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Zionist-Aligned Myanmar Policy’s Message To Muslims: Get Out

(EDITOR’S NOTE: While the Myanmar regime’s horrific, bigoted anti-Muslim policies may be an embarrassment to Washington, they damn sure aren’t an embarrassment to the usurping Zionist entity, which, amidst increasing Naypyidaw-backed “Buddhist” extremist attacks on the besieged Rohingya people, has grown the closest it has been to Myanmar in more than 35 years, recently preparing MOUs in culture, sports and laying the groundwork for heavier cooperation in the all-important-to-World-Jewry business sector. In fact, this coziness between the illegitimate “Tel Aviv” regime and Naypyidaw could even be seen as a reward from the former to the latter for a job well done, as the aforementioned “Buddhist” extremists, particularly the 969 terrorist group, have the full backing of Washington’s neocons, George Soros, the Zionist-controlled NED and the genocidal Jewish gangster regime itself, and aren’t merely attacking Rohingya Muslims but China’s interests as well. Destabilization is the name of the game ladies and gentlemen; political, military and financial destabilization, implemented by World Zionism’s Jewish Imperium to keep China, Iran and other rising Asian powers weak and playing second fiddle to Rothschild-led global capitalism. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading Zionist-Aligned Myanmar Policy’s Message To Muslims: Get Out