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Stanley S. Rosenfeld: The Jewish Pedophile Monster Zio-MSM Isn’t Telling You About

by Jonathan Azaziah

Monsters aren’t fantastical apparitions manifested from the most abominable corners of our imagination. They’re real. Walking among us. In halls of power. On perches of influence. Preying on the innocent without interruption and untouched by consequence because they see themselves as… “Chosen”. Stanley S. Rosenfeld, a homosexual, Yiddish-speaking, Hungarian Jew, is one such monster. A truly terrible being devoid of any goodness; of any soul. Wicked and vicious beyond repair. Over the past half century–let that sink in, over fifty years–by his own admission, he has raped HUNDREDS of children, mostly middle-school-aged boys. As a “respected” and “trusted” educator working at “elite” Orthodox Jewish schools in New York, Cejwin–a hardcore Zionist summer camp in New Jersey founded by the Greenwald, Schoolman and Amkraut families–and a synagogue in Rhode Island, he had a never-ending supply of teenagers to target. He is easily one of the most notorious pedophiles in American history–if not the most notorious. Actually, he may be one of the most notorious child-rapists in world history.

The sheer volume of kids whose innocence he stole and whose futures he permanently tarnished is staggering. And yet, despite his seemingly incomparable malevolence, Jewish pedophile monster Stanley S. Rosenfeld’s name is literally nowhere to be found in even a single MSM outlet. Not a one. Even in the Jewish communal press, mum’s the word for the most part, with only the Jewish Daily Forward, Haaretz and the Times of ‘Israel’ covering his perversion. And the Forward in particular did everything it could to humanize him instead of hanging him out to dry like the stain on humanity he is.

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