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Hayhat Minna Zilla: One Year Since B’nai B’rith Came After Madd Cold, Remember Never Bow To Zion

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

God is The Greatest. On this day one year ago, Zionist terror organization B’nai B’rith publicly claimed responsibility for having my music purged off of streaming platforms all over the Internet and then unleashed the Montreal Hate Crimes Unit and the Canadian ZOG’s Justice Ministry on top of my head. Investigations, inquiries and appeals followed. The “crime” I committed was challenging the Jewish Power Configuration with rhymes. You see… That’s just a no-no, Goyim. You have to bow before the “chosen” and never have an issue with bowing before the “chosen” or else face criminal charges of “anti-Semitism” and “hate speech”. In my case particularly, B’nai B’rith and its proxies sought to have me charged, extradited and imprisoned under Section 318 and Section 319–two of the most Orwellian “laws” anywhere in the world–not to mention banned from stages across Canada. The spiritual, emotional and financial toll this rabbinical-warlock-induced witch-hunt has taken on me and my family has been great. Sometimes it seemed as if it was too great to cope with and more than once, I felt like I was drowning. But like I said… When it’s all said and done… God is The Greatest of All and there is nothing that isn’t in His (SWT) reach. And despite the most vicious and pernicious efforts by the planet’s oldest and most powerful Yahoudling lobbying group, I prevailed. Subhan’ALLAH, alhamdulillah, nishkour ALLAH (SWT), I prevailed. Which means we prevailed. Freedom of speech prevailed. Freedom of thought prevailed. Anti-Zionism and Anti-Parasitism prevailed. The Palestinian cause prevailed and so did all of the people we fight for across the Arab world, the Islamicate, the Global South and the Global North too. Continue reading Hayhat Minna Zilla: One Year Since B’nai B’rith Came After Madd Cold, Remember Never Bow To Zion

The Disturbing, Dangerous Case Of Australia’s Mohammad al-Tawhidi: Fake Muslim, Sectarian Agitator, Fake Scholar And Zionist Agent

by Jonathan Azaziah

There is no enemy more dangerous than the devil inside the gates. And that is exactly what Iraqi-Australian “Sheikh” Mohammad al-Tawhidi is on both counts: An enemy–of Shi’a, of Sunnis, of Islam as a whole, of Palestine, of humanity–and a devil. He is described ad nauseam as a “moderate” but is actually an extremist–an anti-Islamic extremist, that is–in every sense of the word. This fork-tongued agent of Dajjal has been making the rounds across mainstream media platforms in recent months and is once again back in the spotlight after Mossad’s false flag attack on London Bridge, using Twitter to spread devilry such as, ‘most of the world’s terrorism is because of those 72 virgins’, along with, ‘Of course Islam teaches murder. Muslims beheaded the sons of their own Prophet Muhammad in Karbala’, and saying that Iran is in many cases worse than Saudi Arabia. More on this shortly though. He also mouthed off after the Mossad-MI5 false flag in Manchester. Speaking on the Australian TV program “Sunrise”, Tawhidi spewed every Zionist-Orientalist trope you could think of about the Deen, from “Islam was spread by the sword”, to “for 1,400 years we have had a religion of war”, to the absurd and atrocious claim that, “Our books teach the beheading of people.” The “books” he’s referring to are never mentioned of course because he’s a liar and a pile of slime that makes other piles of slime look like treasure troves of gold. Continue reading The Disturbing, Dangerous Case Of Australia’s Mohammad al-Tawhidi: Fake Muslim, Sectarian Agitator, Fake Scholar And Zionist Agent

Thirteenth Piece Of “Eternally Husseini” Promo Artwork Is Out: Malcolm X

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

“Eternally Husseini” is less than a week away now people! Y’all ready?!

