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‘Israeli’ Media Is Lying: PFLP Carried Out The Sultan Suleiman Street Stabbing Operation In Al-Quds, NOT Daesh

by Jonathan Azaziah

Long live the Palestinian Resistance! Earlier on yesterday afternoon, three young Palestinian heroes affiliated with the PFLP, Baraa Ibrahim Saleh (18), Adel Hassan Ankoush (18) and Osama Ahmad Atta (19), all from the village of Deir Abou Mashal village just west of Ramallah, executed a daring Resistance operation on Sultan Suleiman Street near Damascus Gate in occupied Al-Quds. The lionhearted Falasteeni warriors, carrying nothing but knives and light arms, stormed a gathering of Zionist occupation forces and managed to send one Jewish terrorist straight to the flaming pits of Jahannam and critically wound another. Refusing to be taken into custody and transported to Halakhic-Talmudic dungeons, Palestine’s brave youth continued to engage the enemy after inflicting the initial damage and ultimately achieved martyrdom as they left this world in a hail of bullets. Following their courageous sacrifice, social media was buzzing with photos of the young men draped in PFLP banners and exuberantly saluting them. Note the timing of this dauntless maneuver as well – Just about 100 days since revolutionary PFLP intellectual Basel al-Araj was assassinated by the Zionist tumor. Continue reading ‘Israeli’ Media Is Lying: PFLP Carried Out The Sultan Suleiman Street Stabbing Operation In Al-Quds, NOT Daesh

Mossad Murders Coptic Christians In Egypt On The Eve Of Ramadan To Foment Muslim-Christian Division

by Jonathan Azaziah

Right in time for Ramadan, Shlomo strikes again! Victims today: At least 35 Coptic Christian men, women and children slaughtered on their way to Saint Samuel the Confessor Monastery in the Upper Egypt city of Minya. Their killers? Masked gunmen who, apparently, were “SO MUSLIM”, that they left behind “Islamist” leaflets on the bodies of their Christian victims after robbing and subsequently mutilating them–ya know, DIRECT CONTRADICTIONS of Islam’s moral code and war laws. Are you aware of any religion in which such animalistic savagery is not only permissible but obligatory? Judaism. The stories of “Moses” and “Joshua” in particular are all about raping, murdering and desecrating the “enemy”, i.e. “the Goyim”, then stealing their land because of some “chosenite” “rite”. They’re basically pamphlets for genocide, hence why every settler-colonial regime in modern history, from South Africa to Australia, America to Canada and of course, the global settler-colonial enterprise, ‘Israel’, has utilized the Judaic Old Testament for expansionist aims. Notice that ISIS behaves ***exactly*** like these demons? Continue reading Mossad Murders Coptic Christians In Egypt On The Eve Of Ramadan To Foment Muslim-Christian Division

“Eternally Husseini”, Madd Cold’s New Album Fully Produced By Iron Galaxy, Is Officially Out!

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Happy Resistance and Liberation Day y’all!

You’ve heard the singles. You’ve seen the promo artwork. And now… The wait is officially over. Without any further ado, I present to y’all my newest and perhaps best album to date, “Eternally Husseini”, fully produced by my dear brother and UK-based Pashtun-Shi’a super-producer Iron Galaxy. This project has been in the works for over a year and we have been through hardship after hardship to get it completed. But alhamdulillah a thousand times because VERILY WITH HARDSHIP COMES EASE and now, with our blood, sweat, tears and souls shed, it’s here. We chose to release it today, this most blessed and most glorious of occasions, Resistance and Liberation Day, when Hizbullah freed Lebanon from 22 years of Zionist occupation, because we hope, in the spirit of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance’s historic victory, that we will inaugurate a movement to liberate Hip-Hop from its Jewish/Corporate occupiers. To accomplish this, and no doubt there’s a long way to go, we also hope, and pray, that the barriers we break on this record for Yemen, Syria, Iraq, 9/11 truth, Palestine, Sheikh Zakzaky and Nigeria’s Shi’a and so much more, will inspire other MCs to shake off the shackles of political correctness and start rhyming like real revolutionaries instead of toothless colored proxies for the “left” wing of the Empire.

And please allow me once again to deliver Striking Star Salutes to all of the wonderful brothers who contributed. Without y’all, this joint wouldn’t have been the same and I would even say that it wouldn’t have ***been*** at all. So to the eloquent and smooth Navid Nasr, the sagacious and brilliant Nashid Abdul-Khaaliq, the genius and magnificent Trevor Labonte, the soulful and spectacular Rafiqi Green, the remarkable and righteous Yusuf Abdul-Mateen Trombly, the astounding and anomalous Khanverse KV, and last but never, EVER least, the unmatched and unparalleled Mohammad Hamza of Intifada Street, whose breathtakingly beautiful artwork took this album to a whole ‘nother level… THANK YOU. Thank you all so damn much from the very bottom of my heart. That’s that for the talk! Time to let “Eternally Husseini” knock so Iron Galaxy and I can take y’all on a journey unlike anything you’ve ever heard before!

Album can be purchased for a paltry $12.99 right here.

