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Right Sector activists start disappearing in Odessa, Kharkiv, Kyiv

(EDITOR’S NOTE: It must be pointed out that the horrific Trade Unions massacre in Odessa was ordered by Ukrainian-“Israeli” oligarch Igor Kolomoisky and this stalwart of World Jewry has also helped fund the rise of the Judaized, ultra-nationalist Right Sector. While the average political observer would be keen on pinning the disappearances of these Right Sector activists on vengeful supporters of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic, which is certainly plausible considering all that these brave men and women have endured at the hands of Right Sector and other like-similar groups, Mouqawamah Music believes something far more sinister is going on. It is our astute and informed opinion that Kolomoisky, a brute of a creature who is infamous for his gangster-like conduct in business as well as politics, is essentially cleaning up his role in the Ukraine disaster by “getting rid of” anyone who could link him to the aforementioned attack on the Trade Unions and other barbarous crimes. The Donbass Resistance, while courageous and formidable on the battlefield, does not have the intelligence capabilities to disappear so many individuals. Kolomoisky on the other hand, with his billions in the bank(s) and abyssal connections to Mossad, Aman, Shin Bet and the Eurasian underworld, not to mention his intimate knowledge of Right Sector’s comings and goings, could pull this off without batting an eyelash. The Jewish supremacist Kiev coup regime kingmaker is, ostensibly, “taking out the trash”, not only to protect the images and interests of himself and his business partners, but his allies in “Tel Aviv” and Washington D.C. as well. This should serve as a lesson to Gentiles the world over who think getting into bed with International Zionism is a way of the ends justifying the means… Newsflash fools! It ain’t! ~ Jonathan Azaziah)

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On Which Side Shall You Stand When The Skies Rain Blood? (Ya Hussein Is…)

by Madd Cold (Jonathan Azaziah, Mouqawamah Music EXCLUSIVE)

When a tyrant puts his sword to the oppressed…

Will you watch and cower, your courage proper soured and your nerves got devoured at the thought of a man being tortured in duress…

Or will you raise your voice and tell him to stop it at once…

You make peace with your Creator because you made your choice and yelled at the top of your lungs…

That you won’t be silent as injustice unfolds…

And you tell the rest of the crowd, don’t be quiet, we can stomach the blows…

We can deal with the cuts, we can cope with the bruises…

But we cannot live with our dignity broken, snapped like necks choking in nooses… Continue reading On Which Side Shall You Stand When The Skies Rain Blood? (Ya Hussein Is…)

How Iranian Jews Shaped Modern Los Angeles

(EDITOR’S NOTE:  What you’re about to read here is perhaps the quintessential refutation of the “only Ashkenazi Jews are bad” theory that lingers on most annoyingly and sporadically in the so-called ‘truth movement’. In an illustrious amalgamation of Jewish supremacy, ultra-capitalism, cultural imperialism, Shah-fawning, contempt for the Islamic Republic of Iran and the arrogance which makes up the beating heart of Jewish culture, Iranian Jewish writer Gina Nahai single-handedly demonstrates why the Jewish/Zionist issue is not one based on racialism but of ideology and culture. The Jewish ideology/culture is inherently supremacist, and this elitism can be found in all strains of Jewry, from Ashkenazim to Sephardim to Mizrahim and everything in between. There are factual errors of course, the first being that Iranian Jews are the oldest community in the Jewish Diaspora — they are not, the Ethiopian Jews are, going back at least 3,000 years — and the second being that most Mizrahi Jews were driven out by their ‘host’ governments in the Maghreb and Mashreq… they were not, they were driven out by the Mossad in a grouping of black ops, as ex-“Israeli” and ex-Zionist underground operative Naeim Giladi has documented in painful detail. Nevertheless, the main point to be taken away from this glob of Jewish drivel is that dissecting Zionism only scratches the surface; to get to the core of the virus sucking the life out of our planet, we must pick apart Jewish culture and the supremacy lying therein, for only through understanding what makes this egomaniacal enemy tick can we launch a successful revolution against him. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading How Iranian Jews Shaped Modern Los Angeles

Saudi Arabia plays major role in fighting weapons smuggling to Gaza

(EDITOR’S NOTE:  Considering the pernicious leading Saudi role in the scheme to disarm the Palestinian Resistance during Operation Mighty Cliff [aka Protective Edge], along with the nauseating fact that Riyadh’s intelligence services do big business with the Mossad, the following development is by no means surprising. Just one more reason why this putrid regime, which is a stain on the collective Arab-Islamic conscience, needs to be organically overthrown and deposited in the dustbin of history. ~ Jonathan Azaziah)

Israeli occupation authorities have acknowledged the role of Saudi Arabia in fighting weapons smuggling into the Gaza Strip, PLS48 news website reported on Sunday.

