Striking Star Salute To Fidel Castro: A Skying Revolutionary Life Comes To A Close At 90

by Jonathan Azaziah

I was only 10 years old when my Bedstuy, Brooklyn neighborhood was lit ablaze by the classic joint “Victory” and I heard legend Biggie Smalls spit the following bars: “… Used to call me fatso/Now you call me Castro/My rap flow’s, militant…” I remember asking all the old heads on my block who “Castro” was, thinking he was some Nostrand Avenue OG so fearsome and slick that he was never caught by “the authorities”. And to my surprise, when a gentleman put me on game–a Cuban brother who was down with the 1959 Revolution and wanted to go home but ended up getting pinched for gun-running–that’s actually ***EXACTLY*** who he was, albeit in an entirely different setting. This man who the Notorious B.I.G. name-dropped was indeed an OG, but a Cuban not a Brooklynite, and he was indeed as hardcore, slippery, fiery and brilliant as they come, but the “authorities” he defied weren’t Blue Bacon and Feds but the American regime, especially its CIA, the usurping ‘Israeli’ entity and the global Zio-Imperialist system at large. And from this moment forward, I, like y’all, and not millions or even tens of millions but HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of other Moustazafeen (oppressed ones) worldwide, was infatuated with, in awe of, and inspired by this sky-toppling giant known as Castro.

To see Fidel pass on at the tender age of 90 years young isn’t at all surprising. He was battling health issues for many years and apart from a few appearances here and there which dazzled us like it was 1959 all over again, as well as the occasional prose that he’d pen, he basically remained out of the public eye. But nevertheless, it’s still surreal to now live in a world without his presence.

For nearly six decades, the founder of the Cuban Revolution thumbed his nose at that evil entity we all refer to as Shaytan al-Akbar (the Great Satan, i.e. America). And in the process, he solidified an example in blood-sweat-and-tears-drenched stone that can be (and has been followed) by states, movements and individuals across this beautiful sphere of blue and green who desire sovereignty and independence from a predatory, plutocratic, poisonous system which cares for nothing and nobody but the “chosen”–as in Halakhic-Talmudic-Kabbalistic “chosenites”, catch my drift?–few who run it. Castro put flesh and bone to the word “revolution”. He gave it life, made it walk, put words in its mouth, pumped breath into its lungs, injected lifeforce into its heart, stuck an AK-47 in its hand and then masterminded a plan so with every bullet fired, its destiny would be forged and that very concept, REVOLUTION, could continue surviving and thriving long after he was gone.

The proof is in the pudding. After Castro and his revolutionaries dislodged US-backed tyrant Fulgencio Batista on New Year’s Day 1959, they went to work immediately to undo centuries, not decades, but CENTURIES of oppressive policies championed by the sugar-plantation-owning “elites” who were all the progeny of the genocidal interlopers who originally colonized the Caribbean. Fidel kicked out the Jewish mafia, which had been in cahoots with Batista from day one of his dictatorship and was also one of his primary financial backers, and declared war on this aforementioned settler-capitalist class. The literacy rate under Batista was at a paltry 50-60%. Now, thanks to Fidel and his brethren, Cuba is one of the few countries on Earth with a literacy rate of 100% and the methodology utilized to achieve this miracle has been exported to over 30 nations, giving 10 million other humans the ability to read. Education was a neoliberal nightmare in pre-Castro Cuba, with privatization running amuck. The Cuban Revolution however nationalized schooling at all levels and made it free on top of it. This model has also been internationalized, with Cuban educators going global, from Latin America to Africa to Pakistan to better the learning of everyone from youth to adults.

Under Batista and his colonialist parasite allies, Cuban women, Afro-Cubans, Indigenous Cubans and the people of Cuba’s rural areas, i.e. the poorest of the poor, weren’t only denied education but political rights generally. The Cuban Revolution changed that dramatically and in totality. Castro became their voice, inspired them and empowered them. Hugo Chavez would follow in (his friend and mentor) Fidel’s footsteps over 40 years later by giving a voice to Afro-Venezuelans and Venezuela’s most poverty-stricken. And then there is Cuba’s health care system, one of the most advanced in the world and arguably the most advanced in the Global South. With the Empire stooge Batista at the helm, the medicine sector in Cuba was in shambles. But Fidel, like everything else he touched, revolutionized it, revitalized it and then, also like everything else he touched, internationalized it. The Cuban Revolution launched campaigns for gastroenteritis control and clean water, took the fight to polio, and built one new hospital after another.

Barely a year after Batista was overthrown, when the Revolution was young and still fragile, with the American ZOG baring down on its neck, Cuba sent doctors to Chile to provide assistance to earthquake victims and this never stopped. Globetrotting Cuban medical experts were in Algeria to provide care to anti-colonialist fighters still wounded from the brutal battle with the bloodthirsty French regime. Cuba has treated tens of thousands of Ukrainian children affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. It was none other than Fidel Castro’s Cuban doctors who helped Hugo Chavez revamp Venezuela’s health care system and now Venezuelan doctors are following the Cubans’ path with their revolutionary medical internationalism. In modern times, it is Cuba, not the US, the UK, or any other Imperialist state, which has been the key player in stomping out Ebola in West Africa–a fact even the Zionist media begrudgingly admits. And this list, quite literally, extends onward beyond these stellar examples into near perpetuity. It can be said that Cuba founded the very phrase “revolutionary medicine” and the lives that it has saved as a result, under Fidel’s guidance, are indeed too copious to count.