Nakba Day Special – Eleventh & Twelfth Pieces Of “Eternally Husseini” Promo Artwork Are Now Out: Archbishop Atallah Hanna and Fathi Shaqaqi

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Y’all better have your calendars marked! “Eternally Husseini” is just 10 days away! And since today is the 69th anniversary of the Nakba, yours truly and Intifada Street’s Mohammad Hamza, who did both of these absolutely remarkable pieces, decided to release something special for the occasion: Archbishop Atallah Hanna and martyred Islamic Jihad founder Fathi Shaqaqi (R.A.)

Some may object to us displaying a Christian figure, even one as revolutionary as the Archbishop, with the Zulfiqar Mic-Sword but we wholeheartedly reject such objections and criticisms. The Zulfiqar Mic-Sword represents a person who speaks the truth no matter what–just like Imam Hussein (A.S.)–and who fights for truth no matter what–just like Imam Hussein (A.S.) And there are very few in the Arab-Islamic world who do either of those things quite like Atallah Hanna. This is a man who has spoken up in defense of Islam while many of his fellow clergymen cowered; who has exposed the Zionist plot to foment Muslim-Christian division when many other “Arabs” and “Muslims” and “Christians” signed on to the scheme; who has stood upright for the Syrian Arab Republic when too many “Palestinians” and other “Arabs” betrayed their brothers and aided the destabilization plot; and who has not stopped fighting for the Palestinian Right of Return when large chunks of the “Palestinian leadership” have sold out to the Zionist occupation. Lest we forget that it was a Lebanese Christian, George Jordac, who wrote the best biography on Imam Ali (A.S.), “The Voice of Human Justice”. And lest we also forget that Christians flock to Karbala every year for Arba’een. Indeed, Imam Hussein (A.S.) and Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) are not merely personalities to be venerated solely by Shi’a nor just by Muslims but all of humanity. While I do not mention Archbishop Atallah Hanna by name on “Eternally Husseini”–he’s featured on another album of mine, “Enemy of the Entity”, in the closing track “Beautiful Corpse”–everything that he stands for is everything that the record embodies. Continue reading Nakba Day Special – Eleventh & Twelfth Pieces Of “Eternally Husseini” Promo Artwork Are Now Out: Archbishop Atallah Hanna and Fathi Shaqaqi

Islamic Movement of Nigeria Plans Huge March To Mark 500 Days Of Zakzaky’s Illegal Imprisonment

by Jonathan Azaziah

Word just came in from a very dear brother of mine in Sokoto that the blessed people of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) will be marching today with their Sunni, Sufi and Christian allies to mark 500 days since Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky was unjustly thrown into prison by the cruel and torturous Buhari regime. There won’t be any Zionist media coverage. There won’t be any little trendy hashtags put out by the “Palestine Solidarity Movement”–which despicably ignores the plight of the Sheikh to this day EVEN THOUGH he is the foremost champion of the Palestinian cause on the African continent. The “Muslim” Brotherhood will be mum. And the “human rights” organizations won’t make a peep because supporting the oppressed Shi’a of Nigeria isn’t in line with any US-‘Israeli’ stratagem. But those of us with a heart, a soul and a conscience don’t take leads from these devils or hypocrites ANYWAY so prayers for our Nigerian brethren are absolutely in order and then some. Because the murderous tyrant in Abuja has shown a tremendously brutal propensity towards massacring the peaceful members of the IMN on important occasions. Al-Quds Day ’14 comes to mind. The Zaria Massacre of ’15. The Kano City slaughter of ’16. Continue reading Islamic Movement of Nigeria Plans Huge March To Mark 500 Days Of Zakzaky’s Illegal Imprisonment

Happy Easter To The Resilient, Remarkable And Mouqawamistic Christians Of Syria!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Happy Easter to all and the happiest of Happy Easters to the unbreakable Christians of Syria! For 2,000 years, you have elegantly existed, peacefully practiced, beautifully blossomed and steadfastly safeguarded the land of Sham and even after ‘Israel’, NATO and the GCC unleashed the Takfiri terrorist scourge on your Jasmine-scented ancestral birthplace, still you survive; still you thrive; still you show the Walking Dead that is Wahhabiism and its adherents what it means to be alive. The hordes of hatred demolished your churches but you rebuilt them. They burned the artwork of the Virgin Mary (A.S.) but you restored it. They tried to turn you against Dr. Bashar al-Assad but you stuck by your President. You are as resilient as Al-Masih (A.S.) was in the face of the Pharisaic vipers. To the Aramaic beauties of Maaloula and Saidnaya in the Damascus countryside. To the breathtaking Wadi al-Nasara (Valley of the Christians) in Homs. To the vibrant Armenian neighborhoods of liberated Aleppo City and the storybook Armenian town of Kessab in Latakia. To the gregarious Greeks nestled away in Tartous. To the sublime Assyrians of Hasakah. And so many more. Again I say HAPPY EASTER! The Syrian Arab Republic is the backbone of the Resistance Axis and you, o’ Christians, are the backbone of Syria’s pluralism. As Christ (A.S.) rose, you rise like him. And we, your brothers who love ‘Isa (A.S.) and Maryam (A.S.) with the same passion that burns in your hearts, will always be by your side celebrating with you, smiling with you, laughing with you and when the time comes that we must stare down oblivion, defend you with our very lives. The New Pharisees shall not divide us.

