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Yemenis Celebrate Mawlid al-Nabawi In Their Millions, Upholding Muhammad’s (S.A.W.W.) Revolutionary Legacy

by Jonathan Azaziah

Is there anything or anyone in this universe more remarkable than the people of Yemen? In defiance of Saudi Arabia’s bombs, in defiance of AQAP-ISIS terrorism, in defiance of an American-‘Israeli’ plot to divide their land into statelets, Yemenis marched through the capital of Sanaa’s ancient streets in their MILLIONS for Mawlid al-Nabawi. Just as the steadfast souls of the nation once known as Saba refused to be kept from their rights and rose up in revolution to depose US-Zionist-Saudi puppet Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi; and just as these militant marvels refused to be kept from the path of resistance in their righteous confrontation with the tyrannical Wahhabi invaders; and just as these chivalrous champions rebuked the idea of being disconnected from Imam Hussein (A.S.) and showed up millions-deep for Ashoura and Arbaeen, Yemenis rejected the very notion that they would be prevented from celebrating the birth of the man who is the heart, soul and backbone of their religion and their fiery socio-political ideology: Our precious, beloved, noble, Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) Continue reading Yemenis Celebrate Mawlid al-Nabawi In Their Millions, Upholding Muhammad’s (S.A.W.W.) Revolutionary Legacy

Mabrouk Ansarullah! Saudi Supply Line Linking Ta’iz To Aden Has Been Totally Severed!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Ansarullah did it! Masha’ALLAH! Just last month on Eid al-Fitr, those ever-resilient Houthiyeen set up a perimeter around the last supply line of the Saudi occupation army and its Hadi-loyalist proxies on the Ta’iz-Aden border. That supply line has now been completely severed! The enemy invaders, who were using this strategic corridor to procure all sorts of weapons, are now as trapped as snakes in a pet tank and they have absolutely nowhere to go. If they do not surrender, they will face the full-fledged wrath of Ansarullah. This is a GARGANTUAN battlefield development and that’s not overstating it by any means. With Al-Saud’s tools in Ta’iz totally cut off from their arms and ammo, the Yemeni Islamic Resistance will tear through them like lions in a cage with a few wounded baby deer. What remains under the aggressors’ control in Lahij will be next. Once these provinces are fully liberated and secured–and it shouldn’t be long considering Ansarullah’s whirlwind-like ability to advance when it has the momentum–Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi’s moujahideen can concentrate all their efforts and firepower on Aden. When Yemen’s second city is retaken, the criminal, vicious war against the Yemeni people will finally be over, in spite of all Al-Saud’s arrogance, obstinacy and delusions. Let the countdown to Triumph and Fall Of The Tyrants Day begin! Pack your bags Saudi slime! Your end, as well as the end of the US-‘Israeli’ genocide project in Yemen, is nigh! #LongLiveYemen #DeathToSaud #LongLiveAnsarullah

Zio-MSM Dehumanization Doctrine At Work In Yemen: Sarari Massacre Covered Up

by Jonathan Azaziah

Yemen, o’ beloved Yemen, how I hate your enemies so! The Arab world’s poorest but MOST RESISTANT nation has suffered three despicable atrocities in the past 24 hours and as entirely expected, US-Zionist-GCC media outlets have not only fallen into dead zones but tried to cover up the crimes of Dönmeh Saudi Arabia through the usage of sectarian hasbara. Yesterday in Sanaa, a grenade was placed inside a mosque in Sanaa’s south, slaughtering at least 3 Yemenis and wounding over a dozen more. Not too long thereafter, in Ta’iz–where Ansarullah has been particularly fierce in mopping the floor with Al-Saud’s occupation army–an UNSPEAKABLY SICKENING massacre occurred when the Saudi regime’s mercenaries invaded the village of Sarari and burned dozens of houses to the ground, murdering at least 50 innocents, among them women, children and elderly. Some who survived the arson, crawled out of their fire-engulfed homes in an attempt to escape, only to have their limbs and heads cut off by the Saudi-led invaders and their Hadi-loyalist proxies. Such savagery cannot be put into words, no matter how fury-filled. And then today, a car bomb went off inside an open market in Ma’rib City, taking the lives of at least 7 Yemeni civilians and injuring over 18 others. Continue reading Zio-MSM Dehumanization Doctrine At Work In Yemen: Sarari Massacre Covered Up

