Syrian Arab Army Captures Strategic Checkpoint in Deir Ezzor

by Leith Fadel, Al-Masdar News

The 104th Airborne Brigade of the Syrian Arab Army captured the strategic Feela Al-‘Ameed Checkpoint on Sakr Island (Hajeewa Sakr) in the Deir Ezzor Governorate after violent clashes with the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham today. According to a military source, two dozen ISIS militants were killed during the clashes, including a field commander from Morocco. He also added that the 104th Brigade suffered 3 casualties during the operation to capture the checkpoint.

The Syrian Arab Army now controls 90% of Sakr Island and the two imperative suspension bridges that link the island to the mainland. Brigadier General Issam Zahreddine of the 104th Airborne Brigade is leading the operation on Sakr Island and all military activity in the Deir Ezzor Governorate.

Identified ISIS militants killed at Sakr Island:

1. Abu Hariri Al-Mughrabi (Moroccan field commander)
2. Abu Haidar Al-Tounisi (Tunisian)
3. ‘Abdel-Rahman Hassan Al-Samaari (Syrian)
4. Ibrahim Al-Hussein Al-Yasmeen Al-Ahmad (Syrian)
5. Mounir Sa’eed Al-‘Amari (Iraqi)
6. ‘Ali Nouraldeen Mustapha (Syrian)

ISIS media outlets have revealed the name of the man who detonated a car bomb on Sakr Island yesterday. The man that was identified as the culprit behind the terrorist attack was a Moroccan ISIS fighter: Abu Saheeb Al-Mughrabi.

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