To Mark Good Friday, Let Us Remember That Jesus Christ (A.S.) Was A Revolutionary

by Jonathan Azaziah

To all my beautiful and brilliant Christian brothers and sisters, heartfelt felicitations to you on the solemn occasion of Good Friday. The pompous, malevolent and parasitic forces that persecuted Jesus Christ (A.S.) 2,000 years ago are the very same demons–the Synagogue of Satan–who are waging war on Christians and Christianity today, whether directly through their occupation of Palestine and their malicious, hateful material routinely released in Hollywood, or by proxy through their Takfiri terrorist vassals destroying churches in Syria and Iraq. These creatures of darkness, who laughably refer to themselves as “chosen”, out of sheer hatred for Kalimatullah (A.S.) [the Word of God; what Christ is called in the Holy Qur’an], are also actively attempting to drive a wedge between those who venerate him–Christians and Muslims–and manipulate us into fighting one another. Continue reading To Mark Good Friday, Let Us Remember That Jesus Christ (A.S.) Was A Revolutionary

Mossad’s Wahhabi-Takfiri Vassals Strike St. Petersburg Over Putin’s Defiance On Syria

by Jonathan Azaziah

Striking Star Solidarity and every drop of love in the world to the resilient Russian people after the ungodly terrorist attack on Saint Petersburg today. Wahhabi thugs may have been the trigger-men but make no mistake, the orders to execute this atrocity came from the Washington ZOG and the “Tel Aviv” tumor out of fury over Russia’s defiance of Netanyahu and continued support for the Syrian Arab Republic.

Let this be a reminder that the struggle of Orthodox Christian Russia and the Islamic Axis of Resistance against Zio-Takfiri terrorism is one and the same. When Russia bleeds, we bleed, and there’s not a damn thing that any unhinged liberal or bloodthirsty neocon can say or do to break this bond. And you better believe that the modern-day Rum and the counter-hegemonic bloc led by Khorasan will triumph over Dajjal, no matter how many innocent lives this cowardly enemy takes. Al-Fatiha for the martyrs and sincerest, deepest and most brotherly condolences to President Putin and all of Mother Russia.

A Merry Mouqawamist Christmas To Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Occupied Palestine And Anti-Zionists Worldwide!

by Jonathan Azaziah

A Merry Mouqawamist Christmas to all! Sitting atop the list for Christmas greetings is definitely the Syrian Arab Republic, which is seeing celebrations of Jesus Christ’s (A.S.) birth in its second city Aleppo for the first time in almost five years. If it wasn’t for the Syrian Arab Army, Hizbullah and their allies, Halab would still be stuck suffering under Zio-Imperialist-backed Al-Qaeda goons for only ALLAH (SWT) knows how long. Blessings to the Christians of Lebanon, who celebrate Christmas today because Hizbullah saved their nation from the Takfiris’ designs with its decisive intervention on the Syrian front. Of course, special holiday wishes for the homeland, beautiful, electric, ancient Mesopotamia, especially to the Assyrian Christians in and around Mosul who are celebrating ‘Isa al-Masih’s (A.S.) born-day for the first time in over two years. And it’s all thanks to the Iraqi Islamic Resistance. Prayers are needed for the Christians of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who are celebrating under the full protection of the Islamic Revolution, with moujahideen from the Basij and the Revolutionary Guard Corps watching over Christmas processions across the country, particularly in Tehran. You won’t see ANYTHING of the sort in that backwards, hateful, British-birthed monstrosity known as Saudi Arabia. Continue reading A Merry Mouqawamist Christmas To Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Occupied Palestine And Anti-Zionists Worldwide!

From Liberated Al-Qosh: Iraq’s Largest Cross Lights Up The Ninewa Skyline For Christmas

by Jonathan Azaziah

Christmas in the Cradle Of Civilization really is the best Christmas. Here in the liberated Assyrian Christian (Chaldean, specifically) town of Al-Qosh, the biggest cross in all of Iraq is decked out in lights and brightening the entire Ninewa Province skyline. It’s nestled in the mountainside right next to the Rabban Hormizd Monastery, a carved-out holy structure nearly 1,400 years old. Aramaic, the language of Messiah Jesus (A.S.), is still spoken in this ancient place, making it one of only a handful of areas left on Earth that holds such a distinction. The Zionist-CIA-Saudi-formed Takfiri terrorist group of ISIS occupied this land for over two years going back to June of 2014, ruling over it with intolerance and violence but were driven out last November by the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU; Hashd al-Shaabi). Daesh left a trail of ruin behind, destroying a plethora of religious and ethnic heritage from a millennia ago, including cathedrals that have stood since the early 700s. The people of Al-Qosh are too resilient to be broken however and they have already started rebuilding. The illuminated cross is just the beginning. Continue reading From Liberated Al-Qosh: Iraq’s Largest Cross Lights Up The Ninewa Skyline For Christmas