Al-Jazeera Hasbara Debunked: No, Ansarullah’s Top Two Commanders Are Not Dead

by Jonathan Azaziah

Al-Jazeera, like the Wahhabi-Takfirism it sympathizes with and provides political cover for, is a curse on the world and needs to be abolished. The Qatari tyrant’s mouthpiece has just put out a pitiful propaganda garbage-pile entitled, “Recordings: Houthi leaders planned general’s killing“, which doesn’t serve any purpose whatsoever but to (attempt to) lift the morale of whatever remains of the GCC coalition being pounded into dust by the Houthis like a prime Iron Mike Tyson’s early opponents. And here’s why: The “report” asserts that Al-Jazeera somehow “obtained” audio recordings which “reveal” that leading moujahideen of Ansarullah, namely Sayyed Abou Ali Abdallah al-Hakim al-Houthi and Yousuf al-Madani, ordered the assassination of despicable collaborationist Yemeni Brigadier General Hameed al-Qushaibi. In reality however, true to Al-Jazeera’s fundamentally deceptive nature–and reminiscent of its brain-damagingly-moronic, insanely Zionized “The Road To Sanaa” ‘documentary’ which put forth the severely unhinged theory that mortal enemies Ansarullah and Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi worked in unison to remove al-Qushaibi from his position of power in Amran –nothing has been “revealed” at all. Prior to the Houthis’ region-shaking revolution on September 21st, 2014, they were locked in a massive battle with Al-Islah (the Yemeni chapter of the “Muslim” Brotherhood aka Ikhwan) as well as any and all brigades of the military affiliated with it, chiefly the units controlled by al-Qushaibi as well Ali Mohsen Saleh al-Ahmar, two of the most corrupt men in Yemeni history. A battle mind you that Ansarullah won and in dominant fashion. Continue reading Al-Jazeera Hasbara Debunked: No, Ansarullah’s Top Two Commanders Are Not Dead

Amnesty Int’l Can Go F*** Itself: Sorosite Group’s Latest Lies Against The Yemeni Islamic Resistance Exposed

by Jonathan Azaziah

Amnesty International can go fuck itself. The Soros-funded, Zionist, US-State-Dept-aligned, “Human Rights” Imperialist guild of regime-changers and Takfiri-sympathizers have just put out a new report–more like a hitpiece, really–accusing Ansarullah, the heroic Yemeni Islamic Resistance defending its nation from both Saudi invasion and Takfiri destabilization, of “arbitrary arrests”, “torture” and “enforced disappearances” of “political opponents”. No different than its “incubator babies” hasbara campaign that fueled the American destruction of Iraq in ‘90-‘91 and every one of its propaganda waves against the Syrian Arab Republic over the last 5 years, including the recent monsoon of lies about Aleppo, Amnesty is once again going after a target of the US-‘Israeli’ Empire and attempting to distort the image of a Resistance movement under foreign attack. Amnesty smeared the Iraqi Mouqwamah from the opening days of the US-UK-Zionist onslaught, libeled Hizbullah in 2006, tried to tarnish the Palestinian Resistance in ‘08-‘09, ‘12 and ‘14… In fact! With the Houthis under disinformation assault now too, there isn’t an anti-Imperialist, anti-Zionist counter-invasion group in our whole region that Amnesty HASN’T spread falsehoods about! And what is the basis of the Sorosite “activist” organ’s latest round of legerdemain, i.e. whom are its sources sullying the good name of Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi’s Godwary moujahideen? None other than Al-Islah, the Yemeni “Muslim” Brotherhood (Ikhwan). It is actually admitted right there in Amnesty’s “investigation”. Continue reading Amnesty Int’l Can Go F*** Itself: Sorosite Group’s Latest Lies Against The Yemeni Islamic Resistance Exposed

Felicity Of The Oppressed Ain’t Just An Album, It’s A Lyrical Movie!

