rabbinical wizard having de facto control over a CIA-fostered breakaway church in the name of undermining Russia? ASIDE FROM THAT THOUGH… And in this specific context… You’ll be hard-pressed to find another one. Let’s meet the contenders, shall we?

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‘Israel’ Hit Damascus On Christmas Out Of Christ-Hatred, Now It Has Bombed Damascus On Zaynab’s (A.S.) Birthday Out Of Islam-Hatred

by Jonathan Azaziah

‘Israel’ actively finds ways to increase its filth. I mean… Just when you thought it had located the bottom of the depravity-abyss, it demonically innovates to keep sinking lower and lower to depths even more depraved than previously imagined. It wasn’t enough that the bastards of Zion bombed Damascus on Christmas a couple weeks ago. While the Syrian Arab Army was hit in the illegal air raid, cowardly launched from Lebanon to avoid Syrian and Russian air defenses, it was perplexing to the overwhelming majority of analysts as there wasn’t any militarily strategic reasoning behind it. That’s because it wasn’t military but ideological. ‘Israel’ bombed Damascus as millions of innocents were celebrating Christmas for the first time without Takfiri terrorism in their city in 7 years because it hates Christ (A.S.) That’s it. Opposition to the Messiahship of Jesus (A.S.) is foundational to Judaic-Zionist thought.

And the Jewish terrorist leadership all the way up to Netanyahu, furious about their humiliation in Syria, thought what better way to inflict horror on Syrians and stick it to the guy who fought the Zionists’ predecessors, the Pharisees, 2,000 years ago on top of it, than raining bombs on their parade. Hatred of Christ (A.S.) factors into multiple elements of Jewish everyday life, from religious praxis to Hollywood. It’s the central motivation behind the Jewish domination of the pornography industry also. Well. Now the Zionists have gone ahead and bombed Damascus yet again and on yet another high, holy day, only this time it’s for Muslims: The birthday of Sayyeda Zaynab al-Kubra (A.S.), revered by massive swathes of the Ummah, especially Shi’a, and there were a large number of pilgrims at her shrine in the Syrian capital celebrating and praying right around the time ‘Israel’ carried out its latest aggression.

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Modi The Murderer Arrives In The Usurping ‘Israeli’ Entity, Officially Cementing The Blood-Soaked Zionist-Hindutvadi Alliance

by Jonathan Azaziah

My goodness, will you just look at Modi go! Modi the Magnificent! Modi the Marvelous! Modi the Miraculous! First Indian premier to ever travel to the usurping Zionist tumor and what a spectacle it was. Truthfully, we gotta give Modi the Maggot some major credit, huh? While every one of his predecessors has maintained military-intelligence ties with the ‘Israeli’ enemy going back over 50 years, Modi made history as he took the ‘Israeli’-Indian special relationship out into the open and made the subservience of “Hindustan” to “Tel Aviv” a matter of official policy. CAN WE GET A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR THE BUTCHER OF GUJARAT FOR BEING THE BEST “HINDUTSTANI” SHABBOS GOY EVER?! PLEASE?! Continue reading Modi The Murderer Arrives In The Usurping ‘Israeli’ Entity, Officially Cementing The Blood-Soaked Zionist-Hindutvadi Alliance

The Disturbing, Dangerous Case Of Australia’s Mohammad al-Tawhidi: Fake Muslim, Sectarian Agitator, Fake Scholar And Zionist Agent

by Jonathan Azaziah

There is no enemy more dangerous than the devil inside the gates. And that is exactly what Iraqi-Australian “Sheikh” Mohammad al-Tawhidi is on both counts: An enemy–of Shi’a, of Sunnis, of Islam as a whole, of Palestine, of humanity–and a devil. He is described ad nauseam as a “moderate” but is actually an extremist–an anti-Islamic extremist, that is–in every sense of the word. This fork-tongued agent of Dajjal has been making the rounds across mainstream media platforms in recent months and is once again back in the spotlight after Mossad’s false flag attack on London Bridge, using Twitter to spread devilry such as, ‘most of the world’s terrorism is because of those 72 virgins’, along with, ‘Of course Islam teaches murder. Muslims beheaded the sons of their own Prophet Muhammad in Karbala’, and saying that Iran is in many cases worse than Saudi Arabia. More on this shortly though. He also mouthed off after the Mossad-MI5 false flag in Manchester. Speaking on the Australian TV program “Sunrise”, Tawhidi spewed every Zionist-Orientalist trope you could think of about the Deen, from “Islam was spread by the sword”, to “for 1,400 years we have had a religion of war”, to the absurd and atrocious claim that, “Our books teach the beheading of people.” The “books” he’s referring to are never mentioned of course because he’s a liar and a pile of slime that makes other piles of slime look like treasure troves of gold. Continue reading The Disturbing, Dangerous Case Of Australia’s Mohammad al-Tawhidi: Fake Muslim, Sectarian Agitator, Fake Scholar And Zionist Agent