Citing Israeli radio, PLS48 reported that a prominent Israeli source has revealed that Saudi Arabia is playing a major role in limiting attempts to smuggle weapons into Gaza, weapons that would be used to support the efforts of the Palestinian resistance. Continue reading Saudi Arabia plays major role in fighting weapons smuggling to Gaza

Jewish Colonialism At Work: Palestinian Christians And The Zionist Attempt To Destroy Their Arab Identity

by Jonathan Azaziah (Mouqawamah Music EXCLUSIVE)

On March 13th 2003, just one week before the Anglo-Zionist Empire’s criminal, annihilationist, regional-map-changing invasion of Iraq, Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech that can only be described as ominous, visionary and downright prophetic,“The Jews have long hoped for a war that pits a Jewish-Christian alliance against the Muslim nation. In this context I would like to say: Let us look to form a Muslim-Christian alliance to confront all those who attack Moses, Jesus and Mohammad. Why don’t we form a political alliance of this kind? Those positive positions, we see today, whether in the East or the West, are positions taken by Christian countries, churches, and prominent individuals and elites, and this only encourages the formation of such an alliance. Why do we not seek a meaningful, public, and official Muslim-Christian alliance such as this, in the face of an American-Zionist scheme, which only seeks to spread ruin, destruction, war, humiliation, and corruption throughout the world (1)?” The legendary Resistance leader’s bone-chilling words ring even truer today as this Jewish plot has taken a foothold in the lands of Bilad al-Sham and Bilad al-Rafidayn and driven them into a chasm of hellfire and brimstone. Continue reading Jewish Colonialism At Work: Palestinian Christians And The Zionist Attempt To Destroy Their Arab Identity

55 killed in Suicide Blast at Pakistan-India Border

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Considering that reports have streamed in placing the blame on either the TTP or Jundallah, it is certain that Mossad and its Dragon Policy network had their hands in this horrible attack. The illegitimate “Israeli” regime, alongside India’s RAW and the CIA have long used the TTP to destabilize Pakistan, and the Zionist regime has utilized Jundallah to hurt both Islamabad and Tehran. What the motive was/is for the bloodshed on the Pakistani-Indian border remains to be seen. ~ Jonathan Azaziah)
A suicide bomber killed at least 55 people Sunday at the main Pakistan-India border crossing, the blast tearing through crowds of spectators leaving after the colorful daily ceremony to close the frontier.

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Venezuela to send humanitarian aid to Gaza

(EDITOR’S NOTE: As the usurping Zionist entity and the Saudi-backed Sisi regime tighten the criminal siege on Gaza, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s genuine, generous acts of solidarity could not have come at a more opportune time. Yet another reminder that President Nicolas Maduro and the beautiful Venezuelan people are more Arab than the regimes in the GCC, Jordan and Cairo will ever be.  ~ Jonathan Azaziah)

JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Venezuela will sent 10 tons of humanitarian aid and medical equipment for the war-torn Gaza Strip on Sunday, the Palestinian embassy in Caracas said in a statement.

A plane will carry the aid from Caracas to the Amman airport on Sunday, and the same plane will bring 100 Palestinian students who have been granted scholarships to study in Venezuela to the country, the statement said. Continue reading Venezuela to send humanitarian aid to Gaza

Two-thirds of Lebanon’s Christians believe Hezbollah is protecting country

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The photo above is from the ancient Syrian village of Maaloula, the only place in the world where Aramaic, the language of Prophet Jesus The Messiah (A.S.) is still spoken. Hizbullah, alongside the Syrian Arab Army, liberated Maaloula and the rest of the strategic Qalamoun Mountains from Zionist-backed Takfiri control earlier this year. The love and support for Hizbullah ain’t just a Lebanese thing but a Syrian thing as well, masha’ALLAH. Takfiris and their masters in Washington, “Tel Aviv”, Ankara and Riyadh have failed to achieve sectarian-communal division in Bilad al-Sham and both these pieces of evidence validate this reality beyond a shadow of a doubt. ~ Jonathan Azaziah)

Two-thirds of Lebanon’s Christians believe Hezbollah is protecting Lebanon from the threat of takfiris (extremist groups), a recent survey by the Beirut Center for Research and Information revealed. Continue reading Two-thirds of Lebanon’s Christians believe Hezbollah is protecting country