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

My ancient bruv from another muv Shan Cee FiftyOne aka He Who Signals The Truth asked me to write this so here goes. My fourth album, “Felicity Of The Oppressed”, is more than just an ode to Yemen in Beats-Rhymes-Life(form) or a mere collective of cohesive songs; it’s a lyrical movie… A Hip-Hop play in 3 acts that starts with a bang, tears your guts out, enrages you and then crescendos with a feeling of victoriousness that soothes and consoles. While every joint stands alone as an individual experience and I did indeed write it that way, F.O.T.O. is meant to be listened to in totality so you can grasp the fullness and connectedness of the concept: Yemen’s pain and suffering at the hands of Earth’s Most Evil, followed by Yemen’s struggle against these oppressors, followed by and concluding with Ansarullah’s triumph over the forces of Dajjal and the globalizing of their win which I am humbled to be part of. You don’t skip around when you’re watching a flick, do you? Because doing so, you lose critical plot points, right? Same idea applies here. Continue reading Felicity Of The Oppressed Ain’t Just An Album, It’s A Lyrical Movie!

Ansarullah Ain’t Come This Far To Surrender Its Weapons And Destiny To Al-Saud

by Jonathan Azaziah

With the UN-sponsored ceasefire in ‪#‎Yemen‬ continuing to be violated daily by genocidal Al-Saud and the worthless “peace” talks in Kuwait exposed as a total farce aimed at dislodging Ansarullah, it’s time for a small but vital history lesson.

Since the 1990s when Ansarullah was just a political party known as the Believing Youth, focused on teaching what Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi (R.A.) called ‘Qur’anic Culture’ in response to Al-Saud’s devious attempts to Wahhabiize their way of life, the Zaydis and allied Shafi’i Sunnis of North Yemen have faced nothing less than a US-Zionist-Saudi-backed war of extermination. In the beginning, this oppression was subtle, in which tactics like economic strangulation through deliberate underdevelopment and assassinations of members of the Houthi family were employed to keep people living in fear. But when Washington and London, at the behest of their ‘Israeli’ overlords, launched the criminal invasion of Iraq using nonexistent WMDs and the 9/11 false flag as the pretexts, putting the entire Arab-Islamic world at risk of falling under the Anglo-Zionist Empire’s dominion, Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi (R.A.) removed the gloves and declared that enough is enough. Continue reading Ansarullah Ain’t Come This Far To Surrender Its Weapons And Destiny To Al-Saud

Ansarullah Forces Change Military Strategy in Sana’a

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Ansarullah forces have changed their military array in Sana’a as the street battles are likely to spread to the Yemeni capital, local sources said on Monday.

Ansarullah forces have specified new locations in the Yemeni capital to deploy their armored vehicles and set up new military checkpoints, eyewitnesses said.

They noted that Ansarullah has fortified its positions in Sana’a streets and alleys.

Mansour Hadi in a televised speech thanked Saudi Arabia and its Arab and western allies for their support, and hinted at the prospect that he and other government officials currently based in neighboring Saudi Arabia would soon return to Yemen.

In response, a source close to the Ansarullah movement on Monday rejected media news reports about Hadi’s return as part of the psychological war launched by the Saudi-backed front.

Continue reading Ansarullah Forces Change Military Strategy in Sana’a

Ansarullah: US, Saudi Nationals Killed within Terrorist Ranks in Aden

TEHRAN (FNA)- Several US and Saudi nationals who operated within the ranks of al-Qaeda and pro-Hadi militias in the Southern port city of Aden have been killed by the popular fighters, a senior member of Ansarullah movement announced on Saturday.

“Several American and Saudi nationals who had joined the ranks of terrorist and militant groups in Yemen were killed by the popular fighters in Aden on Saturday,” Karim Amhad al-Rabiee said.

He added that large groups of Saudi and foreign terrorists have joined the al-Qaeda and pro-Hadi militants in Aden in a bid to sabotage the popular uprising of the Yemeni people under the command of Saudi Arabia.

Al-Rabiee also said that Riyadh has transported dozens of Israeli advisors from Turkey to Southern Yemen in order to assist Saudi Arabia in its aggression.

Continue reading Ansarullah: US, Saudi Nationals Killed within Terrorist Ranks in Aden

Houthis threaten to attack Saudi Arabia if aggression continues

Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah fighters have threatened to strike back at Saudi Arabia if the Al Saud regime continues its aggression against the Yemeni people.

The Ansarullah fighters “will carry out a military attack on Saudi Arabia if the airstrikes on Yemen don’t come to an end,” said Mohammed Bahiti, a member of the Houthi movement.

Bahiti stated that the Saudi strikes against the Yemeni army depots cannot prevent the Ansarullah fighters from carrying out their prospective attack against the Saudi regime, adding that Houthis “do not require missiles” to redeem their promise. Continue reading Houthis threaten to attack Saudi Arabia if aggression continues