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Asma Al-Assad Isn’t Just The First Lady Of Syria But Of The Entire Arab-Islamic World

by Jonathan Azaziah

Seeing the exceptionally lovely Syrian First Lady Asma al-Assad on Russia 24 today was like departing a hustling, bustling, disgusting and corrupted city with smog-ridden skylines for the greenery, pristine streams, picturesque mountains, Divine-sculpted valleys and incomparably sublime clear air of the Damascus and Latakia countrysides. It was THAT refreshing. And she was THAT amazing. Over the course of the 33-minute interview, Asma took Western ZOGs–those fraudulent “Friends of Syria”–totally to task for their criminal sanctions against Syria; declared her humbleness before the families, wounded and martyrs of the Syrian Arab Army; tipped her hat to Syria’s TRUE friends, especially Russia; blasted the Zionist media’s selective humanity vis-à-vis Takfiri terrorist attacks on government-held areas; and most impressively of all, exhibited a fearlessness that not even most people in our region, including Syrians themselves perhaps, let alone the people of the globe, were aware that she possessed–a testament to her realness and humility. Today, we truly saw the Lioness of Damascus roar! Continue reading Asma Al-Assad Isn’t Just The First Lady Of Syria But Of The Entire Arab-Islamic World

Amid Ongoing World Silence, Iran Slams Buhari Regime For Genocide Against Sheikh Zakzaky

by Jonathan Azaziah

Leave it to Iran, may ALLAH (SWT) shower it and its people with more blessings than humanly possible to count, to keep Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky’s plight in the public eye and slam the Nigerian regime’s atrocities against the Sheikh’s family as crimes tantamount to genocide. These indeed were the words of Mohammad Javad Larijani, Secretary of Iran’s Human Rights Council. As usual, the Islamic Republic stands alone in defense of the Moustazafeen because the “international community” and “The Ummah” are once again suffering from one of their routine spells of “I Couldn’t Care Less ‘Cause The Empire Said I Shouldn’t Care Less Disorder”. And before the sectarians scurry out of their filth-ridden nooks and crannies and start gnashing their teeth over “Safavid” Tehran only coming to the aid of other “Safavids” throughout the globe, let’s put this atrocious hasbara to bed and then burn down the bedroom while we’re at it: The centerpiece not only of Iran’s foreign policy but its very Mouqawamist-Liberationist identity is the total liberation of Palestine, which is predominantly Sunni. Continue reading Amid Ongoing World Silence, Iran Slams Buhari Regime For Genocide Against Sheikh Zakzaky

No Arab Deserves Title Of King But Sayyed Nasrallah and Sayyed Nasrallah Alone

by Jonathan Azaziah

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is the apple of Arabs’ eyes; the light of our lives; the fierce adoration of our warrior hearts; the gleam of our souls and the voice of Haqq that stands out as perspicuously in a cacophony of collaborators and cutthroats as a songbird in a sky full of vultures. And today, as he delivered another stentorian speech that rocked the enemy and its servants down to their corrupted DNA, honoring fallen Hizbullah Commander Hajj Isma’il “Abou Khalil” Zahri (R.A.), exposing Saudi Arabia’s ongoing normalization with the genocidal Zionist entity and its savage massacre of Yemenis in the village of Sarari among other global atrocities, saluting martyred Palestinian superhero Muhammad Fakih (R.A.) of the Qassam Brigades and declaring that Imperialist dreams have been buried in Syria’s Aleppo after recent Resistance Axis victories, we are yet again reminded of the Hizbullah Secretary-General’s unmatched ability to inspire and prepare us for the next phase of our struggle. If there was any Arab that deserved the title of King, Emir, Sultan, Prince, Royal and Sheikh of Sheikhs, it is Sayyed Abou Hadi and Sayyed Abou Hadi alone. Continue reading No Arab Deserves Title Of King But Sayyed Nasrallah and Sayyed Nasrallah Alone

