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Racism Drove The Backlash Against Gary Webb

by Greg Grandin, The Nation

After the death a few weeks ago of the legendary editor of the Washington Post, Ben Bradlee, most obituaries celebrated his willingness to go after Richard Nixon. Charles Pierce at Esquire writes that Bradlee “rode the Watergate story when nobody else wanted it. It’s hard now even to imagine how very far out on the limb Bradlee went on that story.” But Pierce is largely alone in also noting that the Post under Bradlee “ultimately took a dive on Iran-Contra.” Bradlee himself described what he called a  “return to deference” on the part of the press corps that took place under Ronald Reagan, saying that his colleagues were responding to a perceived public fatigue with journalists “trying to make a Watergate out of everything.” “We did ease off,” he said. Continue reading Racism Drove The Backlash Against Gary Webb

US-Trained Soldiers Responsible for Colombian Killings

In a debate in Colombia’s Congress, lawmakers asserted that a significant number of the soldiers charged with committing extrajudicial executions were trained in United States.

Extrajudicial executions perpetrated by the Colombian armed forces, a number of whom are trained by the United States, are not being properly addressed by the Juan Manuel Santos administration, lawmakers from the Democratic Pole (PD) party said in a government debate Wednesday.

The armed forces have been killing innocent, often poor, people and dressing them as guerrilla fighters in order to collect bonuses or promotions in a phenomenon that has come to be known as the case of “falsos positivos” or “false positives.” Continue reading US-Trained Soldiers Responsible for Colombian Killings