Syrian Shi’a Of Al-Foua’a And Kefraya Commemorate Ashoura In Spite Of Ongoing Takfiri Siege

by Jonathan Azaziah

Just as Imam Hussein (A.S.) and his Party were surrounded from all sides by the shaytanic army of Yazid (L.A.) in Karbala on Ashoura, today the Syrian Shi’a in the Idleb villages of Al-Foua’a and Kefraya are besieged from every direction by the Takfiri terrorist scourge. But in defiance of all the grisly trauma that they have been enduring at the hands of Jabhat al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham and other “moderate” barbarians since March 2015, these brave humans pictured here, who represent the flesh-and-blood reenactment of the Karbala 72’s incomparable sacrifices, are continuing to hold Ashoura processions as we speak. Masha’ALLAH! Like the partisans of Imam Hussein (A.S.) were deprived of water by the enemies of Islam, the people of Al-Foua’a and Kefraya have been disconnected from all the most basic necessities by the US-‘Israeli’ Empire’s Wahhabi proxies, but still they haven’t let the Ashoura commemorations be halted! Like Abou Fadhl al-Abbas (A.S.) and Ali Akbar (A.S.) heroically fell in hails of arrows, the people of Al-Foua’a and Kefraya face near-daily shellings and have buried hundreds of martyrs, but still they haven’t let the Ashoura commemorations be stopped!

Indeed, like Imam Zayn al-Abideen (A.S.) and Lady Zaynab (A.S.), the twin Idleb towns have maintained their Divinely-guided steadfastness and refused to let the murderous mercenaries of Zio-Imperialism prevent them from manifesting the cornerstone of their identity as Mouqawamist Syrian Shi’a. They may be without food and they may be without drink, but the love of Imam Hussein (A.S.) is all the sustenance they need. Al-Foua’a and Kefraya don’t just chant “Labaykah Ya Hussein!” They don’t just live it… They ARE “Labaykah Ya Hussein!” Syria is the struggle of all struggles and the resilience of Al-Foua’a and Kefraya’s people is the crown that sits atop Bilad al-Sham’s precious head, just like Imam Hussein (A.S.) is the crown which graces the heads of every martyr in Jannah. What a glorious day it is going to be when Idleb is liberated and the siege of the twin Shi’a towns is brought to a close; a glorious day for a glorious Husseini people who, like our fearless master in 61 A.H. on the banks of the Euphrates, rebuked the very concept of surrender and achieved victory by sheer virtue of their resistance. #LongLiveSyria #FreeAlFouaaAndKefraya #Ashoura #Muharram



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