It was on this day 92 years ago that the greatest revolutionary to ever live in the Western hemisphere was born: Malcolm Little aka Malcolm X aka el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz (R.A.) If you call yourself a radical or an activist and you happen to be on the microphone or on the boards, then you owe the entirety of your identity and existence to this man. We’d HAVE nothing and BE nothing without Malcolm X, beautifully rendered here yet again by the infinitely gifted, artistically remarkable Mohammad Hamza of Intifada Street. I mention Hajj Malik in both the opening track of the album, “Universal Anti-Parasitism”, and the closing joint, “When The Rocks & The Trees Cry”, but the truth is, I could write entire records about him alone and how much he means to me until the day that ALLAH (SWT) sends Malak al-Mawt (A.S.) for my soul. I’d be dead without Malcolm X. I don’t mean that hyperbolically, nor am I saying it for effect. I write that with all sincerity and with every atom of my being. Continue reading Thirteenth Piece Of “Eternally Husseini” Promo Artwork Is Out: Malcolm X

Nakba Day Special – Eleventh & Twelfth Pieces Of “Eternally Husseini” Promo Artwork Are Now Out: Archbishop Atallah Hanna and Fathi Shaqaqi

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Y’all better have your calendars marked! “Eternally Husseini” is just 10 days away! And since today is the 69th anniversary of the Nakba, yours truly and Intifada Street’s Mohammad Hamza, who did both of these absolutely remarkable pieces, decided to release something special for the occasion: Archbishop Atallah Hanna and martyred Islamic Jihad founder Fathi Shaqaqi (R.A.)

Some may object to us displaying a Christian figure, even one as revolutionary as the Archbishop, with the Zulfiqar Mic-Sword but we wholeheartedly reject such objections and criticisms. The Zulfiqar Mic-Sword represents a person who speaks the truth no matter what–just like Imam Hussein (A.S.)–and who fights for truth no matter what–just like Imam Hussein (A.S.) And there are very few in the Arab-Islamic world who do either of those things quite like Atallah Hanna. This is a man who has spoken up in defense of Islam while many of his fellow clergymen cowered; who has exposed the Zionist plot to foment Muslim-Christian division when many other “Arabs” and “Muslims” and “Christians” signed on to the scheme; who has stood upright for the Syrian Arab Republic when too many “Palestinians” and other “Arabs” betrayed their brothers and aided the destabilization plot; and who has not stopped fighting for the Palestinian Right of Return when large chunks of the “Palestinian leadership” have sold out to the Zionist occupation. Lest we forget that it was a Lebanese Christian, George Jordac, who wrote the best biography on Imam Ali (A.S.), “The Voice of Human Justice”. And lest we also forget that Christians flock to Karbala every year for Arba’een. Indeed, Imam Hussein (A.S.) and Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) are not merely personalities to be venerated solely by Shi’a nor just by Muslims but all of humanity. While I do not mention Archbishop Atallah Hanna by name on “Eternally Husseini”–he’s featured on another album of mine, “Enemy of the Entity”, in the closing track “Beautiful Corpse”–everything that he stands for is everything that the record embodies. Continue reading Nakba Day Special – Eleventh & Twelfth Pieces Of “Eternally Husseini” Promo Artwork Are Now Out: Archbishop Atallah Hanna and Fathi Shaqaqi

Sixth Piece Of “Eternally Husseini” Promo Artwork Is Out: Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

The countdown to “Eternally Husseini” continues on with a vengeance! Just 43 days away now and Iron Galaxy and I cannot wait to share it with y’all!

And who really represents Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) courage, patience, steadfastness, love for Islam, compassion for humanity, truthfulness and commitment to justice in this age like Nigeria’s Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky? We now stand at 16 months since the Zionized, Westoxified, Saudi-bought Nigerian regime carried out the Zaria Massacre and unlawfully threw the Sheikh and his wife Sayyeda Zeenat into a prison cell. 16 months that “The Ummah” has been silent. 16 months that the “human rights activists” have been silent. 16 months that the “Palestine Solidarity Movement” has been silent. But not us though! Our tongues and our pens still cut through propaganda for the Sheikh and will continue to do so, ruthlessly, until he is liberated! Beautifully rendered here by none other than Intifada Street art-marksman Mohammad Hamza, Sheikh Zakzaky is mentioned on numerous “Eternally Husseini” songs and has an entire track, “Silence On The Sheikh”, dedicated to him and the struggle of the Nigerian Shi’a for their rights. “Silence On The Sheikh”, which features the remarkable lyrical gifts of Yusuf Abdul-Mateen Trombly of Blak Madeen, Rafiqi Green and Khanverse KV, not only highlights the sacrifices of the Zaria Martyrs and the saintliness of Sheikh Zakzaky, it’s also an anthem of Islamic unity–something we need so desperately in this time of Saudi-Wahhabi assertiveness and weaponized Takfirism. I said it when the joint dropped last year and I’ll say it again now: It’s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever done in my 17 years on the microphone. Continue reading Sixth Piece Of “Eternally Husseini” Promo Artwork Is Out: Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky

