“Spotlight”, Hollywood Zioganda and The Systemic Rabbinical Rape Of Children

by Jonathan Azaziah

Saw “Spotlight” over the weekend with my little brother. Well-done film, from the acting to the direction to the story. But there was an 800-pound gorilla with a six-pointed star tattooed on its head pounding its chest in the back and front of my mind the entire time I was watching: Would Martin Baron, the Jewish editor of the Boston Globe at the time, have shown so much vigor and dedicated so much time and effort along with so many resources to exposing the systemic horror of rabbis raping children in the Jewish community? Not in this life or the Hereafter. There are rabbinical predators harming kids in every major city in the US, every major city in Canada, every major city in Europe, every major city in Australia and New Zealand, in South Africa and yes, even inside the disgusting Zionist entity itself. The biggest monsters off the top of my head? Avrohom Mondrowitz, Israel Weingarten and Solomon Hafner. Unspeakable what this spawn of Satan did to hundreds upon hundreds of innocents and barely anybody outside the Jewish community even knows who they are.

Indeed, there is not a single Jewish reporter, newspaper editor or lobby group willing to bring this sheer evil into the public eye because they are adhering to the collective Judaic fear of what the Gentiles might do when they find out. And this isn’t Jonathan Azaziah making “anti-Semitic” assumptions, this is what the relatives of abused children, including their own goddamn mothers say: If the “goyim” get wind of this, it’ll be even worse than what befell the children. For just a smidgen, A SMIDGEN of the gruesome cover-ups and ungodly rationalizations, go read “Sexual Abuse, Shonda and Concealment in Orthodox Jewish Communities” by Michael Lesher–who, for the record, I don’t like, because he feigns ignorance over why this happens and swears he doesn’t know this is an ideological, transhistorical problem ingrained in the fabric of Jewish religion and culture.

Then of course there is the question of everything discussed in the film even being valid or more fabrications of International Zionism’s to further its global war on Messiah Jesus (A.S.), the beloved of both Christianity and Islam. If valid, then it shows that the Catholic reporters who did the actual investigating were courageous enough to tackle something dark in their own community and bring it to light as a means of preventing it from harming more innocents; an important point because Jews have never done anything of the sort. If untrue, this shows just how low the Jewish Power Configuration will steep to hurt those it hates and opposes.

Getting down to brass tax, the reason why the rape of children is so rampant in the Jewish community is because it is permitted by the (un)holy books of Judaism and reinforced by the Halakhic-Talmudic forbiddance of mesira, i.e. a Jew reporting another Jew to a Gentile authority for wrongdoing. The (corrupted) Torah gleefully tells a story of Lot raping his daughters. The Talmud, where the rabbis assert themselves as above God and God’s law, permit the rape of children in numerous tractates. Hence why Jews don’t act out and make a big stink about it when they hear of sexual crimes against children! Their “revelations” say it’s gravy and so do their rabbis! Not to mention, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the pedophilic, insidious “rebbe” of ultra-extremist and subversive Chabad Lubavitch, was the key in getting the Noahide Laws enshrined in American legal code, giving Jews generally speaking and Jewish predators especially all the more maneuverability to escape punishment if they’re ever caught. And brainwashed, Islamophobic Americans are worried about Muslims! Pshhh!

Ultimately, “Spotlight” is a confirmation of Jewish cultural imperialism and the ability of Zionist Hollywood to deflect the sinful, malevolent behavior of its “chosenite” community and project it onto others (namely the perceived enemies of Organized Jewish Interests) without viewers even knowing it. No matter what you’re watching or reading, from movies to television, novels to comics, always remain vigilant; the subliminal hasbara of Empire Judaica is deep, deeper than the Mariana Trench, and it is never, ever JUST entertainment.

5 thoughts on ““Spotlight”, Hollywood Zioganda and The Systemic Rabbinical Rape Of Children”

  1. Brilliant Jonathan, Well Done
    Last year there was a royal commission investigating the child sexual abuse in the Jewish communities across Australia. The mainstream media made no reference to it. I learned about the investigations by following Jewish news sites which are for Jews only and the Goyim won’t be bothered with it. In Early January this year when the alleged rape campaign was on the show by the Western media, the Daily Telegraph had an article on the front page about a sex offender case with a complete photo of the alleged offender ‘an Afghani man’ who raped his innocent white victim. Like other Hollywood films the evil perpetrator was influenced by his culture and religion which encourage men to rape women and abuse them. The story sounded perfect for Australian consumer of garbage news. Just an example of distraction and brainwashing of the cattle Goyim.

  2. Dear Jonathan Aziziah,

    Excellent Article! Bringing the truth about the Horrendous Evil committed on their very own vulnerable helpless siblings robbing them of their innocence by the so called chosen People of God.

    The altered Judaism Stinks to the very core and those who follow this altered version of the Talmud are truly on the path to become the most cunning deceitful wretched creatures -away from the true human nature of love compassion and truthfulness in which every soul is born.

    Its a request to you to make your literary works & speeches free on the ‘Ugly Truth’ network so that the Truth reaches the seekers unhindered.

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