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Zionist settlements in panic over Hezbollah reprisal

by Hussein Dakroub, The Daily Star

BEIRUT: A state of panic gripped Israeli northern towns Wednesday as the Jewish state braced itself for a possible Hezbollah reprisal over last week’s airstrike that killed six party fighters and a senior Iranian general in Syria’s Golan Heights.

Israeli forces were placed on high security alert following reports, which later proved to be false, about an infiltration attempt by gunmen from Lebanon into Israel’s border. Continue reading Zionist settlements in panic over Hezbollah reprisal

12 Israelis Wounded in Stabbing Attack in “Tel Aviv”

A Palestinian stabbed passengers on a bus in Yafa (Tel Aviv), wounding at least 12 people before being shot by an Israeli prison officer, Israeli police reported Wednesday.

Twelve people were wounded in the attack, including three who were in serious condition, four in moderate condition and five who sustained light injuries, hospital sources said.

Another seven people were treated for shock.

Tel Aviv police commander Bentzi Sau claimed a vehicle with prison officers traveling close by saw the attack and officers gave chase. They caught the man in a nearby street and shot him in the leg as he tried to escape. Continue reading 12 Israelis Wounded in Stabbing Attack in “Tel Aviv”

Thousands in Tehran mourn Iranian general killed by Usurping Zionist entity

TEHRAN (AFP/The Daily Star): Thousands gathered Wednesday in Tehran at a funeral procession for a Revolutionary Guards general killed by Israel, after his commander warned the Jewish state it should “await destructive thunderbolts.”
General Mohammad Ali Allahdadi died alongside six fighters from Hezbollah in the attack Sunday near Qunaitra on the Syrian-controled side of the Golan Heights.

Allahdadi’s coffin was draped in an Iranian flag as it was carried into a Guards base in southeast Tehran. He is to be buried Thursday in Pariz, a town in the southern province of Kerman. Continue reading Thousands in Tehran mourn Iranian general killed by Usurping Zionist entity

Hizbullah Mourns Quneitra Martyrs; Jihad Mughniyeh Mentored by Suleimani

by Nour Samaha, Al-Jazeera English

The mood was sombre as mourners gathered in Beirut’s southern suburbs to pay their respects to Jihad Mughniyeh, one of the six Hezbollah fighters killed in an alleged Israeli air strike in Syria.

Thousands of people, including many Hezbollah supporters, marched behind the coffin draped in Hezbollah’s yellow flag on Monday, beating their chests in unison as confetti was showered from the surrounding balconies.

Chants of “Death to Israel!” and “Death to America!” punctuated the air and shots were fired as the coffin was carried through the street. Continue reading Hizbullah Mourns Quneitra Martyrs; Jihad Mughniyeh Mentored by Suleimani

Jewish occupiers shoot dead Palestinian at Gush Etzion

HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli forces opened fire at two Palestinians near the Gush Etzion Junction between Bethlehem and Hebron in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday evening, killing one.

Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told Ma’an that two Palestinians “were involved in a criminal incident” in the area, and one was shot by Israeli soldiers after he attempted to flee the area.

The man was “injured seriously and died in the evening,” he told Ma’an, adding that the other was arrested. Continue reading Jewish occupiers shoot dead Palestinian at Gush Etzion

Harper regime steals $9 million from taxpayers to fund covert Zionist ‘Digital Public Square Project’

by Arthur Topham, Radical Press

Chutzpah alone is insufficient a term to describe this latest move on the part of the Zionist controlled Harper government to undermine Canada’s former status as an independent, sovereign western democracy and drag it further down into the demonic pit of Isra-hell’s demented, psychopathic, war-crazed, terrorist-ridden criminal actions. Continue reading Harper regime steals $9 million from taxpayers to fund covert Zionist ‘Digital Public Square Project’