And it is not only the fields of health care and education that Fidel Castro lent the help of his tiny island nation to the oppressed peoples of Earth. Cuba was also active on the global battlefield against the Halakhic-Dajjalic Beast. Over 25,000 Cuban guerrillas assisted the revolutionaries of Angola in the fight against Apartheid South Africa and it was this decisive military intervention that led to the final collapse of the Zionist-backed, Zionist-armed White supremacist regime–not some BDS campaign–as it was Cuba (and the lionhearted Angolans whom it waged combat alongside) which exposed the military ineptitude of Pretoria when confronted with a strong, determined, well-trained adversary. Cuba’s brave soldiers, led by none other than martyred revolutionary hero of heroes and Fidel’s brother-in-arms Che Guevara, were also in the Congo leading a covert insurgency to try and overturn the CIA coup that led to the assassination of Patrice Lumumba. The Vietnamese Resistance, whose ever-epic beatdown of American occupation forces served as a military model for none other than Lebanon’s Hizbullah, was trained and assisted by Cuba.

And in perhaps Fidel’s most shining moment as a leader and a revolutionary, he sent more than 3,000 of his men to the front lines of the occupied Golan Heights during the 1973 October War. These Cuban knights fought side-by-side with Syria in its most dire hour, confronting the ‘Israeli’ cancer with vigor and fearlessness. Little but mighty Cuba defended the Syrian Arab Republic, the Palestinian cause and the dignity of the entire Arab-Islamic Ummah whilst obese, pathetic, toxic “kings” and “sheikhs” in the GCC states, not to mention Jordan and Morocco, sat idly by.

This reason, among many others certainly but still sitting atop the Cuban Revolution founder’s mountain of accomplishments like a halo atop the head of an angel, is why Fidel is adored by so many Islamic Liberationists and Arab nationalists. Today, we see Cuba at the forefront defending the Syrian Arab Republic yet again in the face of an Empire-orchestrated terrorist onslaught–Fidel explicitly noted that Mossad created ISIS, something the average “Arab Springer” still can’t cop to–standing with the Islamic Republic of Iran, upholding its decades-long alliance with the DPRK, still raising its voice for the Palestinian people, playing a leading role in the protection of the Bolivarian Revolution, safeguarding the rights of Indigenous people worldwide from the US to Canada’s First Nations to Australia’s Aboriginals, and simply put, in spite of an ongoing ‘Israeli’-supported US embargo which continues to ruthlessly damage the island’s economy and people, maintaining its resistant identity no matter what. In other words, Castro still lives!

Yes, Fidel Castro is gone and it is gut-wrenching. But we must repeat, and louder, CASTRO STILL LIVES! Because the Cuban Revolution still lives! And I just don’t mean because of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, the Sandanistas in Nicaragua, Evo Morales in Bolivia, Rafael Correa in Ecuador and Iran, the most innovative nation in the entire Global South, taking on the internationalist role that Cuba once played in militarily assisting the Moustazafeen (oppressed ones), I mean because of the Cuban people themselves. Just look at them. There have been reports of hundreds of thousands at the bare minimum and upwards of four million at the maximum, MORE THAN A THIRD OF CUBA’S ENTIRE POPULATION, on the streets, in tears–wailing in sadness on the one hand but smiling in celebration of Fidel’s incredible life on the other–mourning their beloved leader.

And the Zionist press, damn near every AIPAC-bought stooge in Washington, numerous other Western states and the repulsive Gusanos in Miami–the vast majority of whom are all descendants of the previously discussed colonialist class that took issue with the oppressive system they profited from so heavily being dismantled–dare call this man a “dictator”? Laughable. Castro was no more a “dictator” than Syrian President Bashar al-Assad or Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei. Adored by the people, hated by the Empire – the very definition of a revolutionary. CIA tried to murder him 638 times and Mossad along with MI6 attempted the task more than once too. All failures. Castro departed this planet at 90 not at the hands of his Zio-Imperialist enemies but as an old man, in total salaam, doing his thing as he’s been doing since he took down Batista. Like a boss.

So I’m going to say the following to you as a Shi’a Islamic Liberationist of the Nasrallahist-Khomeiniist variety who is no fan even in the slightest of the communist ideology: Viva Fidel! Viva la revolución Cubana! Been a student of Castro’s since I was 10 years old and remain so to this exact moment. The man personified legendary and is as much a giant in death as he was in life. May the Cuban Revolution continue to inspire the ones with revolution burning in their hearts forever and after. And may the Cuban Revolution also keep drilling island-sized holes in the devilish eyes, blackened hearts and warmongering brains of Imperialists everywhere until the meek inherit what is rightfully theirs. Viva Fidel! Send the blessings of the Wretched of the Earth on Che, Hugo, Nasser, Malcolm X and all those martyred in the struggle against the Anglo-Zionist Empire when you see them! Rest in power and Striking Star Salute El Comandante!

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  1. Not a word from the Zio media about the millions of Cubans mourning Castro’s death. They did, however, go on and on about Miami Cubans celebrating. Miami Cubans always reminded me of Jews. Didn’t realize the connection before. Now I know why!

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