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RIP Najih Shaker al-Baldawi: An Iraqi Hero The Zionist Media Will Not Acknowledge

by Jonathan Azaziah

Rest in everlasting sublimeness and majesty to Najih Shaker al-Baldawi. This Iraqi hero wrapped his arms around one of the suicide bombers who attacked the shrine of Imam Ali al-Hadi’s (A.S.) son Sayyed Muhammad in Balad last Thursday, held on for dear life and prevented him from entering the sanctified site as people prayed and celebrated Eid al-Fitr. He lost his life in the ensuing explosion. If he hadn’t acted with such valor and selflessness, there wouldn’t have been 37 martyrs but hundreds. Undoubtedly, this terrorist assault would have eclipsed the magnitude of the horror in the Karrada district of Baghdad. Najih wasn’t just a hero but a deliverer; an angel who temporarily took human form so he could achieve a Divine mission and depart this plane as a holy martyr. And yet this harrowing tale, which should resonate with all humans, especially those who have lost loved ones in everyday tragedies or abominations manufactured by the monsters who run our planet, has been relegated strictly to pro-Mouqawamah circles. Continue reading RIP Najih Shaker al-Baldawi: An Iraqi Hero The Zionist Media Will Not Acknowledge

Iraqis In Balad Bleed Again: New ISIS Massacre At Holy Shrine At Salahuddine

by Jonathan Azaziah

The blood ain’t dry in Karrada. The pure blood of more than 300 martyrs didn’t even dry yet in Karrada for God’s sake, we’re still counting, identifying and mourning our fallen, and these ISIS maniacs unleash their hellishness on Iraqis once again. This time the target is the shrine of Sayyed Muhammad Ibn Ali al-Hadi, the son of Shi’a Islam’s Tenth Imam (A.S.) and the brother of Shi’a Islam’s Eleventh Imam Hassan al-Askari (A.S.), in the Salahuddine Province town of Balad. First a suicide bomber blew himself up at the gate of the holy site and then terrorist gunmen opened fire on pilgrims in the midst of celebrating Eid al-Fitr. The martyr count is at least 37 and is expected to rise, as is the wounded count which currently stands at 62. This isn’t the first time Balad has been struck with murderous chaos. Just last May, MossadDaesh shooters opened fire on the Fourat CafĂ©, brutally and senselessly slaughtering 14 Iraqi Real Madrid fans gathering to discuss all the latest from the football world. Yesterday a harmless sports event. Today a sanctity. What will be hit tomorrow la sama7 ALLAH (God forbid)? It feels like there is no village, town, city or province in Iraq that doesn’t know bloodshed, heartbreak and trauma. Continue reading Iraqis In Balad Bleed Again: New ISIS Massacre At Holy Shrine At Salahuddine

Defiance Personified: Iraqis Perform Eid Prayers At Mossad-Takfiri Blast Site In Karrada

by Jonathan Azaziah

Love my people! I present to you the living, breathing, physical, visual, literal personification of DEFIANCE. Just 72 hours after the Mossad-Takfiri blast in the Karrada district of Baghdad that claimed the lives of at least 250 innocents, Iraqis marched to the site of the murderous attack and performed prayers for Eid al-Fitr, telling ISIS and its masters in the most elucidated of terms: Your suicide bombs and your sectarian hate, along with your violence and your Oded Yinon plan are comparable to mere gnats pestering a pride of lions; we just swat it all down like it ain’t even a thing and keep rollin’. Iraq will never bow to the Zionist-Saudi fitnah. Iraqis will never let you chisel away at our unity and our brotherhood. We are the founders and builders of civilization; you are the ashes of empires underneath us. We are knowledge, mathematics, science, poetry and language; you are backwardness, billowing boorishness and barbarism. We are beauty, splendiferous, sublime, striking beauty; you are subhuman, ulcerous ugliness made flesh. We are the sanctified sands that are awash in the holy martyr blood of Imam Ali (A.S.), Imam Hussein (A.S.), Zayd (A.S.) and Al-Mukhtar (R.A.); you are the corrupted desert of scorpions and snakes that bears nothing but the footprints of Amreeki and Sahyouni occupiers. We are the Phoenix; you are the evil that is burned in our path of flight when we depart triumphantly from the white hot room. We are IRAQ. And there is no scheme that ‘Israel’, the American ZOG, Al-Saud and their Takfiri tools can ever execute that will make us forget our 10,000 years of glorious history, nor make us abandon our fierce, unbreakable will to love, fight, resist, defy and LIVE. #EidMubarak #LongLiveIraq #WeAreOneHand

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Eid Mubarak Yemen! Ansarullah Moves Closer To Trapping Enemy Forces In Aden!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Eid Mubarak to all and Eid Mubarak most especially to Yemen. Righteous vengeance and victory always belong to Ansarullah! Only a few days after the murderous, crypto-Talmudic, baby-slaughtering Saudi regime massacred at least 40 Yemenis at a gas station on the Hayfan Intersection in Ta’iz, the Houthis brought honor to the martyrs by liberating the entire Hayfan DISTRICT! Allahu Akbar! The forces of the Yemeni Islamic Resistance are now swiftly approaching the strategic town of Turbah, which, once freed, will knock out the last supply line connecting Ta’iz to Al-Saud’s occupation capital of Aden and leave the invaders’ Hadi-loyalist proxies stranded with only two options: surrender or death. Continue reading Eid Mubarak Yemen! Ansarullah Moves Closer To Trapping Enemy Forces In Aden!