This May Hurt Your Feelings France, But Hell No, I Am Not Going To Pray For Nice

by Jonathan Azaziah

Here we go again. Zionist media rolls out a narrative and like clockwork, the lemmings sickeningly and predictably start their French-flag-waving and “Pray For Nice” social media campaigns. Well. I’m not going to do that nor am I going to declare one scintilla of solidarity with France. In fact… FUCK FRANCE. To hell with the colonialist, terrorist, Zionist, genocidal French regime. Straight down to the fire! This is the same gang of arrogant, Rothschild-financed psychopaths that colonized Algeria for 132 years and slaughtered millions. This is the same gang of lunatics that unleashed the most monstrous atrocities against the people of Vietnam (then known as Indochina) for 67 years of colonial occupation; the shelling of Haiphong alone comes to mind off the cuff, in which the French left over 6,000 Vietnamese murdered. This is the same gang of sanguinary maniacs that went on a murdering and raping spree in Madagascar for 61 years, leaving 100,000 innocents dead in the carnage. This is the same gang of Judeophiles that helped ‘Israel’ build its illegal nuclear weapons program and backs the Zionist tumor to the hilt up until this moment. This is the same gang of criminal hypocrites that annihilated Libya, looted Mali’s gold, supported (and continues to support) death squads in Syria and gives droves upon droves of weapons to Saudi Arabia, the grandsire of Wahhabi-Takfiri terrorism, to crush unarmed Bahrainis and mutilate Yemenis from land, air and sea. Continue reading This May Hurt Your Feelings France, But Hell No, I Am Not Going To Pray For Nice

After The Revocation Of Ayatollah Qassem’s Citizenship, Bahrainis Must Finally Take Up Arms

by Jonathan Azaziah

The Bahraini tyrants’ revocation of Ayatollah Issa al-Qassem’s citizenship needs to be seen in a greater historical context. Contrary to the deplorably sectarian statement released by the Khalifa regime’s Interior Ministry of Repression and Savagery, Bahrain’s highest-ranking spiritual authority was in fact born in the village of Diraz, just outside of Manama, and is thus as indigenous to Bahrain as the Dragon Blood Tree is indigenous to Yemen’s Socotra. The Khalifa despots on the other hand, like their toxic Wahhabi counterparts in Riyadh, are from Najd and have been ruling illegitimately over the Shi’a majority of the tiny Arab island for more than two centuries. Thus, they aren’t Bahraini and never have been. Continue reading After The Revocation Of Ayatollah Qassem’s Citizenship, Bahrainis Must Finally Take Up Arms

Happy Birthday Imam Hussein (A.S.)! Let’s Let “Hussein’s Song” Knock!

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Happy birthday Imam Hussein (A.S.)! Before there was Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi and Sayyed Hashim al-Haidari, there was Imam Hussein (A.S.), savior of Islam, son of Imam Ali (A.S.) and Lady Fatima az-Zahra (A.S.), grandson of our noble Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.), whom all our heroes are descendants of. The Lion of Karbala was the original champion of the oppressed; the original flag-bearer of justice; the original defender of the orphans; the original trampler of tyranny; the original defier of despotism; the original personification of resistance in the physical and the spiritual form; the Sayyed of Sayyeds, the Revolutionary of Revolutionaries and the Master of Martyrs. When the nascent Ummah quivered in fear before the hedonistic, repulsive, shaytanic, drunkard dictator Yazid, Imam Hussein (A.S.) took a stand for Islam and truth, giving his life for our Deen and the pursuit of what is right. Thus, his born-day is a precious, rare-jewel-like gift bestowed on Muslims and really, all human beings. And it is with this that I present to you “Hussein’s Song”, produced by my perpetually-gifted younger brother Jared Azaziah aka Dark Night, off my 2015 record Son Of Kufa Volume 1: Rise Of The Anomaly. I wrote this joint not as a mere musical representation of my own adherence to Shi’a Islamic Liberation Theology, or that of the forces of the Mouqawamah Axis for that matter, but as an anthem for humanity, because the sacrifice made by the Imam (A.S.) in Karbala on Ashoura carries a message of undeniable universalism, hence why Arbaeen (the ceremony that marks the end of the 40 days of mourning for the Imam’s martyrdom) is the biggest religious event on Earth and is attended not only by Shi’a, but Sunnis, Sufis, Ibadis, Christians, believers of other faiths and believers of no identified faith at all. Everyone loves Imam Hussein (A.S.), regardless of their ethno-communal background! The only ones who don’t are those who carry on the legacy of the Holy Prophet’s (S.A.W.W.) enemies and oppress the innocent, the weak and the downtrodden. So for the Imam (A.S.) on his birthday, and all his literal and ideological descendants fighting against World Zionism–the Yazid of our time–on the front lines in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, occupied Palestine, Iraq, Nigeria, Bahrain and beyond: LET IT KNOCK!

