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The French Election Sideshow: Both Macron and Le Pen Are Subservient To World Zionism

by Jonathan Azaziah

Let me go ahead and say this right off the rip before going even a millimeter further: Emmanuel Macron is scum. And not just run-of-the-mill, everyday, basic scum that you find across the political spectrum of a colonialist shitbucket like France either. He’s super-scum. Globalist. Member of the notorious Bilderberg Group. Supporter of even more criminal interventionism in Syria. EU stooge. Kisser of Merkel’s feet. Advocate of neoliberalism to the tenth power. And the kicker – an open agent of the Rothschild Octopus who has actually been groomed for power by the parasitic, globe-holding, Jewish supremacist clan of capitalist carnage from his early days as a banker. Based on these truths, it can at least be rationalized why many in the Resistance Camp would cautiously embrace Macron’s opponent Marine Le Pen, who on the mere surface, is anti-NATO, anti-EU, anti-globalist, anti-Wahhabi, pro-Russia and has stated that Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad “must stay” as a counterweight to ISIS. But Le Pen’s words, which, as campaign rhetoric, are tantamount to nothing more than hot air, should not be trusted. Because digging deeper, far beneath the aforementioned surface, one finds that the same Jewish-Zionist powers who are backing Macron are in fact backing Le Pen too. It’s the Hegelian dialectic, the same, tired, false right-left paradigm, repackaged to the “Goyim” with a globalist vs. anti-globalist flavor. Continue reading The French Election Sideshow: Both Macron and Le Pen Are Subservient To World Zionism

Another Takfiri intelligence asset exposed: Former strip club boss Abu Hamza ‘worked for MI5’

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Cue the broken record ladies and gentlemen. Every single time that an “Islamic hate preacher” arrives on the scene, after a period of time that either culminates in their death — or more properly put, their liquidation as their usefulness had expired — their arrest or their departure to some hotspot where the big powers have strategic interests at stake and need a boogeyman to justify an invasion or neocolonial takeover, a mainstream news story emerges which reveals their ties to one of the many intelligence services of World Zionism; in this case, it’s MI5.  These “hate preachers”, who are the personification of a false flag, not only serve geopolitical objectives in the classical, resource-grabbing imperialist sense but also in the spiritual-historical-ideological sense, as well as Jewish domestic goals, as they stoke the flames of Islamophobia and plant the seeds for an increasingly bigoted, anti-Muslim populace on one hand which equates a handful of knuckleheads (run by the intelligence services) with the entirety of the global Muslim population, and an increasingly bigoted, anti-Muslim “far right” on the other hand which tells European working classes that there is an exceedingly hostile  “Muslim problem” while of course conveniently leaving out the juicy detail that their own paymasters are Zionist Jews, the super-“elite” of The West whom are the architects and financiers of Islamophobia to begin with. This continues the Jewish-Neocon false paradigmatic construct of the “clash of civilizations”, gives the controlled opposition in “The Left” plenty of ammunition to move forward with the peddling of its fraudulent “blowback” theories and keeps Eastern Muslims and Western-White Christians at war with each other while Organized Jewish Interests kick back and laugh at the “goyim” at each other’s throats. Takfiri assets like Abu Hamza are more than mere foot soldiers of Zion, they are the very fuel which International Jewry needs to feed the conflagration that is its “Global War On Terror”, and it is for this reason that exposing them and like-similar collaborationist forces is of paramount strategic importance for the resistance camp. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading Another Takfiri intelligence asset exposed: Former strip club boss Abu Hamza ‘worked for MI5’