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Muhammad Ali al-Houthi: A Yemeni Lion Who No Western Leader Can Measure Up To

by Jonathan Azaziah

Senior Ansarullah Commander Muhammad Ali al-Houthi is a blessing and the very embodiment of humbleness. Here we have a man who spent his entire life on the battlefield protecting his brethren from regime repression in northern Yemen, playing a major tactical and organizational role in every victory achieved by Ansarullah in the six wars with the dictatorship between 2004 and 2010, not to mention the routing of US-Saudi-backed Al-Islah (the Yemeni chapter of the “Muslim” Brotherhood) in the summer of 2014, but when asked to lead the Yemeni Revolutionary Committee–a transitional, post-revolution political body–because of his brilliant strategic mind and keen ability to analyze critical geopolitical situations, he accepted the role in spite of how much it pained him to leave his brothers still engaged in firefights all over the nation. Subsequently, after guiding the Yemeni people and their Resistance through an 18-month period of instability and then of course the Saudi-imposed aggression, he willfully and gracefully steps down from his post as de facto ruler of Yemen, thus ceding power to the newly, democratically formed Supreme Political Council which will govern Yemen’s affairs from this point forward. And what does the man do after that? He returns to the front lines of the struggle, once again putting his life on the line to safeguard his people from the Wahhabi Kingdom of Darkness. Verily, that kind of selflessness is rarer than alexandrite; that kind of love of country blings brighter than even the most splendiferous Yemeni Agate. Continue reading Muhammad Ali al-Houthi: A Yemeni Lion Who No Western Leader Can Measure Up To

Amnesty Int’l Can Go F*** Itself: Sorosite Group’s Latest Lies Against The Yemeni Islamic Resistance Exposed

by Jonathan Azaziah

Amnesty International can go fuck itself. The Soros-funded, Zionist, US-State-Dept-aligned, “Human Rights” Imperialist guild of regime-changers and Takfiri-sympathizers have just put out a new report–more like a hitpiece, really–accusing Ansarullah, the heroic Yemeni Islamic Resistance defending its nation from both Saudi invasion and Takfiri destabilization, of “arbitrary arrests”, “torture” and “enforced disappearances” of “political opponents”. No different than its “incubator babies” hasbara campaign that fueled the American destruction of Iraq in ‘90-‘91 and every one of its propaganda waves against the Syrian Arab Republic over the last 5 years, including the recent monsoon of lies about Aleppo, Amnesty is once again going after a target of the US-‘Israeli’ Empire and attempting to distort the image of a Resistance movement under foreign attack. Amnesty smeared the Iraqi Mouqwamah from the opening days of the US-UK-Zionist onslaught, libeled Hizbullah in 2006, tried to tarnish the Palestinian Resistance in ‘08-‘09, ‘12 and ‘14… In fact! With the Houthis under disinformation assault now too, there isn’t an anti-Imperialist, anti-Zionist counter-invasion group in our whole region that Amnesty HASN’T spread falsehoods about! And what is the basis of the Sorosite “activist” organ’s latest round of legerdemain, i.e. whom are its sources sullying the good name of Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi’s Godwary moujahideen? None other than Al-Islah, the Yemeni “Muslim” Brotherhood (Ikhwan). It is actually admitted right there in Amnesty’s “investigation”. Continue reading Amnesty Int’l Can Go F*** Itself: Sorosite Group’s Latest Lies Against The Yemeni Islamic Resistance Exposed

Let The Hasbara Rest: Former Dictator Saleh Denies Alliance With Houthis

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Since Yemeni revolutionary movement Ansarullah cleansed Sanaa of collaborationist forces last September, a nauseatingly persistent talking point has been repeated in just about every single mass media article on Yemen: that the Houthis swept through the Yemeni capital and most of the nation’s provinces and strategic cities on the back of an alliance with former dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh. This Zionist-Saudi propaganda is not merely designed to present what is taking place in the Arab World’s poorest nation in heated sectarian terms — as the staunchly secular Saleh is from a Zaydi Shi’a background, and thus, in the demented Shiaphobic minds of the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime’s hasbaraniks and Riyadh’s paid tools, Ansarullah *MUST* be working with him since they share the same religious school of thought and apparently all Zaydi Shi’a Yemenis are in cahoots with each other, irrespective of the fact that they may exist at opposite ends of the geopolitical spectrum — but it is also meant to discredit the Houthis’ popular uprising and paint it as a grandiose exercise in political theater being manipulated by the former regime, not to mention as a means of depicting the brave, principled men of Ansarullah as morally bankrupt wheeler-dealers who are prepared to work with their most hated enemy — a man who brutally assassinated their founder, Sayyed Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi in September 2004 — in a bid to gain political power. Not only have the Houthis themselves categorically denied any link with the loathsome Saleh, but the former Yemeni despot denounced Ansarullah’s liberation of Sanaa and his influential, corrupt son Ahmed  offered to fight the Yemeni Resistance on the House of Saud’s behalf just two days before the criminal Saudi-led aggression against Yemen began, proofs in and of themselves that the tyrannical Saleh family and Ansarullah’s moujahideen are still very much in conflict, despite the Zionist media’s egregious reporting to the contrary. Saleh’s latest denial of any partnership between him and the Houthis should put this hasbara to bed once and for all. It’s time for the entire lot of “Arab” and “Muslim” sectarians who have been baselessly bashing Ansarullah as a group of sellouts to admit their horrendous miscalculation, acknowledge the facts and come clean with the goods: The Houthis are the embodiment of anti-Zionist, anti-imperialist, anti-Takfiri, Arab-Islamic resistance, and the revolution that they launched is one of the utmost independence, for the benefit of all Yemenis regardless of sect or tribe and devoid of any tie with Saleh. Any military or political gains Ansarullah has made have been organic and it is the pure nature of this grassroots group that makes the criminals in Riyadh and “Tel Aviv” deathly fearful of change in Yemen at the hands of the Houthis, true warriors who cannot be bought with GCC petrodollars or infected with the toxicity of International Jewry’s influence. ~ Jonathan Azaziah)
Continue reading Let The Hasbara Rest: Former Dictator Saleh Denies Alliance With Houthis

Treasury Department Neocons and Zionists play dangerous games in Yemen

by Wayne Madsen, The Wayne Madsen Report

David Cohen, the Under Secretary of Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, and his band of neocon Zionists who randomly freeze accounts and bring sanctions against foreign officials and businessmen who do not comport with neocon diktats have now targeted Yemeni leaders. Cohen has systematically brought sanctions against any leaders who pose a threat to Zionist designs, whether they are leaders of Yemen who reject a Zionist plan conceived by former U.S. ambassador to Yemen Gerald Feierstein to carve up Yemen into six provinces dominated by a pro-U.S. government, Hungarian anti-European Union nationalist politicians, or Russian-speaking leaders of Crimea and eastern Ukraine. Continue reading Treasury Department Neocons and Zionists play dangerous games in Yemen