Make No Mistake, The Manchester Terrorist Attack Is A Mossad False Flag

by Jonathan Azaziah

Shlomo is at it again, huh? Six-pointed-star marks the spot in Manchester!

As the White and European group of lemmings will reactively and idiotically blame Islam, the Brown and Muslim group of lemmings will pathetically and vomit-inducingly beg their oppressors and colonizers to stop being so mean and racist and use classic liberal meme-methodologies like “Muslims are people too”, or “Islam is peace and love”, or my personal favorite, “Muslim lives matter”. Like Western ZOGs and the imperial-enthuiast supporters of Western ZOGs give anything even remotely resembling a damn or a hoot about Muslims when they continue rampaging through our homelands and will undoubtedly use this particular event as yet another pretext to up the ante of that rampage. And as they go back-and-forth in this pointless game of Musical Chairs for “Goyim”, the aforementioned Shlomo lurks in the shadows, counting his shekels and cackling like the blood-drinking ghoul that he is because the “clash of civilizations” rolls onward like a Palestinian baby’s head in besieged Gaza decapitated by an ‘Israeli’ flechette bomb. Continue reading Make No Mistake, The Manchester Terrorist Attack Is A Mossad False Flag

Saudi “Crown Prince” Insults Iran’s Belief In Imam al-Mahdi (A.S.), Revealing The True Judaic Colors Of Wahhabiism To The World

by Jonathan Azaziah

Death to the murderous, miserable, marauding House of Saud. Riyadh’s “Crown Prince” Mohammad bin Salman had the gall to insult Iran’s belief in Imam al-Mahdi (A.S.) 48 hours ago. Newsflash to this miscreant who is supposed to illegally rule over the Hijaz the moment that his (literally) demented bastard of a father drops dead: It ain’t just we Shi’a who are awaiting the return of Mawla al-Zaman (A.S.) but our Sunni brethren too. Yes indeed, allegiance to the Mahdi (A.S.) ain’t a Shi’a thing but a Muslim thing. The idiotic and hateful comment of the “Crown Prince” is the final nail in the coffin of the assertion that Al-Saud has ANYTHING to do with Islam. For years, we have told you that Wahhabi-Takfirism is not an Islamic school of thought but Judaism in pseudo-Islamic garb; an outright perversion of our faith used by the Empire of Zion to simultaneously wage its two-pronged war on Islam through hasbara and interventionism. Now you have the irrefutable proof. He who rejects and sneers at Imam al-Mahdi (A.S.) is he who rejects and sneers at the father of Imam al-Mahdi (A.S.), i.e. the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) Salman’s son, this boor masquerading as a “royal”, thought he was galvanizing his Wahhabi-Takfiri base by spewing poison at the Islamic Republic of Iran but instead, in his asininity, revealed his true Judaic face to the Ummah and the world. Continue reading Saudi “Crown Prince” Insults Iran’s Belief In Imam al-Mahdi (A.S.), Revealing The True Judaic Colors Of Wahhabiism To The World

“Fifteen Years Of Hell”, The First Single Off “Eternally Husseini”, Is Officially Out!

