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Saima Jamal, Calgary activist, shocked after YMCA rescinds peace award

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to brother Joshua Blakeney for bringing this to my attention. Moral of the story here is simple: Activists must de-Zionize the Palestine solidarity discourse — and the movement itself as a whole — and stop giving a damn about the Jewish oppressors’ sensitivities. Because even if you liberalize¬† — i.e. Judaize — the discourse to the point where everyone is obsessively preaching “nonviolence” and opposition to “anti-Semitism”, which is *exactly* where we’re at now, in the end, as this incident with Calgary activist Saima Jamal shows, the Jewish Power Configuration will still burn you. Since Palestine itself is a taboo in the Zionist-occupied West, the Palestine solidarity movement should be a space where taboos are discussed openly, vigorously and ultimately shattered, be it Mossad’s 9/11 false flag operation, the dubiousness of the Holocaust, the “Israeli” attack on the USS Liberty, Jewish power in general or the backwardness and supremacy embedded within the core of the Jewish religion and culture. Palestine solidarity activists shouldn’t be running away from these topics out of fear of upsetting Jewry and its communal organizations, they should be confronting them head-on, as every one of these matters are inextricably linked to liberating Palestine from the River to the Sea and freeing humanity from the yoke of World Zionism. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading Saima Jamal, Calgary activist, shocked after YMCA rescinds peace award