Eid al-Ghadeer Mubarak To The Suffering But Steadfast Syrian Shi’a Of Al-Foua’a And Kefraya

by Jonathan Azaziah

Eid al-Ghadeer Mubarak to all the lovers of Ahlul Bayt (A.S.), no matter if you are Shi’a, Sunnis, any other Islamic school of thought, or even non-Muslims who simply have a heartfelt adoration for Imam Ali (A.S.) and his grace, intelligence, wisdom, eloquence, military genius, strength, poetic prowess, diplomatic skill, knowledge, lionheartedness and all-around lofty aura. And a special Eid al-Ghadeer Mubarak goes out to the suffering Syrian Shi’a of Al-Foua’a and Kefraya, two villages in Idleb’s outskirts that have been barbarically besieged by the Takfiri terrorist maniacs–chiefly Jabhat al-Nusra and “moderate” Ahrar al-Sham–since March 2015. These people, whose dauntlessness is of an unparalleled status, are enduring starvation, malnourishment, the rapid spread of too many infectious diseases to count, medicine shortages and near-daily shellings with all sorts of Western-provided weaponry. All of which is happening with ZERO mainstream media coverage and very little alternative press reportage either.

The martyr count is in the hundreds since the blockade began and the wounded count is in the thousands. Children, including infants, are among the dead and the injured. And if it wasn’t for the Hizbullah-trained NDF fighters from among the people and the handful of moujahideen from Iraq’s Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba defending the twin towns, the Takfiris would have already descended upon them and, in their rabid anti-Shi’a bloodthirstiness, carried out a genocide. Imam Ali (A.S.) once said “Anyone who loves we Ahlul Bayt must be ready to face a life of hardship.” Our Mawla (master) must have been talking about Al-Foua’a and Kefraya because their struggle embodies this saying to a frightening letter. Continue reading Eid al-Ghadeer Mubarak To The Suffering But Steadfast Syrian Shi’a Of Al-Foua’a And Kefraya

Meet Robert F.X. Sillerman: The “Chosenite” Parasite Who Owns Muhammad Ali’s Name

by Jonathan Azaziah

I thoroughly abhorred and was even more thoroughly infuriated by Muhammad “The Greatest” Ali (R.A.) getting eulogized in an internationally publicized sideshow by rabbis, a sickeningly unfunny Jewish comedian, a Mormon neocon and Imperialist-In-Chief Bill Clinton, and now I know the reason for my rage. But before I go any further, it has to be said that this is why I always say that “Jew” is a MUCH MORE applicable term for the globe-holders than “Zionist” and also why the “leftists”, no matter how much they whine like quims about “Nazi” this and “Hitler” that, “fascist” bla bla and “anti-Semite” bla bla bla, simply do not go far enough when they bitch and moan about the ever-nebulous White Supremacy. Humanity’s central problem is Jewish Supremacy, i.e. Jewish wealth, power and influence, over and above every secondary, subordinate power structure. And the following example demonstrates this point EXCEEDINGLY well. Enter Robert F.X. Sillerman. Creepy, pedophile-looking demon, ain’t he? Continue reading Meet Robert F.X. Sillerman: The “Chosenite” Parasite Who Owns Muhammad Ali’s Name

Ansarullah Honors Imam Ali’s (A.S.) Martyrdom Anniversary With Continuing Advancement Across Yemen