Ayatollah Sayyed Ahmad Khatami Absolutely Slayed It During Jummah Last Week

by Jonathan Azaziah

Ayatollah Sayyed Ahmad Khatami, the super-fiery Tehran Temporary Friday Prayers Leader, ripped into Al-Saud and absolutely SLAYED IT during Jummah last week:

“Saudi Arabia expands ties with the Zionist regime day by day and has openly admitted that they are engaged in proxy wars with Bahrain, Yemen and Syria on behalf of the Zionists. Wherever there are criminal Takfiri operations and wherever there are instances of genocide, traces of Saudi Arabia’s petrodollars can be found. The Saudi tyrants intend to block the Iranian Hajj pilgrims’ presence in the upcoming Hajj ritual, but they are nobodies! Mecca and Medina are two international cities which belong to all Muslims! Iran favors a dignified and secure Hajj and we will never allow our pilgrims to go to a contemptuous and insecure ritual. The disaster that happened in Mina last year will never be cleared from the faces of the Saudi despots.”

I wish the entire Arab-Islamic world would heed the Ayatollah’s powerful words and treat the Wahhabi “royals” in Riyadh like the murderous, sectarian, unhinged, collaborationist, Takfiri-fathering monsters that they are. We’d all be a hell of a lot better off.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah: The game is over in Syria

by Ali Hashem, Al-Monitor

“The game is over,” Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said. “All hostile attempts to execute plans in Syria and Iraq failed,” he said in the three-hour interview with the pan-Arab news channel Al-Mayadeen on Jan. 15.

Nasrallah’s interview was packed with messages on Israel, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and Iran; in rhetoric, it seemed offensive, non-conciliatory and threatening, yet between the lines, there were stances that could be seen as new and promising, mainly on Syria. Continue reading Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah: The game is over in Syria

Sayyed Nasrallah: Ummah Must Unite to Face Takfiris, Defend Islam

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stressed Friday that terrorist groups are offending the Messenger of Allah – Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) – by their shameful actions, especially when they “behead thousands of people and kill thousands of people in Yemen for commemorating the Prophet’s birth anniversary.”

“Those offensives are supported by being easily circulated across several geographical locations, starting from Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, to the states that facilitated visas for terrorists to travel into our country.” Continue reading Sayyed Nasrallah: Ummah Must Unite to Face Takfiris, Defend Islam

Zionist-Wahhabi Alliance At Work: Saudis and Bloomberg Set Up New TV Channel

by Zeinab Hawi, Al-Akhbar English

After several delays, new TV station Al-Arab TV will finally go live in early February 2015. The station will be on the air at a time of intense media polarization, representing a continuation of the Saudi-Qatari conflict. However, the station promises to be neutral and to focus on economic issues. It could be said, however, that Al-Arab TV will be similar to the Al-Arabiya model.

The countdown has begun for the launching of Al-Arab news channel in February 2015. The station is owned by the Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, according to an announcement made by its chief executive officer Fahd al-Sukait yesterday during a press conference held in Bahrain’s capital, Manama. In the meantime, an extensive advertising campaign is underway featuring the channel’s logo, which bears a striking similarity to the logo of the Rotana channels, in green and golden colors. Continue reading Zionist-Wahhabi Alliance At Work: Saudis and Bloomberg Set Up New TV Channel