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Facebook Deletes Jonathan Azaziah’s Profile For Anti-Zionist and Pro-Resistance Writings

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

For everybody asking, yes, Ziobook permanently disabled my account. The Orwellian thought crime charges were “support for violent organizations”–presumably Hizbullah, Ansarullah and the Iraqi Islamic Resistance–as well as “violations of community standards”–presumably my writings on the conspiracy against the Syrian Arab Republic and my ruthless criticisms of ‘Israel’/Zionism/Jewish supremacy/Takfiri-Wahhabism/Liberalism/etc. What Zuckerscum and his merry band of hasbaranik troll-rats should know though is that our struggle for the liberation of humanity from the clutches of Empire Judaica extends far beyond the confines of this platform and coward-moves like blocks and deletions aren’t going to silence us. Not now. Not ever. Iraqis in particular are comprised of much harder stuff than that. We’ve chewed up more than a century of Rothschild-financed Imperialism and spit it back out like it was badly cooked masgouf and kept on trucking. Navigating the digital battlefield is a cakewalk. Spread the word. I’m back muhfuckaz.

With The Liberation Of Aleppo Now Official, Zionist Media Goes Into A Full-Blown #FakeNews Meltdown

by Jonathan Azaziah

Long live the Syrian Arab Republic! It’s official now, signed, sealed and delivered! Aleppo is liberated and 100% Takfiri-mercenary-free! Hell of a thing, this victory! Hell of a thing! It was early Monday evening when the infinitely heroic soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army made the announcement, declaring their total victory to the world. As emotional as the footage, photographs and news reports were last week when the triumph in Aleppo first came to light, the vids and pics in the last 72 hours have been nothing short of supernatural. Men, women, children, the elderly and even disabled persons, who had lived under the unspeakable conditions of terrorist occupation for nearly five years, were crying tears of elation, singing, dancing and chanting, “ALLAH (SWT), Souria, Bashar w bas (God, Syria, Bashar and nothing else)!” Continue reading With The Liberation Of Aleppo Now Official, Zionist Media Goes Into A Full-Blown #FakeNews Meltdown