by Jonathan Azaziah

Labaykah ya Ali (A.S.)! Labaykah ya Ansarullah! As millions around the world keep commemorating the martyrdom of Islam’s First Imam (A.S.), the Houthis continue to honor Amir al-Moumineen’s (A.S.) legacy in various arenas of the Yemeni battlefield. Al-Anad Military Airport is now so close that the Yemeni Islamic Resistance can taste it as the righteous forces of Zaydi-Mouqawamist counter-hegemony have liberated the strategic village of Maghaniya in the northern Lahij countryside. Elsewhere, in Ta’iz, Brigade 35 Base (Al-Qasr Camp), was recaptured from the Saudi-led coalition and its Hadi-loyalist stooges after Ansarullah smashed ’em to bits and sent SCORES UPON SCORES of these aggressors to the darkest, dankest pits of Jahannam. Moving over to Sanaa, the Houthis freed another mountaintop, Jabal Moughanatis, consolidating their control over the Yemeni capital. And in Ma’rib City, where the fighting is particularly fierce, Ansarullah’s Al-‘Abidah and Al-Jalal tribal allies devastated the Saudi regime’s proxies, beating them to a pulp and driving them out from the ultra-vital provincial capital. There isn’t a front in Yemen right now where Ansarullah and its partners aren’t completely stifling and punishing the invaders like Muhammad Ali did to Ernie Terrell in the famous “What’s My Name???” fight! It’s beautiful. It’s inspiring. It’s hopeful. And even though we mourn Imam Ali (A.S.) and we pray for all Muslims to recognize the tragedy of his martyrdom as well as his importance to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) and thus to the entire Ummah, we shouldn’t mourn too much nor should we be sad in the slightest. Because Imam Ali (A.S.), the King of the Martyrs, the Wielder of Zulfiqar, the Remover of the Khaybar Door, the Apogee of Eloquence, The Most Heroic, the Sage of Sages, the Lion of ALLAH (SWT), is not dead, but alive; very much alive, very much well and very much vibrant in the pristine fighting hearts of the Yemeni Islamic Resistance. #YaAli #ImamAliMartyrdomAnniversary #LongLiveYemen #LongLiveAnsarullah

What Better Way To Commemorate Imam Ali’s (A.S.) Martyrdom Anniversary Than By Saluting His Yemeni Sons?

by Jonathan Azaziah

Today marks the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ali (A.S.)! Ya Amir al-Moumineen (A.S.)! Your Yemeni sons are on the move and smacking around Ibn Muljam’s (L.A.) descendants–the Saudi invaders–like baseballs in batting practice! Jabal Khalifa and Jabal Fatem, two strategic mountains between Sanaa and Ma’rib, have been liberated by the moujahideen of the Yemeni Islamic Resistance, as has Brigade 312 Base in Sanaa, Al-Moton in Jawf and Al-Nadira in Ibb after Mouqawamah forces laid a beatdown on the Takfiri thugs of AQAP. Saudi casualties are skyrocketing everywhere. And, to add further (literal) insult to injury, Al-Saud’s occupation forces have had their communications so thoroughly disrupted by Ansarullah’s lightning advancement and are now in such a state of disarray, that Saudi-led coalition warplanes have bombed their own men on at least three separate occasions in Jawf and Ma’rib over the last 48 hours, leaving hundreds of enemy troops dead and wounded. Don’t know if it’s the Wahhabism eating away at their brain cells or the Houthis whoopin’ the hell outta them on all fronts, or probably a combination of the two, but the aggressors are falling apart at the seams. When friendly fire becomes a battlefield normality, you know it’s time to pack it in. Continue reading What Better Way To Commemorate Imam Ali’s (A.S.) Martyrdom Anniversary Than By Saluting His Yemeni Sons?

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Sits In The Heavens Above The “Arab” Tyrants

by Jonathan Azaziah

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, who was at his most fiery, eloquent, analytical and explosive today as he eulogized martyred Hizbullah Commander Hajj Moustafa “Sayyed Zulfiqar” Badreddine (R.A.), never fails to remind us why his words are truth at its purest and Mouqawamah at its essence. Never does Abou Hadi fail to drive daggers into the eyes of the Saudi tyrants and all their regional marionettes. Never does the Hizbullah Secretary-General, who is as defiant in every moment of his blessed life as his ancestor Imam Hussein (A.S.) was in Karbala on Ashoura, fail to make the Takfiri terrorist filth quiver wherever they lurk in the shadows. Never does the Arab-Islamic world’s most saintly, most remarkable revolutionary fail to drive the spear of “Hayhat Minna Zilla! (Us, humiliated?! Never, ever!)” further into the heart of the American ZOG which has long sought the Lebanese Islamic Resistance’s end and long come up miserably short in its quest. And never does the Sayyed, OUR Sayyed, fail to drive the sword of Eternal Resistance deeper into that rotting, putrefying, cancerous tumor we call ‘Israel’, filling its devilish usurper leaders and occupation army chiefs with a perpetual fear that will only end when we remove the artificial, genocidal entity from the pages of time. Continue reading Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Sits In The Heavens Above The “Arab” Tyrants