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For Ferguson: Protests held in 90 US cities after grand jury’s decision to exonerate Michael Brown’s killer

(EDITOR’S NOTE: There isn’t even a question that Darren Wilson getting off without criminal charges for the cold-blooded killing of Michael Brown is an outrage and a travesty of justice. However, if you’re “surprised” at what’s going down in Ferguson, then you haven’t been paying attention to the historical record of the last few centuries. The Jewish-dominated Transatlantic Slave Trade, the plantations, the Jewish-orchestrated destruction of Tulsa, Oklahoma which was known as “Black Wall Street”, the Jim Crow era, ADL-assisted COINTELPRO, the CIA-facilitated crack cocaine explosion in South Los Angeles and other predominantly Black areas across the country, the “War on Drugs”, the Prison-Industrial-Complex and enough cases of police brutality to last an eternity, it’s clear that the United States and the Jews who make up its “elite” are at war with Black people. As the Iranian Foreign Ministry pointed out several months ago after Michael Brown was murdered, the targeting of African-Americans isn’t just being conducted by the police but the corrupt judicial system as well, and this couldn’t be confirmed in a more bombastic way than the release of the shocking revelation that St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert P. McCulloch is the vice president of an organization known as The Backstoppers Inc. which is raising money for murderous pig Darren Wilson. Throw in the fact that Missouri’s police forces were trained by the usurping Zionist entity, and we have a highly combustible situation of literally global proportions. Racism isn’t just a “problem” in AmeriKKKa, it’s a transhistorical, systemic epidemic that is eating away at the entire planet. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading For Ferguson: Protests held in 90 US cities after grand jury’s decision to exonerate Michael Brown’s killer

US police established no-fly zone over Ferguson

Leaked audio recordings have revealed that the US government allowed police to establish a no-fly zone over Ferguson, Missouri, following the August killing of an unarmed African-American teenager by police.

The recordings show the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) restricted the airspace above the city to stop media helicopters from recording news footage during the protests in August. Continue reading US police established no-fly zone over Ferguson