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Salaam my dear brothers and sisters!!!! As promised, in commemoration of the 15-year anniversary of Mossad’s false flag attack on 9-11-01, thanks to a frantic, steadfast, ’round-the-clock mixing and mastering effort by my genius engineer and fam from another ma’am Payday Monsanto (William Sweeney), I present to you the 11-minute, epic-as-epic-can-be “Fifteen Years Of Hell” featuring Trevolution (Trevor LaBonte) on the absolutely masterful guitar, the first single off “Eternally Husseini”, produced by my skyscrapingly brilliant brother Iron Galaxy (Xayne Hammad). What took place on that cruel, history-shifting September day continues to affect us all in the most negative way imaginable to this very moment, both in the West and in our homelands. And while the Zionist media has been pushing lies for the last several months in an attempt to put blame on the tyrannical Saudi “royal” family–which deserves to rot in Jahannam for an infinite number of reasons, but 9/11 ain’t one of ’em–this has been nothing but a ruse notably led by the likes of Chuck Schumer, Mindy Kleinberg and Mortimer Zuckerman to direct attention off the true culprit: ‘Israel’ and a Jewish-Zionist criminal network in the upper echelons of both New York City’s circles of influence and the American regime in Washington DC. This song, the fourth in a series I’ve been writing since I was 20, tackles this core element of 9/11 Truth–i.e. Zion being the mastermind of the attacks–from the geopolitical, historical, activist and “spiritual” angles, and brings realities to light that you won’t hear, see, or read anywhere else, either from “analysts” or so-called “revolutionary” emcees. It is something special, a lyrical mini-movie and musical art as Iron Galaxy called it. I am, to say the least, more proud than I can describe of the track, not to mention of everyone involved in making it, and I pray with all of my heart that y’all love it as much as we do. So without another damn second of delay, I give you “Fifteen Years Of Hell”! Let it knock! Let it blast! Let it rip! Let it scream! Let it make the halls of power rumble in apprehension! And let it upset the living daylights out of any coward who refuses to repeat the following: #IsraelDid911 #911WasAZionistJob #DeathToIsrael #Real911TruthExposesZion

“Fifteen Years Of Hell” Lyrics

by Madd Cold (Jonathan Azaziah)

World’s greatest conspiracy and the plotters got the Muslims asleep at the wheel/Stuck in a discourse controlled by Yahoud you slick-talk and scold and abuse George Bush like this mook is the reason for ills/He is nothing but the puppet, just the frontman, just the Shabbos Goy stooge for these crooks who are demons for real/You don’t catch the interconnectedness of their kinship networks and the ethnic, cult-religious, tribalistic specificity, of these sick butchers you shriek at schlemiels/You don’t even catch their Yiddish as their anti-Islamic agenda and their faggotronic histrionics dismember us in their push, you just look and you squeak and you squeal/All of our blood’s what the Hooks have been seeking to steal/And it’s right in what their books have been teaching but still/Y’all tripped up and fell for the okiest doke/We’ll get to the class soon but I’m giving you Sassoon in the verse, ‘cause that hasbara curse has got you higher than Chinese on the Baghdadi Jews’ opium smoke/Seven countries in five years, worldwide fire is what Zion and its cronies have stoked/Gas chambers ain’t make 4,000 ‘Israelis’ vanish into thin air, and miss work on 9/11, do you see what I did there?! It is such boloney, a joke/Every one of ‘em got a text from Odigo, but don’t you go to the media, they will just tell you it’s an odious trope/Kobi Alexander, Alex Diamandis, Avner and Maskit Ronen, they ain’t even the beginning when it comes to these felonious folk/

Towers came down and the whole globe burned
But, I will not hold my tongue and be reduced to no words
Let the rhymes blast in ultraviolet bars
And tell the Earth, 9/11 was a Zionist Job
Through the wreckage and the fire and the flames
We’ll tear down the oppressors and the liars and the lames
They, dropped poison but we swiftly cleared the well
And we survived this, Fifteen Years Of Hell