The Hizbullah Project: Last War, Next War

by Amal Saad-Ghorayeb, Open Democracy

One of the main “lessons learned” from the war of July-August 2006 is that the modern concept of asymmetric warfare, which emerged in the late 1990s in the United States, is already in dire need of revision. Hizbollah’s military performance during the war demonstrates that asymmetric warfare can no longer be identified exclusively with political actors who adopt “non-traditional” methods “that differ significantly from the opponent’s usual mode of operations” (as per the US military’s definition). Continue reading The Hizbullah Project: Last War, Next War

Iran ‘thwarts Mossad attempt to assassinate nuclear scientist’

Iran claims it has foiled an assassination attempt against one of its nuclear scientists by the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad. A senior Iranian security official said the Revolutionary Guards thwarted the attempt. Continue reading Iran ‘thwarts Mossad attempt to assassinate nuclear scientist’

Rise and Trevolt Entry 1: The Truth Is Always The Best Propaganda

by Trevor LaBonte (Mouqawamah Music Exclusive)


Former Israeli Labor and Independence MK Einat Wilf says that the Palestinians are winning the information war with the usurping Zionist entity and she also notes that this ongoing victory represents a “strategic threat” to the Jewish colonization project. Why? Because the truth is always the best propaganda.

And it is difficult to speak about propaganda without immediately remembering that we are always taught that the “Nazis” had the most powerful, compelling propaganda ever created.

With that in mind, go right now and read one of Hitler’s or Goebbels’ speeches and take note that the exact same banking cabal about which they are speaking is horridly menacing humanity unabated to this day, and the situation is now worse than ever. Were they lying? Where is there an example of “the big lie” technique? Nowhere. It was a grass-roots, anti-corruption truth movement. It was the German peoples’ collective survival instinct kicking in. These people were in a dire situation, and they had no need or use for lies as they battled for their very lives against the monolithic, ravenous vampire squid of international Jewish bankstering.

Not even in your wildest, most fevered nightmares could you imagine a group as evil as this cabal, yet people remain oblivious. “Oh but it’s not ALL Jews,” they always have to say. But I figure they then must not be talking about the the FED’s controllers, because in that case, they are definitely all Jews. And as for the “Israelis,” their state is called “the Jewish State,” and it controls our state, the USA. So right there is another case of our rulership being “all Jews,” but remember that when someone tells you it’s not “all Jews.” They are right, in a way. It’s not “all Jews,” but looking at the elite at the top of the pyramid, we can see that its “only Jews.”

Are you sick of playing word games? Me too! Totally sick of it, more than most, because I am forced to play them all day long if I want to “debate” with Zionists, which is something I have to do, if i want to advance the movement. But in order to debate, you have to be able to make an argument, and in order to do that, you might want to have some facts upon which to build that argument. But Zionists don’t care. Their entire narrative is pure lies and they just keep on peddling it, with their noses in the air, knowing that what the Gentiles think does not matter.

At least that’s what they are told from the wisdom of Judaism located in its books.

Don’t think Judaism is a problem? That’s on par with thinking that alcoholism does not cause cirrhosis of the liver. It’s time to stop being naive about the fact that Jewish international criminals control our planet and enslave us with usury, even the Old Testament again and again explains that money-lending is the way to bring kings to their knees, so the Jews can suckle the milk from their breasts. Disgusting, yes, but the “holy book” of the Jews does say exactly that.

And what’s more is that they are DOING it, and we are allowing them to do so. How can people expect mercy when they are consenting and actually choosing this every step of the way? When will people realize that it is OUR responsibility, not God’s, to wipe out evil? If free will can be used to commit evil, then utilizing this free will for the purposes of good is the only thing that slams the Devil’s plans in reverse!

Speaking of the Devil’s plan, what will become of his headquarters on Earth, aka “Israhell?” I now understand Jesus’ consternation with the Jews when he beseeched them with, “How will you escape the fires of hell?” How will the world be able to find a way to be merciful to these supremacist Jewish land-thieves after watching them continue their Bolshevism now against the Palestinian people? Were their crimes against the Russian people under communism not enough to sufficiently awaken the world’s sense of justice? But again this only speaks of the power of propaganda, something we are taking control of now as the truth gains the upper hand finally against the Jewish-controlled media.

The truth is always the best propaganda.

~ The End ~