Syrian Women’s Basketball League Photos Are A Blow To The Global Anti-Syria Propaganda Campaign

by Jonathan Azaziah

The photos released today of the Syrian Women’s Basketball League shouldn’t merely be commented on because of beautiful women — and no doubt that Bilad al-Sham, from Aleppo’s northern tip to gorgeously resistant Bint Jbeil and everywhere in between, is home to the most radiant women on Earth 🙂 <3 --engaging in a game that isn't allowed in areas of Syria occupied by the backwards, barbaric, bloodthirsty Takfiris, i.e. exposing the dichotomy between secular Syrian rule and the murderous intolerance of British-spawned, Judaically-derived Wahhabism. Nor should the pictures be spread solely due to the ethno-sectarian makeup of the players--Sunni, Shi'a, Druze, Alawi, as well as Armenian and Assyrian Christians--which vibrantly shows the Syrian Arab Republic's incandescent pluralism. Both points are equally valid and critical to make note of but these women--and the actual game that they passionately play--represent something far bigger: A massive blow to the ongoing global propaganda campaign against Syria, its people, its president and its army. Because as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has said repeatedly, the media war against Damascus is even bigger than the military war, so images like this constitute something equivalent to game-changing battlefield advancement in Aleppo, Hama or the Syrian capital on the war-front of information.

What brings forth such a conclusion is simple: If Syrian women are playing basketball… And if Syrians from all walks of life, from both genders, young and old, religious and nonreligious, are participating in humanitarian marathons… And if Syrians are holding concerts, dance festivals and film showings… And if Syrians are going to the beach, shopping and observing religious remembrances like Ashoura… All in government-held areas… And if Syrians are working hand-in-glove to expel terrorists from their dwellings like in Al-Hamah and Al-Qudsiyah of Damascus today and the ongoing efforts in East Aleppo… Then Bashar al-Assad isn’t exactly a monstrous dictator, now is he? And the Syrian Arab Army isn’t a brutish force of oppression, now is it? And most important of all, the Syrian people aren’t down with the “revolution” and never in fact were down with the “revolution” from the jump, now were they? They actually like their president, they like their army, and they like living under the democratic governance of the man that they elected in a landslide, don’t they? Yes, yes indeed they do.

Takfiris and their neocon backers should stare at these photos until their eyes burn out because this is Syria’s past, present and soon, it will be the future of every region currently under terrorist occupation. It will not be Uzbeks and Chechens ruling Raqqa and Deir Ezzor in a Wahhabi dystopia, but Syrians. It will not be Neo-Ottoman Turks ruling over Idleb and northern Aleppo in a throwback to the days of “sultans”, but Syrians. It will not be ‘Israeli’ supremacist settlers running amuck in Quneitra, but Syrians fighting to liberate every inch of the Golan. And it will be not Takfiri “sheikhs” and head-chopping false “moujahideen” who will forge Syria’s post-war identity but its basketball-playing, marathon-running, Christmas-celebrating, Ashoura-observing citizens. For like so many other everyday activities and jobs that might have been taken for granted prior to the conspiracy against Syria, playing basketball is now a gesture of resistance, one that drives daggers into the hateful hearts of Sham’s enemies. May the Syrian Women’s Basketball League have a wonderful season. And may their resistance, skills and beauty bring more and more souls to the truth. #LongLiveSyria



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