Told y’all that there would be a lesson on these demented worms, unbridled ticks/Blood-sucking bugs, they are disgusting thugs who have crushed anyone looking into how their terror turns and stifled it/I already know you never heard of Michael Dick/Federal agent investigating an ‘Israeli’-‘state’-owned corporation by the name of Zim, and the filth they were engaging in, Michael Chertoff let him squirm and bite a bit/He ain’t want him to know they broke their lease with a mere few days go right before 9/11 so he fired him, expired his career, they’re diametrically opposed to Heaven’s Word and righteousness/ From top to bottom, Jewry orchestrated the dumb fable/Hijackers were actually the patsies of Mossad and that’s just one angle/Stephen Cauffman wrote the NIST report, Ben Chertoff penned the Popular Mechanics hit on anyone asking questions of course, there are two more scumbagels/Ellinoff, Gold and Jason Bermas are “9/11 Truth’s” un-angels/Every Yid complicit needs to get stung then hung from their Talmudically spun halos/J.U.M.s mangle and operate at different levels but, every devil’s scandalous/How you want your cover-up?! Amit Yoran and Guardium, or Alan Ratner’s Metal Management/Saudis did the job?! Who’s selling the slime?/None other than Chuck Schumer and the ugliest-mutt Jewess Mindy Kleinberg the most hellish of swine/“Royal Scum” front page was just Mortimer Zuckerman telling you lies/You’re not a dominant shooter, if you never exposed Dominic Suter for his role in this elephant crime/I’m explosive enough to tell you all about the LVI Services of Burton Fried/And enough of a lobster fam to dig deep into the hottest sand, and reveal Michael Bloomberg’s put options scam, yeah, he was working for Bear Sterns’ greed/Goldman Sachs forewarned by their fellow warlords but I am “anti-Semitic”?! to point out it’s all wrong, come on dog, it is just murderous absurdity/


WTC is both Solomon’s Temple and a replicate of the Kaaba/So destroying it was literally the destroyers of history anointing and maliciously a crusade against Islam with pestilences and horror/Executed for Tisha B’av, when the Jews commemorate the Second Temple’s destruction/Message here is vengeance on the New Rome and the erection of a new throne, no different than a shtetl, it’s a Jew zone with the “kings” spreading things of infectious mental corruption/Make society so disconnected and dejected they can’t even recognize the most obvious lesson of rejecting simple injustice/Create a fake enemy in the form of Muslims to justify the preplanned marauding and the death/And it is here we return to the symbological connect/What does it mean if the peak of Freemasonry i.e. the Hiram Abiff-made Temple of Solomon is wrecked?/This is how you know the “chosen” are Satan, Twin Towers represented Boaz and Jachin/Destroy these pillars and you open a gate to release an evil beyond every known “normal” so corroded and tainted/Not something that they speak of or tell, just ask Isser Harel, the blueprints were there and yo/This was years ago/Oded Yinon, Clean Break and PNAC, this is how these monsters steer the show/How they disseminate fear and sow, discord when they pull the ripcord and unleash their scheme, stop with the fear you need to be clear and know/who the controllers are, I’m talking ‘bout Libby, Feith, Wurmser and Perle/These are some of the Halakhic types burning the world/Raping and poisoning, Schmitt, Bauer, Friedberg, Krauthammer down to the Kagans and Scheunemann/Solarz and Gaffney, the list is just so large and ghastly, world domination’s what they’re baking and boiling/Bernstein to Wortzel to Bolton, Epstein to Cohen, Shulsky to Rosen, Rudy Boschwitz to Norman Podhoretz, I’ma take all of these verminous demons to task/The predator’s relentless, they “Rebuilt America’s Defenses”, by turning our region to ash/


