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ISIS’s Ramadan Massacre Strikes Iraq Again: At Least 83 Martyrs and 163 Wounded

by Jonathan Azaziah

Furious beyond furious after another atrocity in Iraq. Savage Takfiri goons of ISIS have carried out a double bombing in Baghdad, leaving at least 78 Iraqis martyred and over 160 others wounded in a suicide attack on a restaurant in the Karrada district, as well as at least 5 martyred and more than 20 innocents the Shaab district when a homemade explosive was detonated at a market, right as people were breaking their fasts. With the 83 martyrs today, the Iraqi casualty count in MossadDaesh’s Ramadan Massacre–which has also targeted Afghanistan (30 martyrs), Somalia (20 martyrs) and Bangladesh (28 martyrs) in the last 48 hours–is now at nearly 200 dead and hundreds upon hundreds wounded, among them women and children, and many of whom are in critical condition. Shi’a, Sunnis and Christians of all ethnic backgrounds. Do you see the Zionist media anywhere? What about the Sorosite tentacles like Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the Open Society Institute? “Palestine Solidarity Movement” has gone missing in action too, hasn’t it? And yet you trust these devils in their reportage and/or “activism” on ANYTHING related to our region, particularly Syria, Iraq and Yemen?! Shame on you. Continue reading ISIS’s Ramadan Massacre Strikes Iraq Again: At Least 83 Martyrs and 163 Wounded

More Murder In Baghdad Today, But We Shan’t Kneel Or Abandon Islam

by Jonathan Azaziah

In agony right now over Iraq. Bone-crushing, mind-numbing agony. And the furiousness raging from this bleeding agony is building up like a volcano set to erupt as the pictures of the carnage and slaughter trickle out. At least 69 Iraqi civilians were savagely murdered by the Zionist entity’s Takfiri proxies in quadruple blasts throughout Baghdad today. Al-Shaab, Al-Rasheed, Sadr City and Habibia were the targets. Shi’a and Sunni, the vast majority of them women and children, were the victims. MossadDaesh tries so hard to divide us but it only makes us closer and more rooted in the sands of our lands as we are united in blood and martyrdom. Continue reading More Murder In Baghdad Today, But We Shan’t Kneel Or Abandon Islam

Still No Fear Of ISIS: Millions In Karbala To Celebrate Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) Birthday

by Jonathan Azaziah

Empire can’t keep the Iraqi people down! Millions upon MILLIONS are on the streets of the holy city of Karbala right now to celebrate the birthday of Imam Hussein (A.S.), as if Daesh, Yazid’s ideological successors, represented nothing more than a mere gnat-like annoyance! The fear level is ZERO among those whose hearts, souls, minds and bodies are Husseini! Invasions and sanctions ain’t break us. The Mossad-P2OG-birthed ‘dirty war’ ain’t make us kneel. And the NATO-backed, ‘Israeli’-armed, Saudi-fueled Takfiri terrorism of ISIS ain’t gonna cut the mustard either. There is nothing that the sons of apes and pigs and their Wahhabi proxy freaks can do to keep the faithful from their duty to honor the Prince of Martyrdom, the Chief of the Voiceless, the Obliterator of Oppression, the Destroyer of Depravity, the Upholder of the Upright, Hussein (A.S.), whenever and wherever he beckons. This kind of faith, which manifests into a defiance that is unlimited in scope, is nothing less than catastrophic for the enemies of Iraq and our entire region. Because he who cannot be bullied or pressured, he who cannot be bought and sold with petrodollars like a commodity on the Zionist-controlled global stock market or forced to salute artificial rulers, he who does not surrender, he whose knees don’t buckle when confronted with adversity, he who knows not what it is to be afraid of death, he who is HUSSEINI, is he who cannot be conquered. And it this transcendental, transhistorical aura of Mouqawamah that makes Hizbullah, Ansarullah, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps victorious in all their endeavors, no matter how overwhelming the odds. And it is this transcendental, transhistorical aura of Mouqawamah which gives Iraqis the seemingly superhuman strength to JUST KEEP GOING despite all the horrors they’ve endured. Happy birthday Imam Hussein (A.S.), and ALLAH’s (SWT) choicest blessings to the Iraqis and foreign pilgrims who made the trek to Karbala. You beautiful, dauntless people, you HEROES, are the reason this miserable, Dajjalic world of darkness still has some semblance of light.

