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RIP Iraqi Moujahid Hussnayn al-Sa’adi: Nubl And Al-Zahra Will Never Forget Your Heroic Sacrifice

by Jonathan Azaziah

This is the story of martyred Iraqi moujahid Hussnayn al-Sa’adi of Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba, may he rest in power and in dignity and be appreciated by the Angels (A.S.) until the end of time. He was martyred in Syria on February 2nd, 2015 and it is a story that has never been told before up until now. The reason for writing it at this very moment in time is rather simplistic: We are in the midst of the first 10 days of the Muharram, that painful time when we relive the suffering of Imam Hussein (A.S.) and the Karbala 72, as well as reflect on how the sacrifices made on Youm al-Ashoura 680 A.D. (61 A.H.) affect us all today when thrown against the backdrop of the current geopolitical landscape. So what better time to recount the life of a Shahid as Husseini as Hussnayn al-Saadi than this one?! Born in Kufa and raised in Karbala, Hussnayn would begin his life as a moujahid at the tender age of 18 when the American-Zionist aggression was launched against Iraq. He joined the ranks of the Mahdi Army before heading towards Asa’ib Ahlul Haq and was known for his fiery demeanor, love of Palestine and passion for the Holy Qur’an, attributes which he put to good use on the battlefield, hyping up his fellow fighters in the confrontation against the invaders. Hussnayn would partake in liberating Basra from US-British occupation as well as several key battles in and around Baghdad. Continue reading RIP Iraqi Moujahid Hussnayn al-Sa’adi: Nubl And Al-Zahra Will Never Forget Your Heroic Sacrifice

Hizbullah Martyr Ali “Bilal” Saleh: One Man Army, Miracle-Maker and Superhero

by Jonathan Azaziah

If you don’t believe in miracles, it is only because you never heard of Ali “Bilal” Saleh. This legendary Hizbullah martyr, who was also known for being a leading moujahid on the Nabatiyeh front prior to the historic liberation of Lebanon in May 2000, singlehandedly changed the course of the 2006 July War. Before the aggression came to a close, the ‘Israelis’ (Unit 162) had made their way into the ultra-vital arena of Wadi al-Hujeir with a horde of their allegedly “invincible” Merkava tanks and were looking to set up shop on the Litani River, not only for military positioning but also for energy purposes, as stealing precious Lebanese water resources has always been a strategic goal of the Zionist occupation.

But Bilal, a glorious guerrilla veteran with genius-level battlefield intellect and the “eyes of an eagle” who had accuracy with projectiles unlike anything ever seen before in the Resistance’s history, was NOT about to let such a calamity happen on his watch. He declared that the advancement of the Zionists’ tanks had be halted and with his comrades wounded all around him, he adopted this mission as his alone. Bilal himself was hurt as well but it didn’t matter! He moved from Syrian-provided Kornet launcher to Syrian-provided Kornet launcher, neutralizing tank after tank while taking cover behind the rocks and trees of Lebanon’s heavenly landscape like the true son of the Jnoub he was; like a formidable, elusive, Mouqawamist ninja-jinn! For the last 30 years, the ‘Israeli’ military leadership has routinedly described Hizbullah’s moujahideen as “ghosts” the way they deliver an attack on a target and then collapse into the background like they never were even there to begin with. Ali “Bilal” Saleh, may ALLAH (SWT) be pleased with him, proved himself to be the Prince of the Ghosts. Continue reading Hizbullah Martyr Ali “Bilal” Saleh: One Man Army, Miracle-Maker and Superhero

A Hizbullah Marriage: Resistance Is Love And Love Is Resistance

by Jonathan Azaziah

Nobody does Resistance and Revolution like Hizbullah, so of course, since a true revolutionary is one guided by a great feeling of Love as Che Guevara said, nobody is going to do True Love like the Party of ALLAH (SWT) either. Say salaam to Lebanese Islamic Resistance moujahid Ali Mahmoud Yassin and his wonderful bride Dana Roumani. These two Hizbullahi Lovebirds, who have been together for 6 years, planned to tie the knot at Ramadan’s end, but then, in the midst of going toe-to-toe with the Takfiri terrorist virus in the southern Aleppo countryside, Ali was severely wounded and unfortunately had to have one of his legs amputated. But because this is the Culture of Resistance that we’re talking about here, the marriage was not cancelled! No! Instead, it was sped up! Dana’s father urged that they wed immediately and that’s exactly what they did yesterday in the hospital. Masha’ALLAH! Not even Tawfiq Ziad, Mahmoud Darwish, Samih al-Qasim, Ghassan Kanafani, Pablo Neruda or even Nizar Qabbani could’ve written a more inspiring Mouqawamist romance! Continue reading A Hizbullah Marriage: Resistance Is Love And Love Is Resistance