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Traitors! Damned Traitors! Curses Upon The Shabbos Goyim Who Helped ‘Israel’ Pull Off 9/11

by Jonathan Azaziah

You’ve all heard the cliches about no enemy being more dangerous, more cunning and more destructive than the one inside the gates. Upon penetrating your defenses, it begins to spread its influence like an airborne toxin and slither its tentacles into places you weren’t even aware could be reached, changing the very fabric of a society, from its consciousness to its politics. The infiltration becomes so pervasive that people become more loyal to the Parasite than the Host, forgetting where which one ends and where which one starts. There is no more apt description for ‘Israel’ and how extensively embedded it is in the presidential, congressional, judicial, military, financial, media and intelligence spheres of the United States of America than this–that of a blood-sucking, deep-burrowing leech.

Nor is there a better demonstration of the sheer, unadulterated dominance ‘Israel’ possesses than the September 11th terrorist attacks. Every big criminal job, whether it’s a heist or a black op, needs an inside man. And ‘Israel’ had a network of traitors at its disposal, committed beyond committed to upholding the interests of Organized Jewry over and above America; over and above humanity. Indeed, there are MANY who deserve to be hung from lamp posts for betraying this country for the malignant tumor putrefying Palestine. But exposing the following Dirty Baker’s Dozen of Shabbos Goyim who helped the usurping Zionist entity pull off the 9/11 false flag and give birth to GWOT will get us underway properly. Time to name and shame these whores of Zion:

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No Uprising In Iran, Just Zion’s MEK Terrorists Being Zion’s MEK Terrorists Once Again

by Jonathan Azaziah

Shlomo’s been busy in Iran, hasn’t he? Truly, it does not require abyssal analysis or, to be honest, even much actual thought to know exactly what is currently unfolding in the Islamic Republic. It is not an “uprising”. There are no “protests”. It isn’t “civil”. It damn sure isn’t “organic”. And the National Council of “Resistance” of “Iran” (NCRI) doesn’t represent Iranians anymore than the Syrian National Council represents Syrians or Mahmoud Abbas and the collaborationist PA represent Palestinians. It is merely a front for the MEK/MKO, a terrorist cult that worked as mercenaries for Saddam Hussein’s regime in the Imposed War, attempted to assassinate Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei on June 27th, 1981 which resulted in Iran’s revolutionary guide losing use of his right arm, has murdered ten of thousands of Iranians in the last 30+ years and as of this very millisecond is openly colluding with the usurping Zionist entity to spread normalization and degeneracy among Iranians inside and outside of Iran. It is the MEK that is responsible for the utter chaos in the legendary battlefield city of Khorramshahr and nearby Abadan this weekend. And the MEK is receiving assistance — as it has always received assistance — from the US, ‘Israel’ and Saudi Arabia. In other words, all of this lunacy is 100% orchestrated from the Judaic Imperium’s capitals with the sole goal of weakening the Islamic Revolution from within and furthering the groundwork Global Zionism needs to be laid to topple Imam Khomeini’s (R.A.) legacy in Tehran. Continue reading No Uprising In Iran, Just Zion’s MEK Terrorists Being Zion’s MEK Terrorists Once Again