Karbala hussein 2

No Fear Of ISIS! Millions March To Mark Martyrdom Of Imam Kazim (A.S.)

by Jonathan Azaziah

Allahu Akbar! The soldiers and lovers of Imam Moussa al-Kazim (A.S.) ain’t afraid of you ISIS! Millions, uh-huh, MILLIONS of Iraqi and foreign pilgrims converged on Kazimiyeh today to mark the 1,217th martyrdom anniversary of Ibn Jaafar al-Sadiq (A.S.), the 7th Shi’a Imam, in a powerful message to the Mossad-CIA-created terrorists of Daesh that their car bombs, suicide attacks and heinous sectarian violence don’t mean a damn thing to the Godwary. Indeed, one pilgrim from the Iraqi province of Babil, 32-year old Muhammad Nayif, bravely declared, “This pilgrimage represents a defeat of terrorism. We have no fear of the explosions and nothing will stop us.” Zionist Jews and their Wahhabi counterparts worldwide must be melting down as they watch the entirety of the Iraqi capital, as well as other parts of the ancient land once known as Mesopotamia, get engulfed with gallant souls angelically marching for what they believe in, totally undaunted by Zio-Imperialism’s Takfiri thugs. The faith, courage and steadfastness of these gorgeous humans is simply impossible to measure. Told y’all we’d never abandon the Imam! Subhan’ALLAH, I love my brethren! #LongLiveIraq #DeathToDaesh #YaImamMoussaAlKazim


ISIS Murdered More Iraqi Shi’a Today, But We Won’t Abandon Imam Kazim (A.S.)

by Jonathan Azaziah

Pain in the homeland never stops. Iraq has now had its third day in a row with a massive car bombing, this time a triple attack hitting three separate locations across Baghdad. Casualty count is at least 18 martyrs and over 45 wounded, the majority of the victims once again being Iraqi Shi’a pilgrims marching to commemorate Imam Moussa al-Kazim’s (A.S.) martyrdom in 799 AD. ISIS and its Zionist-Saudi controllers hate the Shi’a so much that even when they are on their last legs and are being pushed back on every front in Iraq–except wherever the American ZOG and the ‘Israeli’-controlled Kurdish forces are, the Takfiris are protected and thus proliferate in those areas–and should, strategically speaking, find a way to counteract their losses, they find ways to slip through security cracks and kill us because spilling our blood is what fuels them. Continue reading ISIS Murdered More Iraqi Shi’a Today, But We Won’t Abandon Imam Kazim (A.S.)

Fury Over Iraq Today: ISIS Slaughters Pilgrims Marching For Imam Kazim (A.S.)

by Jonathan Azaziah

My heart bleeds and breaks for the homeland today. At least 23 Iraqi pilgrims were murdered and nearly 40 other innocents were wounded in Baghdad this morning when an ISIS suicide bomber attacked them on a road as they made their way to Imam Moussa al-Kazim’s (A.S.) holy shrine in Kazimiyeh to commemorate his martyrdom 1,217 years ago. Yes, Ibn Jaafar al-Sadiq (A.S.) is the infallible 7th Imam to we Shi’a, but he is also a giant of Islamic scholarship, a saint of the highest order and a glowing embodiment of piety revered by all Muslims, so why would ISIS, ostensibly being an “Islamic” state, carry out such a shaytanic atrocity? Because these Takfiri terrorist slimebags are no more Muslim than their masters Gadi Eizenkot, Tamir Pardo and Herzl Halevi. Indeed, these Takfiri terrorist slimebags are the antithesis to Islam and are nothing more than tools of the Zionist entity, its Western ZOGs and the Dönmeh Saudi regime. Continue reading Fury Over Iraq Today: ISIS Slaughters Pilgrims Marching For Imam Kazim (A.S.)

Iraq: The “Liberation” Of Heet Ain’t Really Liberation At All

by Jonathan Azaziah

Sorry, but I’m not gonna jump up and down for joy now that the Euphrates River city of Heet in Iraq’s Al-Anbar Province has been “liberated”. Never should ONE SINGLE THING spearheaded by the Zionist-occupied American regime EVER be applauded… Under ANY circumstances. Continue reading Iraq: The “Liberation” Of Heet Ain’t Really Liberation At All

To Hell With The American Regime’s ‘Condemnation’ Of The ISIS Attack In Iskandariyeh

by Jonathan Azaziah

The ZOG in Washington can take its condemnation of the bloody ISIS attack on the soccer game in Iskandariyeh (just south of ‪#‎Baghdad‬) and jump right off a goddamn cliff with it. America, above and beyond any other state, is most responsible for everything horrific that has befallen ‪#‎Iraq‬, from the Gulf War to the genocidal sanctions to the 2003 invasion, all done for the cancerous Zionist entity. The US military was used by ‪#‎Israel‬ as an attack dog to remove the Iraqi state and people from the regional equation of engaging in liberationist resistance against “Tel Aviv”. And when we ain’t bow to this scheme, the Jewish Power Configuration unleashed Mossad and P2OG on us, i.e. false flag terrorism literally approved out in the open by the neocon-dominated Bush regime’s Defense Department–although it’s barely ever spoken or written about. Continue reading To Hell With The American Regime’s ‘Condemnation’ Of The ISIS Attack In Iskandariyeh

Iraqis celebrate end of curfew in Baghdad

Baghdad, SANA– Nightly curfew, imposed on Baghdad for years, was lifted Saturday midnight among celebrations of Iraqis.

The curfew had largely been in place since 2004, Its imposition was in response to the growing violence that engulfed Iraq after the US-led invasion a year earlier. Continue reading Iraqis celebrate end of curfew in Baghdad