They hit Afghanistan first and the Bin Laden search was the pretext that the criminals yelled/Even though the CIA asset Osama aka Timothy Osman was in pitiful health/Died at the end of ‘01 but they kept his image alive like a terrorism shogun and on TV repeat in a cylindrical swell/Hasbara was so obnoxious it was something that even the biggest of the imbeciles felt/Agenda was obvious, but they still exercised maximum not minimal stealth/Yosef Maiman’s Merhav Group swooped in to steal Afghani mineral wealth/“Thou shalt do war by way of deception”, that’s the tactic of the Heeb/Rendered the Towers to powder and used it to shroud their crushing of Palestine’s Intifada II and when they massacred Jenin/Jews start the gnashing of the teeth yo, they gasp and then they shriek when they hear the goldenly written/exceptional, Anti-Parasite poetry ripping/Sayyed Nasrallah said that Iraq was butchered according to Jewish prophecy, but damn it, nobody listened/They destabilized Pakistan with the Dragon Policy and drone strikes/CIA-Mossad nexus cultivated factions of Al-Shabab reckless and converted Somalia, to a ravaged colony with no life/They invaded Lebanon to get the dominos rolling but Hizbullah saved us all/Wanted a New Middle East but the Mouqawamah confronted their iniquitous project and made it fall/And because ALLAH’s (SWT) Noble Party broke apart Jew plans/They launched the “Arab Spring” and immediately after that they attacked and broke apart Sudan/Annihilated the Pan-African goals of Qadhafi and Libya, they reduced it to rubble/100,000 terrorists to disintegrate Syria and the Zionist media called it “freedom, democracy, revolution and struggle”/Yeah, but Damascus still stands in defiance of these bastards’ shrill scams, must be that fly Resistance Axis will fam and beautiful muscle/‘Israel’ and RAW launched the 26/11 false flag to deepen the Indian state’s oppression in Kashmir/Calls for Azadi suffocate in clouds of bullets, the aggression is severe/Wiping out Iran is what keeps them awakened at night/They rabbinically view the Islamic Republic as Amalek and they wanna have it savaged, liquidated and spiked/Had Saud launch a war on Yemen when the Houthis said that they’re retaking their rights/ Martyr count stands at over 11,000 Yemenis, Saud has been strafing women, and eviscerating the tikes/Created ISIS so Islam continues to be seen as a dangerous blight/ Efraim Inbar says Daesh is a strategic tool to be used for gaining some might/Moshe Ram founded Boko Haram to keep Nigeria, shaking with plight/Sheikh Zakzaky exposed Zion and when they got tired of his ire, they slaughtered his partisans in Zaria, shot him, they locked him up, and incarcerated his wife/Every single drop of this pain and this bane and this strife/Is a product of the 9/11 op, which the Jews orchestrated precise/Speaking the truth is how we will all emerge from the darkness, liberated/Can’t complain about the world burning down if you do not first explain how the spark originated/


All lyrics are the copyrighted intellectual property of Jonathan Azaziah a.k.a. Madd Cold.

More Murder In Baghdad Today, But We Shan’t Kneel Or Abandon Islam

by Jonathan Azaziah

In agony right now over Iraq. Bone-crushing, mind-numbing agony. And the furiousness raging from this bleeding agony is building up like a volcano set to erupt as the pictures of the carnage and slaughter trickle out. At least 69 Iraqi civilians were savagely murdered by the Zionist entity’s Takfiri proxies in quadruple blasts throughout Baghdad today. Al-Shaab, Al-Rasheed, Sadr City and Habibia were the targets. Shi’a and Sunni, the vast majority of them women and children, were the victims. MossadDaesh tries so hard to divide us but it only makes us closer and more rooted in the sands of our lands as we are united in blood and martyrdom. Continue reading More Murder In Baghdad Today, But We Shan’t Kneel Or Abandon Islam

Let’s Talk About The Poisonous Symbiosis Between Zionist-Spawned Islamophobia And Wahhabism

by Jonathan Azaziah

In the wake of Ahmadi Muslim Asad Shah being murdered by a Wahhabi fanatic for wishing his neighbors a Happy Easter in Glasgow, the time is long overdue to have a serious chat about the poisonous symbiosis between Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi-Takfirism and Islamophobia. Yes, it’s well-known that Zionist Jews are the originators, financiers and disseminators of hateful anti-Islamic discourse in the West. The names should be familiar: Nina Rosenwald, the Chernicks, Pam Geller, Daniel Pipes, Sheldon Adelson, Ba’at Yeor (lunatic witch who concocted the insane ‘Eurabia’ theory), Raphael Patai (demented bigot behind ‘The Arab Mind’), Seth Klarman and so on. But the hasbara of these Jewish supremacists cannot thrive without incidents occurring worldwide which reinforce and magnify anti-Muslim sentiments among brainwashed American, Canadian, Australian and European Gentiles. Enter the shaytanic House of Saud. Continue reading Let’s Talk About The Poisonous Symbiosis Between Zionist-Spawned Islamophobia And Wahhabism

Zayd Lives, F.O.T.O. Single #1, Is Out!

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

First single off Felicity Of The Oppressed is out now! Zayd Lives! Ansarullah’s slogan, “ALLAHU Akbar! Death To America! Death To ‘Israel’! Death To Saud! Curse Be On The Jews! Victory To Islam!”, is transformed into a lyrical lightning bolt and launched at all the enemies of Yemen and the world’s oppressed people. Produced by my younger brother Dark Night, this joint truly represents the universality of the Yemeni’s people struggle and the need for all of humanity to stand up in solidarity with them against the monstrous Saudi “royal” family.